Mr Curtis Designs Necklace & Earrings

Mr Curtis of Mr Curtis Designs is an artist and musician working in Edinburgh. He is a full-time tattoo artist, a part-time oil painting still life artist, a part time graphic designers, a part-time jewellery designer and a part-time double bass player! Phew! Mr Curtis has learned how to bend the fabric of time in order to in so many artistic endeavours.

We were lucky enough to receive some of his amazing tattoo-inspired jewellery. Mr Curtis Designs produce an array of accessories, jewellery and mugs, each themed on popular tattoo designs such as the English rose, love hearts and animals.


One of the sets that we received was the Sewing Machine Necklace and Cotton Reel Earring Set. Each jewellery item is made from printed acrylic, and this necklace has an amazingly designed old-fashioned sewing machine on it. The acrylic is cut to the shape of the picture too and the earrings are cute little matching cotton spools. I love the fact that each piece has such a cool vintage look to it and the colours are dark but able to go with most colours at the same time.


The other piece that we received was the Vintage Rose Teacup Necklace. If you love tea, then this one is for you! It is a tattoo art style necklace printed acrylic pendant on a metal chain, and is again cut to the shape of the beautiful teacup. The pendant measures 5cm by 4cm and the chain is 46cm. The pendant is waterproof, scratchproof and the design won’t peel off. I love the colours on this teapot necklace as they are light and bright and will be suitable each season.


You can check out more about Mr Curtis Designs at and browse his full accessory range at his Etsy store

The Sewing Machine Necklace and Cotton Reel Earring set is £12.78 and the Vintage Rose Teacup Necklace is £8.88.


Sasha’s State Of Mind


Inspired by whimsical, fantasy-filled imagination where jewellery sets the stage for self-expression and reflects the wearer’s mood, Sasha’s State Of Mind is a conceptual design house with a fashion accessories brand like no other.


Sasha’s unique voice and philosophy of playful, dreamy fun are reflected in the brand’s every detail. Each piece is held together by an O-Ring – a beautiful clasp that makes Sasha’s collection modular and lets customers take part in designing their own jewellery, selecting charms and chains to suit their mood. Created by a talented crew of international artists, Sasha’s quality, street-casual and sophisticated jewellery – including bracelets, rings and earrings, reminds us every day that life, after all, is all about state of mind.


We received a beautiful 3mm black bead chain with a gold O-Ring, and attached were two charms, the large owl pendant in black and the medium owl pendant in matt gold. The owl pendants are part of Sasha’s State Of Mind’s Black Forest collection, and their high quality, quirky look makes these owls one of the most popular choices. Each piece is available is a variety of coating colours, including black, gold, silver and matt gold for you to pick and choose what suits your individual style.


Stockists of Sasha’s State Of Mind include;

The 3mm black bead chain with gold O-Ring is £35, the large owl pendant in black is £19.75 and the medium owl pendant in matt gold is £16.


Etsy – Sparkleyes/Zombie Bride UK

Love is in the air, and Hallmark have more items than ever to send our loved ones, all at extortionate prices. Whilst browsing Etsy recently, I came across a store called Zombie Bride UK which stocks a wide variety and clothing and gifts, many with a Valentine theme, but at much more reasonable prices, and even better is the fact that they are hand made. 


Sparkleyes is the seller of this unique store…

Sparkleyes is basically me, Tara – hi! After having my little girl, Rosie, i wanted to find a way to work and still get plenty of time at home with her, so i decided to start up my shop. i’m a huge fan of vintage clothing and have been buying and wearing vintage since i was about 14, quite some time ago now :) i also love vintage inspired items too, particularly 1950’s glamour, so my shop is a mix of both vintage, handmade and upcycled clothing with a few pieces of handcrafted jewellery dotted in there to compliment everything.
anyway i hope you like my shop as much as i love making and discovering things to put in it for you. Xx


I chose the Valentine themed mirrored acrylic heart necklace. The base is a large pink mirrored heart (you can choose other colours), with a layer of black acrylic cut in the shape of the cutest little boy and girl kissing, with the size being approximately 3 inches by 3 inches. The pendant is then hung on a silver coloured chain and sits perfectly on the collarbone. I recently wore this with a plain black dress which really made the pink stand out and it is perfect for this time of year, but it is also a gift that will last all year round. It costs just £10.30 and if you are wanting to purchase more items at the same time, you only need to pay shipping once, which is brilliant as this doesn’t happen very often with Etsy stores. 


Please check out Tara’s store, which will soon include bags, t-shirts and more, at



Valentine’s Love,

Kathryn xx

Jo Hansford Haircare

Shampoo, conditioner, anti-frizz, volumising, smoothing, anti-dandruff, styling gel, wax, mousse, spray….The world of hair care is a complex one. Different results, fragrances, brands, prices from 30p to £35 a bottle and probably higher. Where on earth do we start? Here at The Kats Paws, we like to try products out for you and make your purchase decisions a little easier. We were recently sent some hair care products from Jo Hansford. Jo Hansford was recently voted the best hair salon in London by the Mayfair Awards and is renowned for expert hair colouring and styling. The company have released a compact range of styling products, with something for every need but without too much choice, which for me is perfect as I think in some situations, too much choice is not a positive thing. The range includes shampoo, conditioner, masks, oils and a handy travel range. I tried out the Volumising Shampoo and the Everyday Conditioner, which at £15 and £17 are at a higher price point than your average Supermarket hair care brands but cheaper than the likes of Aveda and Kerastase. Both of these items are made in the UK and contain UV filters which is good for when the sunshine comes out to play, which hopefully and eventually it will soon :). The bottles are packaged in card boxes with a simple but classy cream, gold and brown colour scheme and are both 250ml bottles. 


The fragrance of the products was so fresh, clean and invigorating, which was perfect for waking me up a little after a bad night’s sleep due to a bad cold and cough, and lathered well without feeling too soapy. The only down side to the bottles is that it a screw cap, which for me is a bit finnicky when youre trying to wash your hair, but thats just a minor niggle. The conditioner looked quite thick as it came out of the bottle, which worried me as I thought it might make my hair lank and greasy, but once I smoothed it on my hair, I was actually quite surprised as it felt light and fresh. As neither the shampoo or conditioner had that cheap, soapy feel, they seemed to wash out really well and didnt feel like they had left any residue, which does tend to make my hair lank. 


I dried my hair as normal, without using a blow dry brush, just the regular hairdryer, and my hair looked healthy, shiny, and had volume without feeling too built up. Very pleased with the result although for me personally, it is something I would purchase as a treat rather than to use on a daily basis at this price point. Here is a picture of me after my blowdry, rocking my Adnan Januzaj necklace from Tatty Devine. For those that know me, I love football and often go to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United, and Januzaj is my favourite player and so I had this made direct from Tatty Devine as a Christmas present. So my lazy Sunday is going to be spent sniffling, coughing, watching Manchester United on the television and trying out some new snacks, on which I shall be reporting on that later. Please excuse the roots as I am growing my hair out :) and the braces! haha!


Have a lovely Sunday whatever you are doing

Kathryn xx



Emily’s December / January Haul

On the Kats Paws, we’ve been showing you a lot of products which we have been sent to test out and review, so I thought I’d show you some of my recent purchases that I am absolutely loving!


1) Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

Since the Naked 3 palette launched a few weeks ago, I have been desperate to get my hands on it, so with some Christmas money given to me, I finally decided to take the plunge.
For anyone who follows us on Twitter, you’ll have seen how excited I was to receive it and to be honest, it’s better than I could have imagined! I’ve used it every single day since, and although it was pretty expensive at £37, I’m definitely getting my money’s worth.

The colours are absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been combining the different shades to create different looks, and receiving a lot of compliments on my eye make-up (particularly from Kat who wants me to do her make-up for her next week to try out a few styles in preparation for her 30th birthday weekend next month when we head to Butlins!)

I am in love with the Naked 3 palette and every single colour has been used so far, which is different to a lot of other palettes I own, where some have never been touched.

The pigmentation is gorgeous and they’re easy to apply. I know I’ll be using this for a long time to come!


2) Real Techniques Brushes

I already had a couple of Real Techniques brushes and recently decided to buy a few more. When I visited the Boots website to have a look, the offer of buy one get one half price was way too appealing and I ended up purchasing NINE brushes (I know, I need to stop splurging!)

I purchased the Core collection and the Starter set. Each brush is labelled with its correct use and the bristles are soft and dense, making usage really easy. They leave your make-up looking flawless and I don’t know how I’ve coped without them! I think they offer is still on at Boots, so grab the bargain fast!


3) Body Shop Skin Primer Matte It

I’d read a few reviews online about this primer and really wanted to give it a go. I went shopping in Leeds a few weeks ago now and remembered I had a Body Shop card in my purse that I got free in last months Glamour magazine. The card was for either £3, £15 or £50 to spend in Boots, so thought I’d pop in and see how much I was lucky enough to have- £15!!

I decided to spend it on this primer, and am really impressed. It leaves your skin really soft, matte and flawless ready for your foundation and keeps your make-up in tact all day! It’s definitely one of the best primers I’ve ever used and will definitely be purchasing another when this one eventually runs out! It’s well worth the £12.

4) Mac Studio Fix Powder

I’ve only just really got into Mac make-up and was often put off by the hype that is always surrounding it. I’ve also never got attached to products because we don’t have a Mac counter in Hull where I live, something which is a crime and needs to be addressed! (Please sort this out Mac, we are the City of Culture now after all!)

I decided to buy this particular powder after trying out my friend Laura’s and think it’s brilliant! It leaves and even coverage and matte finish, and can be used on its own as well as with foundation. If I’m in a rush, I’ll just use the powder and still see brilliant coverage!


5) Topshop Tartan Leggings

I am absolutely loving the Tartan trend and can’t stop buying new products with this print- the latest being these leggings.

I opted for the green colour rather than standard red as I thought they would go with more outfits and I’d get more wear out of them. I also decided on a darker shade as I think a bright colour is hard to pull off on your bottom half if you’re not stick thin- which I’m not. (But am currently on a major diet- wish me luck!)

These fit brilliantly, are thick and durable and can be mixed with a variety of items to keep the trend looking fresh. They’re also available in different colours, so you can collect the whole range if you’re super into tartan!


(I wish my legs looked this good in them though…)

6) Soap and Glory

A lot of you will have been fighting your way through online queues for the Jonathan Saunders Soap and Glory set which was the Boots star buy just before Christmas, and myself and Kathryn where both lucky enough to snap one up.

I’m a massive Soap and Glory fan and think their toiletries are amazing. They smell delicious and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

The set featured the Butter Yourself moisture lotion, Scrub of Your Life exfoliator, Hand Food, Heel Genius, The Righteous Butter, Sugar Crush body wash, Peaches and Clean 3 in 1 facial cleanser, Extreme Plump lipgloss and Thick and Fast mascara, all in a gorgeous toiletry bag.

I’ve been using these products religiously and if you haven’t tried the Soap and Glory range out before, you really should!


7) Next necklace

Last but not least is this gorgeous necklace which my mum and dad Santa bought me for Christmas!

I love statement necklaces and this one will go with literally anything! The silver and cream gems don’t look cheap and the necklace can add a classy and dressy edge to the most casual outfit.