Mr Curtis Designs Necklace & Earrings

Mr Curtis of Mr Curtis Designs is an artist and musician working in Edinburgh. He is a full-time tattoo artist, a part-time oil painting still life artist, a part time graphic designers, a part-time jewellery designer and a part-time double bass player! Phew! Mr Curtis has learned how to bend the fabric of time in order to in so many artistic endeavours.

We were lucky enough to receive some of his amazing tattoo-inspired jewellery. Mr Curtis Designs produce an array of accessories, jewellery and mugs, each themed on popular tattoo designs such as the English rose, love hearts and animals.


One of the sets that we received was the Sewing Machine Necklace and Cotton Reel Earring Set. Each jewellery item is made from printed acrylic, and this necklace has an amazingly designed old-fashioned sewing machine on it. The acrylic is cut to the shape of the picture too and the earrings are cute little matching cotton spools. I love the fact that each piece has such a cool vintage look to it and the colours are dark but able to go with most colours at the same time.


The other piece that we received was the Vintage Rose Teacup Necklace. If you love tea, then this one is for you! It is a tattoo art style necklace printed acrylic pendant on a metal chain, and is again cut to the shape of the beautiful teacup. The pendant measures 5cm by 4cm and the chain is 46cm. The pendant is waterproof, scratchproof and the design won’t peel off. I love the colours on this teapot necklace as they are light and bright and will be suitable each season.


You can check out more about Mr Curtis Designs at and browse his full accessory range at his Etsy store

The Sewing Machine Necklace and Cotton Reel Earring set is £12.78 and the Vintage Rose Teacup Necklace is £8.88.


GracieFace Designs

GracieFace is an original brand which pride themselves on their attitude and charisma. They believe that this is the reason that they have already built such a strong following and support base. North London based, they bespoke design and print their ranges locally in order to keep the brand as true British as possible. With over ten years in the industry across many product areas and aspects, they have the experience and expertise to keep delivering individuality and trend inspired ranges.

When contacted by GracieFace we were asked whether we would like to pick something from their online store or whether we would like something more personalised. As we love love love personalised items, we asked if we could have a t-shirt made with The Kats Paws on it.


The t-shirt arrived wrapped carefully in tissue paper with the GracieFace logo applied to the front of the parcel. I straightaway noticed the quality of the t-shirt, the cotton was thick and soft and I loved the fact that the short sleeves on the t-shirt were folded over making it a little bit edgier than your average t-shirt. On the back of the t-shirt is the GracieFace logo letting people know you have something unique on.


GracieFace sell on Etsy, on their website and also on ASOS Marketplace. Other slogans include Boom Shacka Lacka, Sup Bro, and Social Network Jerk for just £24 each.



Etsy – Made With Love Beard Oil

Perhaps I should have let my wife review this Beard Oil by Made with Love. After all, it is her who enjoys/endures (take your pick) my beard.  As far as I’m concerned it just hangs off my chin.

I don’t spend a great deal of time massaging it while in deep thought like the archetypal wise old sage. Containing Vitamin E, sweet almond oil, cypress, peppermint and tea tree essential oils, this mixture promises to soothe and moisturise, and certainly makes a welcome change to the plethora of sauces, juices and crumbs that usually get caught up in these coarser hairs during the week.


Application is a bit messy; you are provided with a pipette which is a bit too eager to dispense its contents. This is just a minor gripe, though, as fortunately, it smells great and I am pleased to say it has had a very definite rejuvenating effect on this tired old beard of mine.



You can find it online at


Etsy – PRISMAartstore

These days, phone cases are as popular and interchangeable as jewellery, handbags and shoes. I have had ones for 99p from Ebay, personalised ones, as well as my faves from Kate Spade, Juicy Couture and Gucci. Now unfortunately, iphones change a lot, and I can no longer use my Juicy Couture one, which is my absolute fave as it is soooo colourful. Therefore I am now trying not to spend too much on cases, but being the shopaholic I am, its hard!

I recently discovered the Etsy store PRISMAartstore. It has a wide variety of popular film and television themes, including Harry Potter, Dr Who, Batman and my personal love DISNEY. I am mad for Disney and am currently eating my way through lots of Kinder Eggs in order to collect all the Disney Princess toys. Very sad but also very true. Plus i DO love Kinder Eggs. There is also the option to design your very own phone case from this Etsy store, and it is the same price as the others, which you don’t often find. I have a couple of Minnie and Mickey Mouse phone covers which are simply each character on their own, until I came across the All Disney Heroes Stained Glass Effect case on the PRISMAartstore. It is available in iphone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5C, as well as Samsung S3 mini, S3 and S4. All at the same price of just £9.39. Postage only took a couple of days from Greece (oh how I wish I was in Greece right now sipping a Mythos and enjoying the sunshine) and when I opened the package I found the case to be made out of a really strong and durable plastic and it didn’t feel like it would crack too easily when I dropped my phone on the floor (which I do, frequently!). From a distance, the cover really does have a stained glass effect and is so pretty with a wide range of colours, and close up it is so much fun to spot the different characters. There are so many of the Disney characters on here, it can take you a while just to look at them all, including 101 Dalmations (although only three are pictured ;)), Snow White and her Prince, Aladdin and Jasmine, Dumbo, Cinderella and my favourites Belle and the Beast with Mrs Potts. Emily and I were recently discussing Beauty and the Beast, as I had a hamster named Chip after the little cup in the film and Emily said she once did a drawing of Chip and it was put on the wall at school. Haha we were such cute kids!


Anyway, back to the phone cases, you can check them out here…

Have fun choosing!


Kathryn xx 


Etsy – Flora’s Boutique

Whilst browsing Etsy (my new obsession), I came across Flora’s Boutique. This online store was full of stunning, feminine pieces of jewellery made from a mixture of gemstones and different coloured precious metals. Clare Jones-Anthony is the owner of Flora’s Boutique…


As a seller, Clare is so attentive to detail when in conversation with you, and really listened to what I wanted, asking the right questions in order to ensure you choose the right piece. I was extremely lucky and Clare let me choose a gemstone and the colours and accompaniments but at the same time Clare kept the design her own. I mentioned that with it being my birthday soon, my birthstone aquamarine would be a really lovely idea as it would be not just a stunning piece of jewellery, but a piece of art work that has meaning behind it. I also mentioned that I love aurora borealis, which to me is beautiful as you can catch all the colours of the rainbow within it and so it goes with everything. 

The jewellery arrived in two separate boxes, both a gorgeous shade of pink, with a linen finish and an excellent quality, and before I even opened the boxes, I knew whatever was to be inside would also be of a high quality. I decided to open the smaller box first, and inside was a charming pair of delicate drop earrings. They begin with silver hooks, followed by pretty aurora borealis crystals, a tiny delicious cream pearl, a larger aquamarine coloured faceted crystal, another delectable pearl and lastly a nugget of aquamarine. The earrings feel light yet secure and strong and the craftmanship is truly amazing. I love the fact these earrings include pearls, my Mum died when I was 17 years old and she loved pearls, she always had a string of them around her neck, always graceful and timeless and so I will have a tiny piece of my Mum with me whilst wearing these graceful earrings.


I then got to open the larger box, and inside I actually squealed (Dad looked over in alarm), as inside was a beautiful bracelet, made with the same design as the earrings. Clare enclosed a letter with my package, and included how the jewellery was made. The bracelet is made using Tibetan silver (for the closure), Swarovski crystal elements in aqua and aurora borealis with cream Ceylon glass beads (which to me looked like the little pearls). Clare mentioned that these were both bespoke pieces of jewellery with me as the customer, in mind. This really made me feel special and I could not think of a better gift for someone, as these pieces are truly made with love. The bracelet has 7 good-sized nuggets of aquamarine in it (cannily, the number 7 is my favourite number), as well as the stunning Swarovski crystals and Ceylon glass beads. The closure is one I have never seen before, and is a pretty love heart in a T-Bar style fastening, with an arrow going through it (again, perfect for Valentine’s Day!). The wire has been secured very professionally and I am so proud that I get to wear this item of jewellery. 


With such quality, timeless pieces of jewellery, Flora’s Boutique is perfect for ladies and girls of any age, and you really will feel special wearing them.

Please check out some of Clare’s pieces in her Etsy shop at;

Clare has been generous to offer a special discount code for all of The Kats Paws readers, you can get £5 off when you spend £20 or over in Flora’s Boutique and you can use this code as many times as you wish up to 31st May 2014. All you need to do is enter the code KATSPAWS5

You can also follow Flora’s Boutique on the following social networking sites;


Twitter: @florasboutique

With regards to all of you who have upcoming weddings this spring/summer, all of Clare’s ranges are ready to wear or custom made in colours of the brides choice to suit their wedding theme colours. Clare can also make consultations for plus sizes or little girls sizes too and there will be some lovely new ranges coming out soon for the little ones so keep your eyes peeled!

Please let us know what you purchase as there are so many beautiful styles to choose from :)


Kathryn xx


Etsy – Lily’s Pretty’s

Today hasn’t been the best day ever, the weather has been miserable, myself and Emily are full of cold and a few other things happened which I shall be a lady and refrain from mentioning in public. I decided to write a review about a lovely seller from Etsy who makes jewellery which makes me smile as soon as I see it. Ladies (and gents) let me introduce you to Lily’s Pretty’s. 


“My name is Alex and I run Lily’s Pretty’s Cake Toppers from my home in Brandon, Suffolk. Lily’s Pretty’s is named after my beautiful daughter Lily. I’ve had an interest in polymer clay sculpting since I was 10 years old when my mum brought me some, I have been hooked ever since. I began making personalised caricature figures and cake toppers for friends and family. I received such positive feedback that I decided to start my own business specialising in making one off sculptures to order. All of my items are hand made by me and are designed to last a life time. They are non toxic so are perfect to be used as cake toppers and if looked after will last forever. They are however not toys and aren’t suitable to be played with by children. To enable me to capture the essence of the person I work from a quality colour photograph, I can vary details such as hair length, colour, accessories and style, skin tone and colour, body size and shape, clothing, accessories such as handbags, tools, umbrellas, sports equipment, footwear, colour of the base, wording on the base i.e Name, Date, Happy Birthday etc. For a small extra fee I can also add larger items such as pets, drum kit, basically anything that captures the personality of the recipient. I love a challenge so please feel free to contact me with your ideas for a free no obligation chat and lets see what we can come up with!!!”

Items from Lily’s Pretty’s are so unique and have a great quality to them which you do not often get from high street fashion accessories. One of my favourite things in life is a pic’n’mix, I just love sweeties and always have some nestled in my drawer at work, and often in my bedroom drawers haha. The first item we received from Alex was the Candy Crush Bracelet, it has all the popular icons from the VERY popular game. Each sweetie is moulded to include perfect detail and each one is sectioned between a smaller colourful bead and I must say my favourite bead is the white one with the three dimensional blue swirl, as the it has a touch of shimmer to it. The beads have been threaded on to a very thick, flexible plastic elastic and is certainly not flimsy so it sits really well on your wrist and the beads look and feel so much like real sweets its actually making me peckish.


The next item is the pair of lemon meringue earrings. These are so cute, little slices of lemon meringue pie, attached to silver hook earrings. The texture looks and feels like they really are covered in meringue and they are also really light so that they don’t pull on your ears, something which I have mentioned before, as it’s really unattractive to see girls with earrings which are dragging their lobes down to their shoulders. Again the earrings are really well made and will be perfect for the upcoming spring/summer months with their luscious lemon colour. 


Last but certainly NOT least because this is my favourite ever ever colour….the macaroon ring. It is soft and smooth on the top like a real macaroon, complete with the bubbly bits on the side and then inside is amazing swirling whirling cream filling. This really does look good enough to eat and my mouth is currently watering just thinking about macaroons. I totally recommend Betty’s in York as they have some absolutely exquisite flavours and colours. I love colour a lot, it can change your mood, and make you feel good just by seeing your favourite colour. This macaroon ring is my favourite (did I mention that?) colour mint green and is set on a silver ring which is adjustable and so will fit 99% of fingers :)


Each piece of jewellery came in its own voile tie bag to keep it separate and so would be perfect for a gift for a friend, your Valentine or yourself. Also, it is my birthday soon, which I have already mentioned and I have been eyeing up the flump bracelet if anyone would like to purchase it for me :) 

As well as jewellery, Alex also creates amazing personalised cake toppers and the most magnificent wedding bouquets, full of sweeties and other beautiful things. 

Lily’s Pretty’s Etsy store can be found at;

You can also contact Alex and view her other amazing items at…

If anyone decides to purchase please be sure to let us know which you choose :)

Love, Kathryn xx

Etsy – Avery Fleur Designs

Whilst we are on the subject of Valentine’s Day and gift giving, I want to introduce you to Avery Fleur Designs, a store on Etsy, run by Julie…

“With love and care, I hand stamp each letter on carefully chosen vintage and vintage style silver plated tableware with your favourite quotes, personalised messages and also pieces that are already crafted and ready to go. I add a lot of love and positive energy into each piece I create, every spoon tells a story. I look forward to helping you as much as I can in your order, please feel free to contact me.”

Julie was kind enough not only to send us our very own spoons, but to even engrave one with The Kats Paws embossed onto it! All of Julie’s spoons can be used on a daily basis or if you can’t bare to have them tucked away in the kitchen drawer, they make a beautiful decoration. You can also purchase forks and little keyrings which are perfect also for the men, as they can be attached to their car keys without looking too girly. 


Who wouldn’t want to munch away on your Cheerios (or Corn Flakes, we don’t favour brands haha) and not see ‘Because You’re Gorgeous’, ‘You Are My Cup Of Tea’ or ‘Served With Love’ on their spoon? I honestly can’t imagine a nicer way to wake up in a morning (without Adnan Januzaj or David Beckham being involved). 


The other spoon we received had “I Like You A Latte’ embossed on to it. The spoons came beautifully packaged in traditional brown paper, tied with coloured string and a little Avery Fleur Designs tag attached, the spoons themselves are also wonderfully dressed, each with a beautiful cream bow tied around their ‘necks’ and wrapped in coloured tissue paper.


Prices vary, with the smaller one just £8, the larger one £10 and a pair for £16, the keyrings and forks are also £8. Julie is a lovely lady to correspond with, and a true asset to Etsy and will be more than happy to customise these wonderful items for you. 

“Hi my name is Julie, mummy of one I live in Cheshire England and love all things vintage and crafty.

I’ve always loved crafty things and vintage items, looking around my local bric-a-brac shops . One day after searching everywhere for a gift that was a little bit different, I decided to make it myself and that’s how I started hand stamping vintage silverware. I love re- cycling items and keepsakes and this was both rolled into one! After demand from my friends and family I decided to open my Etsy shop. I love the craft community and Etsy was the perfect place to start.”

You can find Avery Fleur Designs at

On Instagram @averyfleurdesigns

On Twitter @averyfleur1

A Latte Love ;)

Kathryn xxx