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Spring Beauty with Jurlique Natural Skin Care

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on February 20, 2017

When it comes to beautiful skin time time for Spring and Summer, you need to look no further than Jurlique Beauty, they make natural skincare and cosmetics which provide you with the softest-feeling skin! Read on to find out more about some of their cult products.

All of Jurlique’s products come beautifully packaged, with both the outer and product packaging looking very elegant, and I’m going to be starting with the Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Mask (£45). This is a gently hydrating face mask which works to soothe and soften dry skin, which after the cold weather we have been having here in the UK, is going to be a perfect remedy. It has a slight texture of a clay mask, but is instantly nourishing and replenishing on the skin, and smells lovely and light and fresh, providing the skin with a natural antioxidant protection.

It is super easy to use and to include into your skincare regime on a weekly basis, you apply an even layer to the skin, avoiding the eye area, and then relax in a hot bubble bath for around ten minutes, and then remove the mask with warm, damp cotton pads or a washcloth. The thing I love most about this face mask is that you can clearly see on the skin how much it infuses the skin with moisture straight away!

 If like me, you suffer from very dry skin, which can be prone to sensitisation, then to add a further boost of moisture, I recommend the Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalising Gel-Lotion (£32). This gorgeous frosted glass jar contains a silky water-gel emulsion which helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressors, whilst providing it with hydration and smoothness, whilst also softening the skin. Due to it’s gel texture, it instantly cools and soothes the skin and you can feel those cooling properties begin to protect and replenish the skin which moisture.

A little goes a long way with this product, and it can be used morning and night, by applying a pearl sized amount of the Gel-Lotion between the fingertips, and gently press onto the face and neck. The Gel-Lotion turns almost into a water which is why you only need a small amount. As it is made with the calming properties of rose, you can smell the scent of the rose from the product when applying it.

Next, we have one of my favourite products from the brand, the Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum (£47). This is slightly pricey, but compared to other higher end serums, it is actually a very good price, and definitely worth the pennies. This is a youth defence concentrate which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve elasticity, restore radiance to dull complexions, and increase hydrations whilst protecting the skin from environmental aggressors. Whatever your age, it is never too early or late to start using products which can minimise the signs of ageing.

The glass bottle of the Herbal Recovery is so adorable, it has an iridescent finish and looks super pretty on your dressing table or bathroom shelf. Texture-wise, the serum isn’t thick or sticky, and again you would only need to use a small amount to get the skin hydrated and visibly glowing. You only need to use one or two pumps of the serum, morning and night, and that will be more than sufficient for the whole face and neck. This definitely brightens up my complexion, which is often dull, especially at this time of year.

A product which I have repurchased a couple of times since trying it last year is the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist (£18). This is available in two sizes, and here we have the small one which is perfect for carrying around with you. The Rosewater Balancing Mist is a daily hydrating mist for normal to combination skin with the scent of roses to balance out the complexion and skin tone. As it is a mist, it instantly restores and hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling much more refreshed and soothed – as lovely as this is all year round, I find this especially wonderful during the warmer months after popping it in the fridge for extra coolness.

The Mist can be used in various ways, whether it be as a skin treat, to refresh and tone the skin, or as part of a skincare regime day and night, or to prime the skin for makeup application, or to set the makeup in place for the day ahead. You simply spritz the Mist over the face and leave it a minute or two to work its way into the skin.


Moving on to the more cosmetic side of things, we have the Jurlique Rose Silk Finishing Powder (£26). This is an uber silky translucent facial powder for normal skin that refines the complexion and helps reduce unwanted shine. I have combination skin, and all year round, although especially in the warmer months, I do suffer from shine across my forehead, along my nose, and on my chin, which is not all that attractive! However, this Finishing Powder, provides the skin with a smooth matte finish, and helps soothe the skin and maintain its moisture balance, ensuring that there isn’t as much oil being produced, and hence less shine.

You get a good amount of powder within the compact, which also includes a mirror on the inside of the lid, and a little puff sponge for on-the-go applications in case you need a top up for an especially warm day. I like to use this to set my makeup before I apply the Rosewater Mist, by sweeping a light dusting of the powder across my face, concentrating more on my T-Zone to keep my shine at bay!

Another amazing cosmetic product are the Jurlique Hydra-Glosses (£12 each), deeply nourishing and protecting sheer colour glosses, which come in two beautifully natural shades. Firstly, we have I’m Blushing, a coral pink gloss, and I’m Neutral, a pale nude hued gloss. The glosses are packaged in handy little tubes, with a slanted applicator for easy application. Formula-wise, they are not at all sticky, which I LOVE because there’s nothing worse than sticky lips, and they are rich in Vitamin E so are ultra conditioning, smoothing and softening.

The Hydra-Gloss can be worn on their own, or over the top of your regular lipstick for extra gloss and protection. With Mother’s Day coming up next month, they are the perfect little gift to give – because who doesn’t want gorgeously super soft lips?!
I hope you have enjoyed my Jurlique Spring Beauty Post, and you can find all of these amazing products and more online at Jurlique.
Kathryn xxx
*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

Lush Haul: February 2017

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on February 15, 2017

I haven’t done a Lush haul for a few months, so I thought it was definitely time for a new one! There have been so many stunning Valentine’s Day and Spring related releases, but with some of the products being around £7 each for one bath’s worth, I didn’t go overly crazy with those, but I did order a few other lovely bits so thought I would share them with you.

The first product I have used from my haul is the White Wedding Bath Bomb (£4.25), which is a Kitchen Exclusive, which I believe means that they are only available online or in the flagship London store, and only for a limited time. I aren’t getting married, nor am I even going to a wedding, but I loved the look of this bath bomb. It is white in colour, but is filled with plenty of little pink and white hearts which are continuously released in the water until the bath bomb disappears. It contains Jasmine Absolute, Ylang Ylang Oil, Rose Otto, and Bergamot Oil, and it smells heavenly! The only downside was that the bath bomb turns the water a milky white, which is fine, but then you can’t see any of the hearts unless you swish the water round. Nothing major, but just pointing it out!

The other Kitchen Exclusive product I got was the Sacred Lotus Bath Bomb (£4.25), which did arrived broken, but I managed to hold it in place for the photographs. It has been formulated using uplifting and toning Neroli Oil and sweetly scented Tonka Absolute, and did smell good! I definitely loved this once it went into the water as the purples and yellows looked lovely floating around my bath, and there was lots and lots of shimmer in the water, which is always a winner for me.

Onto Bubble Bars now, and of course I had to get the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (£4.25). This has been released for the last couple of years now, and it is still a favourite! Those pretty pastel colours are very Instagrammable, and as with all bubble bars, you can use this for 2-3 baths, so they are definitely better value than the single use bath bombs. The Unicorn Horn is filled with heady Ylang Ylang Oil, calming Lavender Oil and uplifting Neroli Oil, and it smells SO good.

An old Lush favourite is the Creamy Candy Bubble Bar (£2.95), and I haven’t had one of these for ages, so I decided to order one. It is quite plain to look at compared to some Lush products, but that delightful cotton candy scent I cannot get enough of! The Creamy Candy contains Almond Oil and Butter which leaves your skin feeling so well nourished and silky soft, and you could also easily get four baths out of this one. An oldie but a goldie!

A Bubble Bar I opted for purely down to the name is the Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds Bubble Bar (£4.95)! This kind of Bubble Bar are often quite large in size so you get great value for money. Once crumbled into the bath, this bubble bar turns the water blue, with patches of white ‘clouds’, and this is definitely a favourite of mine. It has got a real warm and woody fragrance to it, which I adore, and contains rich Frankincense Resinoid, relaxing Patchouli Oil and spicy Cinnamon Leave Oil for a fragrance sensation.

Not my favourite name from Lush, but certainly pretty Spring pastel colours, we have the Supertramp Bubble Bar (£4.95). This is a really earthy, grassy, mossy scented bubble bar featuring antioxidant Pimento Berry Oil, uplifting Petitgrain Oil, soothing Sandalwood Oil, and refreshing Ginger Oil. It is very similar in size and appearance to Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds, but the fragrances are very different to each other, but equally as enjoyable.

 Something Lush released either last year or the year before are the Bath Oil Melts, and I find them much more concentrated than other bath products from Lush, and are perfect for giving your skin an extra boost of moisture and nourishment. A fairly new release is the Double Vitality Bath Oil (£2), a bright pink star-shaped bath oil melt. It is a really refreshing bath oil as it contains lemon and peppermint as well as moisturising Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter.

Next up is the Dreamtime Bath Oil (£2), which helps promote sleep, which is something I definitely need! It is a purple little square with a golden Z on the top, and contains soothing Chamomile Blue Oil, calming Lavender Oil, and of course gently moisturising Organic Shea Butter. I have bought this Bath Oil quite a few times now as I adore the fragrances and it does help to relax me.

Perfect for Spring is the Flowers Barrow Bath Oil (£2), this is a green based oil, yet filled with pretty petals which dance around your bath water. It is a very typical ‘English Garden’ bath oil, and includes Pink Delphinium Petals, restorative Rose Absolute and then like the others it has that Organic Cocoa Butter to leave your skin super soft.

The I Am A Radiant Being Bath Oil (£2) reminded me a little of one of the Bubble Wands from Lush’s Christmas collection, and I expected it to have a candy scent like the wand, but it is more of a rose, floral scent. This one is ultra moisturising as it contains softening Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, naturally moisturising Organic Jojoba Oil, and Rose Absolute which helps to provide that sweet rose scent. This is also filled with allllll the shimmer!

If you aren’t one for glitz, then the Floating Island Bath Oil (£2) may be the one for you. It is quite plain to look at, but it is definitely no less moisturising and smells INSANE. It contains uplifting Sandalwood Oil along with cleansing Lemon Oil, and Organic Shea Butter. You can see the oil in the bath water, which I really like as you know you are using quality products and ingredients.

Lastly, I have the Oil On Troubled Water Bath Oil (£2), which is one of my favourites. I adore anything that turns my bath blue, and with added glitter, it’s always gonna be a winner! This is quite a heady yet refreshing scent as it has been formulated using rich and smoky Oakwood Absolute and English Peppermint Oil, along with skin softening Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. I sure am gonna be one very well moisturised girl!

You can find some of these products in Lush stores, but all of them online at Lush UK.

Kathryn xxx

New: REN Skincare Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

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on February 13, 2017

Do you suffer from redness and sensitivity on the face? I do, and quite severely on my cheeks, and sometimes I try so hard to cover it with makeup, I end up making it worse! However, fear not! Because REN Skincare have a treat in store to soothe and comfort that sometimes embarrassing redness and sensitivity.

The REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask has been specially developed using an exclusive complex of original ingredients to combat oversensitivity, and works at calming, soothing and moisturising the skin, helping to instantly alleviating the key symptoms of sensitive skin. It has been formulated to increase the skin’s ability to cope with stress, aid recovery and strengthen the protective moisture barrier.

The REN Evercalm Mask treats the key symptoms of sensitivity – redness, irritation, itchiness, dryness etc – to alleviate and bring immediate comfort to the skin. They then go one step further, by using the skin’s ability to block the stress signals between the brain and the skin, REN break the stress cycle allowing the skin to start the repair and healing process without alerting the brain. It has been formulated with a unique REN complex of ingredients, and this mask addresses the close connection between the skin and the mind in sensitive skin manifestations. For the first time in cosmetics, REN have used original White Mushroom Extract, which de-stresses the skin by blocking the irritation and pain messages to the brain for an instant sensation of well-being and comfort. The skin mimicking texture leaves a luxurious soft-touch feel, delivering the ultimate sensation of comfort. The mask is scented with Roman Chamomile, which is a warm, sweet and herbaceous scent, relaxing and calming for both the body and mind.

As soon as you apply the mask, a relaxing fragrance fills the senses, and you can see and feel instantaneously how soothing and moisturising the product is on the skin. The mask has a green tint to it, and if you are knowledgeable on how to conceal redness, you may know that green is the colour which is most successful at hiding any redness on the skin. It is recommended to use the Mask around 3 times a week, or more should your skin need an extra boost, and you simply apply a generous amount onto clean skin, avoiding the eye area of course, and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, and then remove with a cool damp cloth or cotton pad – too much heat will increase redness to the skin, so be sure to ensure you keep your water cool.

The REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is the perfect mask for this time of year, and all year round, if like me you do suffer uncomfortable sensitised and irritable skin, breaking that stress cycle to allow the skin to start the repair and healing process. It costs £28 for 50ml and is available online at Space NK.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

High End Spring Makeup

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on February 11, 2017

Spring will soon be on its way, and so I have put together a high end makeup look featuring products that will give you a natural and beautiful Spring look – lots of light products that are going to work well for you all the way up to Summer.

Winter here in the UK is often so cold, and this can play havoc on the skin, so let’s take care of the skin first, as if you don’t look after your skin, and take the time to prep it, then your makeup isn’t going to set as well. Starting with the Janjira Marine Radiant White Exfoliating Scrub (£26), an exfoliating scrub that helps to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin whilst retaining moisture and brightening the complexion. This is going to work wonders for getting rid of dead skin cells, to leave your skin soft, smooth and clear for makeup application. The scrub contains Algowhite which is going to brighten the skin naturally, and also includes Vitamin C and B3 which will help to reduce the appearance of pores, which will be a great base for your foundation or CC cream. It is super quick and easy to include in your daily skin regime, and feels so silky on the skin, with just a hint of exfoliating grains, adding a pretty Spring glow to the skin.

Recently I have been obsessed with using skin mists, and in particular the Decleor Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist (£22). Decleor are renowned for their amazing skincare, and using this kind of facial mist takes just seconds to incorporate into your skin. The Aurabsolu Refreshing Mist can be used in a variety of ways – after cleansing, to set the makeup or whenever your skin needs an added burst of freshness and hydration. The Mist contains Salicylic Acid which gently exfoliates and refines the skin’s texture, Mint Flower Water to rejuvenate and essential oils such as Lemongrass, Thyme and Rosemary to give a pleasant aroma. I tend to spritz this all over the face before I apply my makeup, and sometimes after I have applied my makeup to set it in place.

Another skincare product which is going to work really well for tired, Winter skin is the Decleor Aurabsolu Intense Glow for Eyes Dark Circle Corrector (£30). I suffer from hereditary dark circles under my eyes, and there’s nothing I can do to change that, but I can use products to try and disguise them. The Intense Glow gives an instant brightening effect to the undereye area, and this light eye cream targets darkness and dullness in the area most prone to fatigue. This gives a cooling effect immediately after application, and it contains caffeine to aid drainage, as well as Vitamins B3 and CG to help protect and brighten the area, and Orange Pigments to provide an instant illuminating effect. It is slightly coloured which is also going to help hide the evidence of dark under eye circles. Once you have applied your skincare, then take your regular foundation or CC Cream to give coverage to the complexion, and you should now have a smooth and healthy base before you add a hint of colour to the makeup look.

Starting with the cheeks, and I take the Real Techniques Powder Brush (£12.99), which is normally a brush to apply a powder foundation, or setting powder with, but I actually also like to use it to apply blush as it adds an even amount of product to the skin, without being too concentrated in one area. I have been using Real Techniques brushes for years now, as they perform so well, and they are absolutely fine to be cleaned, and I haven’t ever had to replace one of mine, so they have good lasting power. The bristles are soft and smooth on the skin, and do not drag or irritate my sensitive cheek areas.

For a Spring makeup look, you don’t want to go too heavy with the colours you use, so I recommend using one of my favourite go-to blushers, the Benefit Dandelion (£24.50). This is my fail-safe blush as it gives just the right amount of colour to the cheeks without being too full on. It is a sheer ballerina-pink powder with a hint of shimmer which can be used as a soft pink on the cheeks, or as a brightening finishing powder which can take the complexion from dull to radiant. All the Benefit Box o’ Powders come with a mirror on the inside of the lid and a good quality brush to apply them with, in case you want to re-apply during the day.

The next brush I recommend using is the Real Techniques Stippling Brush (£11.99), which is can be used with various products, but I like to apply my cream highlighters with it. Stippling Brushes help you to create a flawless base or if used with a colour product, it can give you just the right amount of product, an can then help you to build coverage or depth of colour gradually for an airbrushed, high definition result. The bristles are all different lengths, and so the finer tips towards the top of the brush pick up just the right amount of product, rather than going in too heavy, which is what you need with a highlighter.

Benefit’s High Beam (£21.50) is a liquid luminescent complexion enhancer, which can be used in many different ways. It is predominantly a liquid highlighter, but it can also be used mixed in with your foundation or CC Cream to give a low intensity, yet healthy glow to the skin, which is going to be perfect for this Spring makeup look. The bottle is much like a bottle of nail polish, and you unscrew the lid to reveal a fine brush, which you can either apply straight on to the face, or add a few drops in with your foundation and then apply for the most beautifully luminescent complexion. It is the prettiest pearl pink highlighter, and can also be used under the brow bone, down the nose, on the cupid’s bow, and of course onto the cheekbones. Girl, you’re gonna be glowin’ this Spring!

If using the Benefit High Beam mixed in with your foundation, and you want a little more glow on the skin, because Spring makeup is all about having a dewy, and pretty look, then I recommend using the Beauty Pie Triple Beauty Liquid Luminizer (£20 or £2.71 if a member of Beauty Pie). This is a cream highlighter which can be used as a highlighter or as a strobing cream, but if you aren’t sure what strobing is, this works SO beautifully as a highlighter. It has a deluxe cushioned texture, and has the most prettiest iridescent luminous finish to it. It has a champagne colouring to it, but contains so many tiny specks of iridescent sparkle to it that gives a natural gleam to the skin. Use this in a similar way to the Benefit High Beam, cheekbones, brow bones, cupid’s bow and on the tip of the nose to give added cuteness.

Moving on to the eyebrows now, and I was recently kindly sent two of the new Zoeva brow products by my best blogger friend Hannah Heartss, which are going to give a natural look to the brows, whilst defining them and giving a great shape. Firstly taking the Zoeva Graphic Brows (£7.50), use the spooly on the end to brush through the brows, so that you can see where your sparse areas are. Then using the crayon end, create tiny hairlike strokes to fill in the brow hair and create a natural looking shape to them. This crayon is so beautifully fine and easy to work with, and the formula is waterproof and smudge-proof, so your brows aren’t going to be working their way down your face. I have the shade Cinereous which is a medium brown shade and is true to colour.

To set the brows, and to add texture to them I then use the Zoeva Graphic Brow Fix (£8.50). This is a little like a mascara wand, and is effortless to use – just brush the formula through the brows to give them added definition. I have the shade Arsenic, which is a greyish taupe colour, and the superfine spiral brush means that even my natural thin brows take hold of the product. The brow gel doesn’t set ‘hard’, but provides smooth, even colour for ultra groomed and visibly thicker brows.

If you aren’t an eyeshadow girl, then a fun way to add colour to your eyes, is the Too Faced Sketch Markers (£17). These liquid eyeliners come in twelve fun colours, and have been inspired by Japanese Calligraphy Pens. Never one for dull packaging and innovation, Too Faced have made these liquid eyeliners look like stationery I would easily covet. The formula is described as to act like an artist’s best drawing ink, and has been created to be exceptionally smooth, vivid, waterproof and perfect for lining the eyes. I have the shade Candy Pink, which is a cute bright flamingo pink, and the flexible tip is super easy to use, even if you aren’t an eyeliner expert! Once applied, the formula doesn’t budge, and the colours can be worn on their own, or with other colours to add extra fun to the eyes.

For a natural eyeshadow look, I can’t think of an eyeshadow palette more perfect than the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics (£39.50). Urban Decay are another brand who absolutely slay with their packaging, and this palette looks stunning before you even open it! The Queens of neutral eyeshadows, Urban Decay have put this palette together featuring 12 shimmering and matte eyeshadows, all exclusive shades to this palette. There are neutral mattes, cool and warm natural colours, all of which are super easy to work with.

Colour-wise, from top to bottom, we have…

Blow – a pretty shimmering ballerina nude pink

Nude – uhm, a nude matte!

Commando – a slightly warmer nude matte

Tempted – a matte greyish taupe

Instinct – a slightly rosy taupe

Lethal – a very slightly shimmery chocolate brown

Pre-Game – a pale yellow matte, perfect for using as a base

Extra Bitter – a warm terracotta matte

Faith – a light milk chocolate matte

Lockout – an all-round mid brown matte

Magnet – a slightly shimmering smoky grey

Blackout – a true smoky black with just a tiny hint of shimmer

The palette also comes with a full-sized mirror on the inside of the lid, and a double ended applicator brush, which is also of the highest quality, featuring a short, flat ended brush on one end, and a longer, slightly tapered brush on the other. As you would expect with Urban Decay, the shades are highly pigmented and you are going to be able to create so many beautiful and natural eye makeup looks with this, not just in Spring, but all year round.

For the lips, you want to go for something light, and a product which always reminds me of Spring and Summer is the EOS Lip Balm (£6.50). They are packed with antioxidant-rich vitamin E, soothing shea butter and jojoba oil, so your lips are going to be super soft and smooth for any Spring lipsticks you wish to apply. Another use for EOS, which I learned from Olivia Jade Beauty’s You Tube channel is to apply it onto your brows to keep them in place – gotta love a multi-use product! There are so many yummy scents and the packaging is adorable!

Please keep your eyes peeled as I have a Spring Lips post coming up featuring all of the amazing new shades released this Spring!

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own