Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

First things first (I’m the realest haha), I’m sorry for being the worlds worst blogger, but Kat’s been keeping you up to date with the latest products she’s tried! I’ve now finished my diploma through work and can get back to doing what I love in my spare time – BLOGGING!

I’m afraid I’m starting off on a negative note though. I want to throw it out there that I love love love Herbal Essences. Whenever I try other shampoos I always end up going straight back to it because nothing comes close. I’ve used it for years, my friend Sadie once said if there was a smell that reminded her of university, it would be my Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends shampoo and conditioner. She also said it would be garlic, but that’s a whole other story involving her mistaking my instructions of using two cloves, and using two BULBS. The house stank for a week.

So when I was in Boots the other day and spotted the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in Ignite My Colour on an introductory offer of £1.99, I balanced the 17 other products in my hands (I purposely didn’t pick up a basket to deter me from spending a fortune) and slipped it under my arm.



I love Ignite My Colour and think it really does work on coloured hair. I currently have ombrè hair, darker at the roots and gradually fading to blonde tips, and it keeps the colours crisp and attempts (as much as my straightening addiction will allow) to keep it in good condition.

It smells just like the shampoos and conditioners which I love. I hate dry shampoos that smell chemically and I’m not a huge fan of the original Batiste, even though their newer scents are amazing.

However, the dry shampoo REALLY let me down. It didn’t make my hair feel clean or fresh in the slightest. In fact, I think it made it feel even worse. My hair felt sticky and chemically like I’d put an entire bottle of hairspray on my roots.

I’m going to give it another go, I’ve not given up all hope at the moment, purely because I love Herbal Essences as a brand and can’t quite come to terms with the let down of the product.

I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing when it goes to full price though – I’ve still yet to find a dry shampoo brand that tops Batiste!

Sorry Herbal Essences! Love, Emily x

Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream

This moisturising cream, which I have recently been trying out, has a gently creamy texture that provides ultimate skin comfort and immediate soothing benefits. With its original balance restored, the skin regains a softer, smoother, more supple feel and a radiant appearance and is perfect for those with sensitive skin, just like me.


I found that this cream didn’t dry my skin out and provided a really good moisture boost that was much needed. After my morning application I noticed that the cream provided me with enough hydration to ensure I wouldn’t need to reapply until the evening. Even though the formula is rich it still feels quite light to touch and sinks into the skin really easily and smoothly and there was no grease or oil left after application.


Another thing I was really pleased with was that my skin didn’t seem to break out whilst trying out this cream, which is something that happens every month just before my period. I read some reviews on the cream that said the scent was too strong, but I really didn’t find this at all and thought it quite nice, light and refreshing.

I would definitely recommend the Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream for those of you with dry, sensitive skin and I can’t wait to show you my other products from the Eau Thermale Avene range.

The Avene website is www.avene.co.uk and you can pick up this gorgeous cream amongst many other fab skincare.


Kathryn xx

Dr Zak’s Protein Bread & Pasta

So many people seem to be into counting their protein intake at the moment and so with two new protein products on the market, I thought my friend Jamie Pullen would be perfect to test them out as he loves going to the gym and eating healthily. (Although not on a weekend when we have the barbecue lit!).


Here is a little bit of background info on Dr Zak’s…

Dr Zak and Denise Chester have worked together to formulate our high protein foods range for you to enjoy. It has taken eighteen months of hard work and dedication to formulate what we believe are the best tasting products on the market. Dr Zak has dedicated his life to fitness and muscle-building. He studied Medicinal Chemistry, Bio Technology and Bio Chemistry at City University (London), then went on to obtain a Doctorate degree from the Royal Free Medical School. His record in this sector speaks for itself with a string of international bodybuilding awards that include:

4 times UKBFF Mr London and South East Champion

2 times NABBA Mr London Champion

4 times IFBB Mr Cyprus Grand Prix Heavyweight and Overall Champion

UKBFF British Masters Champion

2 times Jay Cutler Classic Las Vegas Heavyweight and Masters Champion

Dr Zak owns his own gym in North London where he both trains and educates his members in the art of bodybuilding and has been integral to the development of the Dr Zak’s range.

When it comes to fitness and nutrition, there are fewer better qualified than Denise Chester. Denise qualified from the school of Optimum Nutrition in London with a diploma and foundation degree in 2006. With a keen interest in sports nutrition, Denise proceeded to complete her YMCA gym instructors course and then went on to qualify as a personal trainer. Having worked on such shows as BBC 1’s City Hospital and numerous radio phone ins, her expertise in the field of sports and nutrition is keenly sought after and we are extremely proud of her involvement in our high protein products.

Here are Jamie’s thoughts on Dr Zak’s Protein Bread and Pasta.

Dr Zak’s Protein Bread

 bread packet

My first impression was that the packaging was good, with plenty of information. Although most body builders tend to avoid bread the large bold text on the product grabs people’s attention to look at the fact that they can now enjoy bread. The bread looks appetising like any other bread, tasting exactly the same with the added protein which is very good. I tried the bread toasted and for work sandwiches too, which I usually have but granary or wholemeal.

toast cooked

The only thing I would say is that there is 5.8g of fat per two slices which is a fair bit but this fat comes from the seeds and so it is a good fat. Checking wholemeal Hovis bread that is 0.7g fat and so there is quite a difference. If there was a range created for different goals… People dieting… Lean gainers then I would say more products would sell. To the mass gainer this product would/could appeal. Overall I think it is a good product that may appeal to some and is something I haven’t seen around.

toast bite

Dr Zak’s Protein Pasta

 pasta packet

Again good packaging with plenty of information, large text stating protein which should grab the attention of any gym fanatic or health conscious person. The pasta looks somewhat different to other pastas and also tastes different. Which to some maybe off-putting, a little like some protein shakes or flavours but people still have them because of the high protein.

pasta dry

Personally I like the pasta it offers a lot more than regular pasta and has pretty similar nutritional values. Although obviously Dr Zak’s has the added protein and lower carbs and the taste is pretty good. Overall it is a superb product with plenty of potential and I would definitely consider buying on a week to week basis.

pasta cooked

So Jamie gives Dr Zak’s a thumbs up, would you give high protein goods a go? Check out www.dr-zaks.com for further information.


Jamie & Kathryn xx




Lizi’s Granola

Today we have a few guest posts written by Debbie Lightowler, who has a blog over at http://www.beebeesplace.com – we met through work, at the Press Association, also where me and Emily met and we have been great friends ever since.



Let me start off by admitting that I’m not a cereal person, it would never be my breakfast choice so I’m perhaps not their target market.

However, I am all for time-saving short cuts and this is a good one.


It comes in a cute little pouch with a spoon attached. It’s a granola and milk powder mix (lactose free) and all you do is add 3 spoons of water and hey presto, breakfast is ready!

The 47g pack is easy to open and has comprehensive instructions on the back. It has a long shelf life which is another advantage.

I added 3 teaspoons of water but nothing really changed. In reality it took about double that before the ingredients became a wet, breakfasty mix.

It tasted fine, if you like that sort of thing, I tried the original which was not too sweet. My son had the treacle and pecan mix which he enjoyed but the sweetness of that set my teeth on edge.

This is a great idea for camping, festivals, long car journeys and to have as a standby in your office drawer.

Debbie xx

Primark Holiday Haul!

So yesterday, I went into Primark to pick up a few cheap bits and bobs for my holiday in two weeks time…

I LOVE Primark, but it is hot, it is stressful, people get in your way and I always, without fail, manage to trip over a pram. I once even turned around and sent a child flying with my handbag. It wasn’t my finest hour, but his mother found it funny… (If it was my child, I wouldn’t have found that funny. But I also wouldn’t let it run through Primark unattended. That place is dangerous!)

I once read a list of 22 stages every girl goes through on a trip to Primark which I found hilarious. I go through almost all of these stages every time I visit!

Here’s the link! Have a read once you’ve read this post and let me know your funny Primark experiences too!


I previously said a few ‘cheap’ bits and bobs… My goodness did this lot add up but I hope you enjoy the post!


I love this trend at the minute! Kimonos are so easy to throw on over dresses, bikinis or camis and jeans and I love the way they look!

However, I only own one! Therefore, I decided this needed changing and picked up these to wear both in England and I’m Greece on an evening or as a throw over to go from the beach to the bar!


1) This kimono has orange, brown, yellow, black, grey and cream stripes and Aztec print with black tassels along the hem and sleeves. I was slightly unsure at first whether I could pull this off but thought I’d regret it if I didn’t snap it up. It was the most expensive thing I bought too at £13 but you’d pay a lot more in Topshop or River Island!

2 & 3) These two are pretty similar with really lovely floral prints. They’re slightly dressier than the first, and you could definitely dress these up with a LBD and heels or down with jeans and sandals. I couldn’t decided between the black and white so just bought them both! They were £10 each.


My main reason for the Primark trip was to grab a few cheap dresses to wear on the nights on holiday. I always make the mistake of spending a fortune on holiday clothes, then wear them once on holiday, don’t look at them for the rest of the year as they’re not weather appropriate, dig them out for my next holiday the following year and decide I hate them all! Therefore, Primark is my saviour!


1) Black: This black dress with Aztec embellishment caught my eye as I thought it would be perfect both for holiday and for the hot weather we’re having at home at the minute! It was from the beach section, yet is quite a thick cotton so can be worn wherever you please. It was a steal at £5!

2) Pineapple: This was another item I thought I would probably not pull off but bought anyway. It’s pink with a pineapple pattern. I really love the higher neckline on this but it is VERY long! It goes just past my knee so I wrapped a belt around my waist when trying it on and pulled it over to create a layered effect, which I thought looked quite nice. One let down… I got it home to find the button on the back missing! However I’ll probably just sew another on to save rooting around Primark for a replacement. This was £8.

3) Aztec: I love Aztec print and think it’s perfect for holiday. This dress has buttons right down the front and is in bright colours and I really like it! Another bargain at £7!

4) Floral: I also love floral print so snapped this up. It’s just a very simple jersey skater dress but at £5 I couldn’t resist!


I really love looking at Primark jewellery and ALWAYS manage to find a few bits that I like. I always lose necklaces somehow, so I don’t like spending too much on them. I also find I don’t wear them enough to spend £20 or £30 a pop. These two caught my eye as they’re so pretty and I’ll definitely team them with a few outfits! My only issue is that they’re quite heavy… These maybe a hand luggage job!



I was really let down in the shoe department yesterday, as Hull’s store seemed to have been absolutely wiped out of sandals! There was one stand with about 4 pairs of sandals all in size 3, which wasn’t ideal.
I did however pick these tan shoes up. I did already have these but have worn them to death. I actually almost fell down the stairs in them the other day at work, as the sole had come off and I didn’t realise when I put them on that morning! Myself and my almost broken limbs were happy to find a replacement!



I love that you can buy almost anything in Primark so had a wonder around the toiletries section as they’ve started stocking really good brands such as Cocoa Brown tan for much less than the price they are in Boots or Superdrug!


I got some Gilette Satin Care shaving foam for £1 and some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for £2.90 to take away with me.

I also got a sponge, because everyone needs to keep clean! That was only £1 as were the TWO packets of make up wipes. I go through wipes like there’s no tomorrow on holiday so thought I was as well get two packs for a lot less than what you’d normally pay for one pack. I have tried Primark face wipes when I was at Univeristy and scraping up coppers to buy a tin of beans, and I think they’re really good for the price!

I also bought a cute floral make up bag, as I don’t want to lug my entire collection to another country with me! This one was only £4.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with my purchases! I also got a few basics such as plain black and white vests, but didn’t want to bore you with all that malarky!

Have you bought a bargain in Primark recently that you’re in love with? Also, have you ever done any of the Primark stages in the link above? Let me know!

One extremely excitable Emily, who only has 9 days left at work before she jets off!! xxx

Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Balm

Does anyone else pop into Boots and before you know it you’ve spent £30 on things you definitely don’t need but my goodness there’s absolutely no chance you’re not going to buy them?

It happens ALL the time for me, which isn’t great on the bank balance, but excellent for my make up bag!

I popped in a couple of weeks ago to buy face wipes and ended up picking up a Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Balm in the colour Viva Violet.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve tried these out, I already have it in The Redder The Better, but I wanted a deep pinky purple to go with an outfit I was planning to wear that night.

It wasn’t a necessity but I just couldn’t resist!


It’s a really lovely deep pink, which isn’t as dark as some of the others that are quite fashionable at the minute. I was slightly apprehensive to try out this colour as it’s quite a statement but this one is really nice as a first step into really dark lip colours!


I love the fact it has a pointed nib end as it’s so easy to use. I use the tip as a sort of lip liner that helps to keep it all in place, then the side of the point to fill in my lips.

The balmy consistency is so moisturising and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing lipstick, yet has the colour intensity of one.

The smell is so lovely too! It’s quite a chocolatey sent which makes you want to lick your lips! I hate when lipsticks smell chemically.


The colour lasts such a long time too, which is brilliant. I obviously applied it a couple of times throughout the evening, but woke up with still a bit of colour on my lips!

The Lasting Colour Rush Balm is only £5.99, and everyone needs to try it out! I love them!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Emily x

So…? Sinful

During secondary school, every girl I knew had a bottle of Impulse or So…? Bodyspray in their bag, it was definitely the must have item. 14 years later and So…? Is still going strong…in fact they have a range of eleven different fragrances available in both a bodyspray and a perfume. I decided to try out the So…? Sinful fragrance and body spray.

So…? Sinful is described as a combination of fresh strawberries and juicy pineapple for a fruity scent, followed by violet, water-lily and jasmine with a rich creamy vanilla and dark chocolate base. It is a very fruity sweet scent and I absolutely love it for during the day – during the evening I prefer something a little woodier.


The bodyspray scent is really quite strong, which is not something I normally find with most bodysprays, but I really like this quality of it as it can be used without having to use perfume over the top of it. The scent does tend to weaken after a few hours, but the bottle is light and small enough to pop into your handbag.


The perfume is very similar to the bodyspray but a little lighter and fresher. The bottle is quite plain but is in uniform with the rest of the range’s perfumes. I really do love the scent of this perfume and everytime I wear it people always ask me where it is from – they do look a bit surprised when I say it is a So…? Fragrance as I think people tend to think it will be higher end.


For the price of these products, you really cannot go wrong and I cannot wait to try some of the other fragrances in the range.

You can check out the So…? Range at www.sowithattitude.com and to purchase online you can find the range at Boots, where the bodyspray is £1.70 and the perfume is £6.35 for a 30ml bottle.


Kathryn xxx