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January 2014

Etsy – House Of Nika

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on January 30, 2014

For our second Etsy post, I am delighted to introduce to you ‘House of Nika’. 


The owner of this gorgeous store is Anika Moore and in her store you will be able to find beautiful handmade items including hair bobbles, flower hair clips, as well as handmade paper flowers which are perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift. 

A little bit from Anika…

In my short bio I stated that I had been diagnosed with a few disabilities that left me unable to work in the conventional way. I lived with support from the government for a few years, but decided to try starting my own business. It gives me a sense of pride in myself and I love doing crafts and making things anyway, so my hobby is now my job. The name “House of Nika” started as a joke. “Nika” is the nickname my lovely boyfriend gave me and its always been my “alter ego” I guess. I had been making some jewellery and posting photos on facebook a few months before the idea to start my own business came about. Alot of people were urging me to do so, but I lacked the confidence. I had posted so many photos on Facebook I started jokingly saying “Here is another installment from the House of Nika” as a heading. So when I finally got some confidence and listened to friends and family, House of Nika was the only name for the business in my mind. 

We are glad Anika found her confidence and took the final steps to having her very own Etsy store. Anika generously sent us three of her items from her store for us to test out and present to our lovely readers.

First up is a beautiful large red Poppy styled hair clip. It is made out of red felt with black accent felt pieces as well as tiny beads and a sequin in the middle. With such a generous sized hair clip, I thought it may have felt quite heavy when in my hair, but as it is made from felt it was so light I could barely feel it. The actual metal part of the hair clip is a simple silver clip which didn’t catch in my hair, which can happen with some alligator style clips.


Secondly, is a pretty turquoise coloured Dahlia style hair clip. This one can actually also be made as a brooch if you speak to Anika when ordering. The small petals are beautifully shaped and layered to give a real life effect and are finished off with a silver sequin and turquoise faceted bead. This hair clip has the same style metal clip as the poppy hair clip and so again is comfortable to wear and would look fabulous in winter with black clothing or in summer for some tropical brightness.


Last but certainly not least is one of my favourites… The Red Rose hair clip. This is a perfect three dimensional design and looks just like a true rose pinned in your hair. There are green leaves also made out of felt, at the base of the rose and again has the very comfortable silver snap clip attached to it. Anika states that this can be made in a variety of colours, and again also be made into a brooch. I shall definitely be taking this to Florida with me 🙂


All three of these hair clips can be purchased for just £3 each so be sure to check these out along with all of the other sweet items at


Kathryn xx

Girls’ Pamper Night

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on January 29, 2014

Now I don’t know about you but I’m a bit of a fair-weather girl when it comes to going out on a weekend. I live in a small town where not a lot happens and so my winter weekends are often spent going for meals, spending time at a friends, having sleepovers with my Goddaughter Willow and a good girly night in pampering myself. This post is all about showcasing some amazing traditional and new products for that perfect pamper sesh.


With all make-up and beauty products, it is important to have the correct tools. I’m starting off by telling you about ‘The Konjac Sponge Co’ Konjac Puff Sponge. Konjac is reputed for its health giving properties, used by the Japanese for over 1500 years (can’t argue with that), having originally starting out as a medicine in the sixth century. The Konjac Puff Sponge is great for deeply cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin, as well as being perfect for sensitive skins too as it has a natural pH balance. It is also great for removing make-up (the first step in a pamper night) and is suitable for all ages, so whether you’re a teen or a more mature age, this sponge will be fantastic.


Please check out where you can get the Puff Sponge for £6.99 as well as the other products in the range.

The Face

Naisture Collagen Mask Pack

If you haven’t tried a paper face mask before, then you are in for a treat. Gone are the days of sticky face masks, or gloopy creams, these paper face masks are super easy to use, and the results are amazing. Just unfold, and apply the paper mask (you look a little silly, but it’s worth it! Emily actually thought I looked like I was an extra in a horror movie), then the amazing moisturising mask with collagen, gives your skin a direct dose of active ingredients that work hard and fast to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness. What’s inside? Vegetable collagen derived from carrots strengthens skin, improves elasticity and has anti-ageing properties. This wonder-mask also contains one of the most friendly acids – hyaluronic, which is a natural part of our skin’s matrix and binds moisture in. Other ingredients include Shea Butter and Raffinose which help promote smoother, silkier and more radiant-looking skin.


You can purchase these from retailers such as Amazon, where you can get 5 masks for £10.

Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer Wake-Up Under Eye Patches

Here at The Kats Paws you may have noticed we LOVE Anatomicals products, they are so kooky and always cheer us up. As I have done with previous Anatomicals reviews, I’ll start with what the company says about this product…

“You know the blood curdling screams you hear in horror films when vampires sink their teeth into the white fleshed necks of virginal nieces of 18th century noblemen? Well, they’re the same blood curdling screams that can be heard when young ladies (as this is the 21st century, let’s skip the virginal bit) who have bitten off more than they can chew party wise, stare in the mirror, at their pale, drawn complexions, and baggy, tired eyes. If you’re one such young lady and have always wished there was a product to make you look less (un)dead, then these collagen under eye patches are the Count’s (as in Dracula) cojones.” (Or The Kat’s Paws!)

So, okay we are getting far too scary for my liking, I promise it will get girlier! You get 2 sets in the pack, they feel really weird when you first put them on, like a second, cold and wet under eye skin…but once you get over the first few minutes you can completely relax with them. You leave them on for half an hour, I sat with them for a little longer whilst I was laid in the bath, with some gorgeous Sanctuary Spa Bath Oil and my A Child’s Wish Yankee Candle and felt very relaxed. These patches claim to reduce dark circles, puffiness and restore moisture. I don’t really suffer from dark circles too badly, but have puffy under eyes and I have to say these really did the trick. I looked refreshed, felt refreshed and I would highly recommend these for a little under eye pamper.


You can purchase these from online retailers such as for £6

MOA Daily Cleansing Ritual

Whilst you have your eye patches on, I recommend trying the MOA Green Balm Daily Cleansing Ritual pack. It comes in a cute cardboard container and inside there is a luxurious bamboo face cloth and 50ml of the Green Balm. Bamboo fibre is naturally anti-bacterial and is one of the most eco materials on the planet. The Green Balm enables you to give your skin a balancing deep cleanse, remove excess oils and impurities by following the few simple steps on the container. Green Balm is is ideal for oily, acne skin, as well as dry and sensitive types and so it is something you can use all year round. This balm is also safe to use around the eyes and even removes the thickest of eye make up and left my skin balanced and glowing.


You can check this set out at where prices start at £4.99 for 15ml of the balm up to £14.99 for the set.

LEOR Facial Exfoliate Creme

Next step, is exfoliation. Exfoliation should only be done 1-2 times a week as otherwise it can be too harsh for the epidermis layer of your skin and may end up damaging the dermis layer. The Leor Facial Exfoliate Creme is infused with my favourite scent lavender, so it has a delightfully fresh, floral fragrance to it. The consistency is a thick cream, with smooth and quite small pumice to naturally and gently exfoliate. The idea of exfoliating is to remove dead skin cells and leave behind fresher and more vibrant skin and this is something I’m definitely after at the moment after bracing the horrid cold and wind that is the British weather. Boooooo. I applied a small blob of the creme onto my slightly damp forehead, cheeks and chin and massaged in small circular motions, rinsing with warm water. It left my skin feeling and looking a lot more radiant and squeaky clean. 


LEOR products are available at  and this Creme is £11 for 100grams and comes in a variety of fragrances as well as unfragranced.


 Nair Soothing Facial Wax Strips

These Wax Strips are perfect for eyebrows and the upper lip area. I tried them out on my eyebrows. I have naturally thin eyebrows and as I use an eyebrow powder, if my brows aren’t kept in shape the powder makes them look dreadful. The strips work well at removing all the hair from the area it has been applied to. Obviously it hurts a little when you pull the strip off but if you follow the instructions it really isn’t that bad. The results are worth it to me for the 1 or 2 seconds of tender tingle-y skin. This pack also contains some post-wax soothing wipes to abolish the not-so-lovely shade of red waxing leaves. I must admit I do prefer to go to the salon for my eyebrows doing but these are a great alternative for when you can’t get an appointment or have a last-minute invitation for a night on the town.


Nair products are available in stores such as Boots, Tesco and Superdrug, with these particular strips costing around £4.99

The Body

Find Sculpted Silhouette Inchwrap Firming Gel

Spa finds is a British brand that started small but their products have now gone global and are sold in over 26 countries. They specialise in mineral based skincare and all of their products are full of healing dead sea minerals making them great for all skin types. I’ve never tried a product designed to tackle cellulite before but this actually claims to do a great deal more than just that which makes it a very interesting and appealing product indeed. It detoxifies the body, improves stretch marks, firms and tones skin, boosts circulation and soothes muscular aches and pains. Phew, that’s a lot! This is a seriously multitasking product and it sounds just lovely. And this isn’t tested on animals either! I have been using the product for just under a month now on the tops of my thighs and can honestly say that there is a definite change in texture and tone.


Check out 🙂


100% Pure Nail Polish in Juice

100% Pure is a cosmetic company that sells natural, vegan and cruelty-free products. Juice is a gorgeous, tropical coral pink shade and perfect for brightening up those winter days! Generally speaking, I think people often believe that natural products do not always give a brilliant performance but upon applying this nail polish, it was luxuriously creamy rather than watery and two coats gave a perfect finish. I didn’t even need to apply a top coat as this polish gives a lovely shine when dry.
100% Pure sells a variety of cosmetics, which you can check out at 
Lilac & Thyme
Lilac & Thyme products are handmade in Northumberland by Bernice Drummond. A cabin crew member for over 25 years, Bernice formulated skincare products to help combat the effects that flying had on her skin. Using the finest of ingredients and aromatherapy blends, every product is designed to promote your wellbeing. All Lilac & Thyme products are free from Parabens SLS/SLES and Petrochemicals.
Lavender & Geranium Face Food

This wonderful face cream is packed full of vitamins and antioxidants essential for anti ageing.  Formulated with Rosehip Oil, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Jojoba and Vitamin E, it will leave your skin velvety smooth and wonderfully moisturised with no greasy film. It is suitable for all skin types and smells and feels heavenly, as well as putting plenty of moisture into my parched skin. The jars are the cutest things, a glass bottom with a matte metal screw lid, with pastel coloured labels, which look beautiful on my dressing table.

Pink Clay & Raspberry Face Mask

Clay has been used in cosmetics sinced ancient times, and it still found in many facial masks on the market. Unfortunately many contain perfumes and are laden with harmful preservatives. Clay has the ability to absorb excess oils, dirt and harmful toxins from the skin. The fruit powders are packed with vitamins and antioxidants and the honey will soften and moisturise your skin naturally. When I received this lovely little jar, I was slightly confused – on the label it said it was a face mask, but once I removed the lid, there was a gorgeous pink powder inside. I then read the instructions which state you need to add a teaspoonful of the clay powders with a little water, fruit juice or natural yoghurt and mix to a paste.  If you suffer from dry skin, you can mix it with a facial oil. Once again the smell is divine and reminds me of a really fresh raspberry yoghurt. I firstly used this Face Mask and then followed up with the Face Food and it left my skin beautifully fresh and well-moisturised without leaving an oily film on the top layer of my skin.


The Face Mask is £4.95 for a 50g jar and the Face Food is £9.95 for a 50ml jar. These products are really well priced as you do not need to use a lot of the product and I will certainly be taking the Face Food on holiday with me in March. Check Bernice’s other products out at


No girly night in would be just that without sweets! Hope and Greenwood sent The Kats Paws some festive treats in December and we couldn’t wait to tuck into these. We received the Mince Pie Bonbons, which are made from the chewiest, creamiest toffee and powdered with the very essence and spice of Christmas and the Jolly Christmas Sweet Shake. The Shake included so many different types of sweets, including a candy cane, chocolate coins, jelly beans, marshmallows, my personal favourite a pink sugar mouse, and more. Christmas may have been over a month ago, but sweets are sweets and these certainly went down a treat. Hope and Greenwood sell a wide variety of traditional sweets, which will no doubt take you back to your childhood days of flying saucers and midget gems. They currently have a sale on as well as a Valentine’s range so make sure you check them out at


What products can you recommend myself and Emily to try out for other pamper night treats? Let us know!


A very relaxed and pampered Kathryn xx




ETSY – Dirty Rotten Rags

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on January 26, 2014

Recently I discovered Etsy. It’s been around for ages and for those that haven’t heard of it, it is a site where individuals who are amazingly creative and crafty are able to sell their homemade items. I downloaded the App from the itunes store and started having a browse….I was still browsing 3 hours later…there are SO many gorgeous things to buy, at decent prices, and for everybody and anybody from all over the world!

The first store I came across was Dirty Rotten Rags… Rayon is the owner and creator of this Etsy store which sells some AMAZING “mashed-up 80s/90s vintage”. There are jewellery items, clothing and more, all hand-customised, with the opportunity to add your own customisation and personalised stamp on the items. My particular favourites are the old-style acid-washed Adidas tops and the dripping Chanel jewellery.

We recently received these stunning earrings…


These beaut earrings are made from a gold mirrored acrylic in the style of a dripping Chanel emblem. Emily and I recently went out for our friend Josh’s leaving dinner and I wanted to be dressy but it was wayyyy too cold for a dress and so i threw on some black skinny jeans and a grey top with Topshop heels and then to really add some fabulousness to my plain outfit I added these earrings.


They are so unbelievably light I could barely feel them – long drooping earlobes are a big no no in my book – yet I had so many comments that evening on the sparkle of the earrings. I was able to wear a large cool earring without having the weight of large metal earrings all night. 


You can check Rayon’s store Dirty Rotten Rags out at as well as checking out her Facebook page as well as some cool pics on Instagram…. ID @dirtyrottenrags

As a special treat, Rayon has generously given us a 10% discount to pass on to you all… simply visit her Etsy shop, add everything you love and enter the code thekatspaws14 before 30/4/2014

Here are a few sneak peeks from Dirty Rotten Rags….










Hope y’all had a great weekend!


Kathryn xx