Primark Holiday Haul!

So yesterday, I went into Primark to pick up a few cheap bits and bobs for my holiday in two weeks time…

I LOVE Primark, but it is hot, it is stressful, people get in your way and I always, without fail, manage to trip over a pram. I once even turned around and sent a child flying with my handbag. It wasn’t my finest hour, but his mother found it funny… (If it was my child, I wouldn’t have found that funny. But I also wouldn’t let it run through Primark unattended. That place is dangerous!)

I once read a list of 22 stages every girl goes through on a trip to Primark which I found hilarious. I go through almost all of these stages every time I visit!

Here’s the link! Have a read once you’ve read this post and let me know your funny Primark experiences too!

I previously said a few ‘cheap’ bits and bobs… My goodness did this lot add up but I hope you enjoy the post!


I love this trend at the minute! Kimonos are so easy to throw on over dresses, bikinis or camis and jeans and I love the way they look!

However, I only own one! Therefore, I decided this needed changing and picked up these to wear both in England and I’m Greece on an evening or as a throw over to go from the beach to the bar!


1) This kimono has orange, brown, yellow, black, grey and cream stripes and Aztec print with black tassels along the hem and sleeves. I was slightly unsure at first whether I could pull this off but thought I’d regret it if I didn’t snap it up. It was the most expensive thing I bought too at £13 but you’d pay a lot more in Topshop or River Island!

2 & 3) These two are pretty similar with really lovely floral prints. They’re slightly dressier than the first, and you could definitely dress these up with a LBD and heels or down with jeans and sandals. I couldn’t decided between the black and white so just bought them both! They were £10 each.


My main reason for the Primark trip was to grab a few cheap dresses to wear on the nights on holiday. I always make the mistake of spending a fortune on holiday clothes, then wear them once on holiday, don’t look at them for the rest of the year as they’re not weather appropriate, dig them out for my next holiday the following year and decide I hate them all! Therefore, Primark is my saviour!


1) Black: This black dress with Aztec embellishment caught my eye as I thought it would be perfect both for holiday and for the hot weather we’re having at home at the minute! It was from the beach section, yet is quite a thick cotton so can be worn wherever you please. It was a steal at £5!

2) Pineapple: This was another item I thought I would probably not pull off but bought anyway. It’s pink with a pineapple pattern. I really love the higher neckline on this but it is VERY long! It goes just past my knee so I wrapped a belt around my waist when trying it on and pulled it over to create a layered effect, which I thought looked quite nice. One let down… I got it home to find the button on the back missing! However I’ll probably just sew another on to save rooting around Primark for a replacement. This was £8.

3) Aztec: I love Aztec print and think it’s perfect for holiday. This dress has buttons right down the front and is in bright colours and I really like it! Another bargain at £7!

4) Floral: I also love floral print so snapped this up. It’s just a very simple jersey skater dress but at £5 I couldn’t resist!


I really love looking at Primark jewellery and ALWAYS manage to find a few bits that I like. I always lose necklaces somehow, so I don’t like spending too much on them. I also find I don’t wear them enough to spend £20 or £30 a pop. These two caught my eye as they’re so pretty and I’ll definitely team them with a few outfits! My only issue is that they’re quite heavy… These maybe a hand luggage job!



I was really let down in the shoe department yesterday, as Hull’s store seemed to have been absolutely wiped out of sandals! There was one stand with about 4 pairs of sandals all in size 3, which wasn’t ideal.
I did however pick these tan shoes up. I did already have these but have worn them to death. I actually almost fell down the stairs in them the other day at work, as the sole had come off and I didn’t realise when I put them on that morning! Myself and my almost broken limbs were happy to find a replacement!



I love that you can buy almost anything in Primark so had a wonder around the toiletries section as they’ve started stocking really good brands such as Cocoa Brown tan for much less than the price they are in Boots or Superdrug!


I got some Gilette Satin Care shaving foam for £1 and some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter for £2.90 to take away with me.

I also got a sponge, because everyone needs to keep clean! That was only £1 as were the TWO packets of make up wipes. I go through wipes like there’s no tomorrow on holiday so thought I was as well get two packs for a lot less than what you’d normally pay for one pack. I have tried Primark face wipes when I was at Univeristy and scraping up coppers to buy a tin of beans, and I think they’re really good for the price!

I also bought a cute floral make up bag, as I don’t want to lug my entire collection to another country with me! This one was only £4.

Overall I’m pretty pleased with my purchases! I also got a few basics such as plain black and white vests, but didn’t want to bore you with all that malarky!

Have you bought a bargain in Primark recently that you’re in love with? Also, have you ever done any of the Primark stages in the link above? Let me know!

One extremely excitable Emily, who only has 9 days left at work before she jets off!! xxx

TONIC Clothing Summer Soiree

On the 26th June, TONIC Clothing teamed up with Street Hub, inviting members from the press, customers, fashion bloggers and members of the public to TONIC’s shop on Fulham Road, London to celebrate summer.


For three hours that evening guests had the opportunity to grasp a better understanding of TONIC’S philosophy and discover the dynamic and multicultural brands that blend together to create its unique identity.


There were videos, music, drinks supplied from Blue Nun wines and Van Bulk beers, Italian canapes and a presentation of TONIC’s new brands along with a 20% discount on all items in the shop. Summer-inspired goody bags were offered to guests upon arrival and there was also a nail bar provided by iZBeauty.


The goody bags included;


* A pair of BLEND male reversible swimshorts

* A Streethub shopper bag

* A Silvian Heach neck warmer

* The largest mug I have ever seen from The Pure Package

* A cord bracelet from Coster Copenhagen

* Nail Wraps from iZBeauty

* A £10 Bounce Minicab App Giftcard


With TONIC’s recent 1st Birthday, this event was to bring together those who were or weren’t familiar with the shop to introduce and remind them of who TONIC is and to celebrate the start of summer.


Founded in 2013 TONIC Clothing is a multi-brand fashion shop based in the area of Chelsea, London with over 10 different European brands coming from Italy, France and Denmark.

Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Balm

Does anyone else pop into Boots and before you know it you’ve spent £30 on things you definitely don’t need but my goodness there’s absolutely no chance you’re not going to buy them?

It happens ALL the time for me, which isn’t great on the bank balance, but excellent for my make up bag!

I popped in a couple of weeks ago to buy face wipes and ended up picking up a Rimmel Lasting Colour Rush Balm in the colour Viva Violet.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve tried these out, I already have it in The Redder The Better, but I wanted a deep pinky purple to go with an outfit I was planning to wear that night.

It wasn’t a necessity but I just couldn’t resist!


It’s a really lovely deep pink, which isn’t as dark as some of the others that are quite fashionable at the minute. I was slightly apprehensive to try out this colour as it’s quite a statement but this one is really nice as a first step into really dark lip colours!


I love the fact it has a pointed nib end as it’s so easy to use. I use the tip as a sort of lip liner that helps to keep it all in place, then the side of the point to fill in my lips.

The balmy consistency is so moisturising and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing lipstick, yet has the colour intensity of one.

The smell is so lovely too! It’s quite a chocolatey sent which makes you want to lick your lips! I hate when lipsticks smell chemically.


The colour lasts such a long time too, which is brilliant. I obviously applied it a couple of times throughout the evening, but woke up with still a bit of colour on my lips!

The Lasting Colour Rush Balm is only £5.99, and everyone needs to try it out! I love them!

Hope you’re all having a lovely weekend!

Emily x

MeMeBox ColorBox #1 Red


This monthly box is a newbie to me, although I have seen it on quite a few different beauty blogs recently. My love for subscription boxes forced me to try out this international beauty box. There are an absolute tonne of different themed boxes, and I received the ColorBox #1 Red. Now I am a Red in the fact that I support Manchester United, but I don’t tend to own a lot of red make-up and so this was a mini adventure for me. Let’s see what’s inside…

 open box

Dearberry Flirt Lipstick 08 Red Parade ($12)

This is a full sized product and is a bright red lipstick which is made from naturally derived ingredients, including olive oil, cocoa butter and cupuacu seed butter. This buttery smooth lipstick slides onto the lips perfectly and lasted me a good few hours.


Dearberry Today Nail Lacquer #21 Pink Sprinkling ($3)

Another full sized product, although I am unsure why it is called Pink Sprinkling as it is most definitely pillar-box red. A handy-sized classic red nail polish that needs just one coat to produce super red vividness.


L’OCEAN Eye Shadow L-35 Red ($10)

This eyeshadow compact is velvety smooth, long-lasting and extremely vivid in colour. A little too vivid for me, but I think this shade would look beautiful on darker skin. The quality of the product is fab though and I would definitely be happy getting it in another shade in a future box.


Tosowoong Gel Pencil Liner 04 Burgundy ($10)

This is a beautiful dark burgundy gel eyeliner pencil, will glides on super smooth and easily. I tried this on my hand, in a love heart shape to show you the colour, and I tried rubbing it off afterwards but couldn’t. Therefore I am stuck with a loveheart on my hand all day, but at least it shows just how good the staying-power of the product is.



Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss #6 Red ($12)

The fifth and final full-sized product from my ColorBox is this amazing lipgloss. It is highly enriched with grape seed oil to moisturise chapped lips as well as giving a glossy sheen to your lips. This special lipgloss actually consists of two different colour glosses – a red and a coral, and so each application can alter slightly, which I find a really fun idea.


The MeMeBox costs just $15 plus shipping at but be quick cos they sell out super fast! I cannot wait to try some of the other themed boxes, I have my eye on quite a few.


Kathryn xxx


Nail clippers are a hot commodity in my house – they are both frequently needed and frequently lost. I normally purchase the cheapest ones I can find, but these often don’t do the job on toenails and end up shattering the nail.


I introduce to you, the CLYPPI Stainless Steel Toenail Clipper. Yes, I know, most people hate feet, looking at feet, talking about feet, but don’t worry there are definitely NO foot pictures in this blog post. I promise. The CLYPPI is really easy to hold on to, it is made of stainless steel with a brushed steel finish and so it is not slippery like a lot of the cheaper nail clippers can be. It also has a flared end on the lever that provides a better grip and so is perfect for people with arthritis or joint pain who need a little more support.


There is also a nail file built into the lever that has a much finer grain than that of other nail files you find on clippers. When using the clippers, it leaves the nail edge really clean and doesn’t leave chips or jagged edges, which is something I have been suffering from for a while now with my cheaper nail clippers.


Now here is the best thing about buying a CLYPPI – it has a LIFETIME GUARANTEE! No questions asked – now you can’t say fairer than that! You can order your very own CLYPPI from where they cost £12.47 and come with free delivery. Yes, that is quite a lot of money for a pair of nail clippers, but these beauties will last you forever, and if they don’t then you can simply get your money back!


Kathryn xxx


Those of you that are regular Kats Paws readers will have read all about my lip balm collection. I buy lip balms all the time, as I am always losing them but its something I cannot be without. Here are a couple of my favourite Blistex ones.


Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner (£2.59)

This arrives in a cute little pot and the lid just screws off easily. The formula inside looks quite waxy, and is quite transparent in colour. You simply pop your finger in, give it a little swipe (you do not need much of this product as it is quite thick in texture and so spreads on the lips really well) and then smooth it across your lips. The Daily Lip Conditioner has Olive and Grape Seed Oils as part of the ingredients and so helps to keep your lips in fabulous condition. It also contains Aloe Vera which is really cooling, especially after being out in the sunshine all day, which reminds me that this product also has an SPF of 15, which means you can keep those luscious lips protected when out and about.


Blistex Lip Brilliance (£2.61)

In a twist up tube, this lip balm product adds a really pretty shimmer and tint of rosy pink to the lips. It contains nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin E to naturally replenish, Silk Extracts for super-softness, and Grape Seed Oil to condition your lips. Because of the shimmer in the formula, it makes your lips look fuller, without giving you that trout pout look. I really liked this product as it gave me colour as well as conditioning and protecting my lips. I have quite thin lips and so this gave them a fabulous boost without drying my lips out like some lipstick products can. As with the Daily Lip Conditioner, the Lip Brilliance also has an SPF of 15 and so is great for this time of year.


Take a look at to find out more and visit Asda, Boots, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Superdrug, Tesco and all leading retailers and pharmacies to purchase.

Bracketed prices are based on current prices.


Kathryn xxx

Cocoa Brown Self-Tanning Range

I think Emily has briefly mentioned Cocoa Tan on here before but this was the first time I have tried it and so wanted to share my experience with you all. I want to introduce you to the Cocoa Brown Ultimate Travel Set.


When I hear the words travel set, I often think of miniature lotions and potions, but each product within this pack is a generous size at 75-100ml. All three products come in a super handy waterproof zippable bag, which even features a little hook for you to hang in your bathroom.

 tough stuff

First up is Tough Stuff, this is a no-nonsense body scrub that helps your skin prepare for the application of the self-tan. The formula is a great pinky purple colour and has intense granules in to really buff and polish the skin. It smelt lovely and was really quick and easy to use although I wouldn’t recommend using it in the bath, I would use it in the shower, as I did the aforementioned and felt like I was sat in a sand pit!


Next up is the 1 Hour Tan. This is a mousse formula and so is mega easy to apply. I used the Cocoa Brown Tan Applicator Mitt as this ensures I don’t end up with orange palms. You simply pop on the mitt and spray out some of the tan into your mitted hand, and then simply smooth all over your body. It only took me no longer than ten minutes for a full body application and I even used it on my face.


It was quite hot last night and so I don’t know whether it was the heat or the formula but I needed to wait around 10-15 minutes before dressing. In the morning I was really impressed with the colour of the tan, and I had no streaks anywhere. The colour I was left with after showering was a lovely natural bronze rather than resembling an Oompa Loompa.


Now it is very important to moisturise whilst wearing self-tan as some formulas can really dry out the skin. Cocoa Brown’s Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Moisturiser is perfect for keeping the skin hydrated and soft. It looks and smells like chocolate dessert and helps to prolong the tan rather than just keeping your skin moisturised. With all three stages of self-tanning taken care of, this travel set really is the ultimate.

Before before



Check out for more info or head down to Primark and pick up your set now!



Kathryn xxx