New In: Orla Kiely Climbing Rose Wash Bags

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on January 24, 2017

If you saw my What I Got For Christmas 2016 post, you may have seen that I got a beautiful tan Mulberry handbag, and I have recently been looking for a makeup bag to store little bits and pieces in to keep in my handbag. A lot of cosmetics bags tend to be quite large or bulky, but I noticed this gorgeous wash bag from Orla Kiely’s new Climbing Rose collection, which is the perfect size!


Orla Kiely is launching three new wash bag collections, available in John Lewis, from February 2017, including a Flower Stripe collection, featuring a large hanging wash bag, a medium wash bag, a cosmetic brush case and a cosmetic bag, the Climbing Rose collection, which includes a large hanging wash bag, a medium wash bag and a cosmetics bag, and lastly the Seventies Oval Flower collection, featuring a train case and a large cosmetics bag. All three collections are full of gorgeous colours and floral patterns in typical Orla Kiely style, and range from £20-£38, which is excellent value for a designer bag.


The bag I have here is the beautiful Climbing Rose Cosmetics Case (£20), with the print taking inspiration from the Flower Stripe print, focusing on block colours, and featuring the iconic heart shaped flower head in a colourway of four key colours – pastel pistachio and sky blue mixed with tones of earthy moss green and marine blue. I adore blues and greens (maybe because I am a Piscean, who knows?!), and this is definitely my favourite print from the three collections.


The bag itself measures 16cm by 22cm, which is the perfect size for my handbag, not too big, but not too small either that I can’t fit everything in. It is quite a flat style bag, but has just over an inch of width, so you can still get plenty inside, and the zip goes nearly halfway around the edges so that you have good access without everything spilling out. Inside there is a strong lining, and the outside of the bag has an EVA surface, making it durable for inside a handbag, where things get thrown in and quickly taken out. The surface is wipe clean so if it does get a little grubby, you can give it a wipe over with a damp cloth to keep it looking good as new.


I love how identifiable the Orla Kiely prints are, and a lot of other cosmetics bags can sometimes tend to be a little plain, but the colourway of the Climbing Rose print works perfectly with my tan Mulberry handbag, and makes me smile each time I look at it.

As mentioned, the three new Orla Kiely collections will be debuted February 2017 and will be available instore and online at John Lewis.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

New In: Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection & Swatches

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on January 24, 2017

There’s very few things in life that I like more than a new Too Faced collection, and after last year’s success of their Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette, which sold out, Too Faced have now got a whole Sweet Peach collection – there is the Eyeshadow Palette which has been re-released, the Sweet Peach Glow Highlighter Trio, the Papa Don’t Peach Blush, and eight Sweet Peach Lip Glosses, and so of course I had to make an order…


Starting with the original Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Palette (£39), and as soon as you take it out of the cardboard packaging, that peach scent hits you, as all products in the collection are infused with peach oil, so they not only look peachy, but smell of peaches too – cute! All packaging within this collection is adorable, and the Eyeshadow Palette is no different. You open up the palette and there is a mirror on the inside of the lid, and then 18 delectable eyeshadow shades, ranging from mattes to sparkles, nudes, peaches of course, and darker shades also – it has such a variety of shades and textures, that this is going to be your go-to palette to create so many different looks.


Let’s talk shades…

White Peach – Matte Cream

Luscious – Shimmery Fawn

Just Peachy – Iridescent Peach

Bless Her Heart – Iridescent Olive

Tempting – Black with Gold Sparkle

Charmed, I’m Sure – Matte Medium Brown

Nectar – Gently Shimmering Very Light Peach

Cobbler – Warm Shimmering Brown

Candied Peach – Matte Coral Peach with Peach Sparkle


Bellini – Iridescent Gold Peach

Peach Pit – Chocolate Iridescent Brown

Delectable – Dark Purple with Slight Shimmer

Peaches ’N Cream – Matte Warm Cream

Georgia – Matte Light Peach

Caramelized – Iridescent Bronze

Puree – Matte Caramel

Summer Yum – Matte Milk Chocolate

Talk Derby To Me – Black with Purple Sparkle


As with all the Too Faced Eyeshadow Palettes, the shades within this palette are all highly pigmented, very easy to blend, and super long lasting once applied. If you want to step up the glitz and glamour for a shade, simply spray your brush with primer water and that will help the shimmer in a shadow to really pop! This is definitely a palette of beauty, both inside and outside, and Too Faced have again, certainly not let us down! Within the packaging, you also get a Too Faced Glamour Guide, which shows you multiple looks that you can create using the palette, so if this is a gift for someone who is new to makeup, or if you are unsure yourself, then this will be super helpful for you.

L-R: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart

L-R: Tempting, Charmed, I’m Sure, Delectable, Peach Pit

L-R: Bellini, Candied Peach, Cobbler, Nectar

L-R: Talk Derby To Me, Puree, Summer Yum

L-R: Caramelized, Georgia, Peaches ‘n Cream

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow Palette (£34) is slightly smaller in size than the Eyeshadow Palette, however it is just as gorgeous! Again, the packaging and product smells of Peaches, of course, and you open up the palette to reveal a mirror on the inside of the lid, and the three different glow products. This palette is all about achieving a beautiful glow to the skin, and includes three shimmering products – an illuminator/highlighter, a blush and a bronzer.


There are tiny peaches on both the highlighter and bronzer, and then a larger peach on the blush. This is probably my favourite product from the Sweet Peach collection because I am obsessed with all things highlight! So, shade wise, the highlighter is a very illuminating champagne peach colour, full of tiny iridescent sparkles which look stunning on the cheekbones, the blush, is not iridescent like the highlight, but does have an illuminating glow to it, and is a pretty coral peach shade, and lastly the bronzer, which has the least amount of shimmer in it, is a very light milk chocolate shade, and all three of these products are going to be amazing right away, but especially when Spring/Summer rolls around, and your skin starts to look sun kissed.


The shades are all highly pigmented, and blend onto the skin seamlessly, and you also receive a Glamour Guide within this palette, which shows you how to achieve a Dewy Peach look, a Peach Glow and a Frosted Peach look, with instructions on exactly where to pop each product. All three shades are delicious, but my favourite has to be the highlighter, it is the stuff dreams are made of!


Possibly THE cutest packaging award goes to the Too Faced Papa Don’t Peach Blush (£25) – that friendly little peach just makes my heart melt! Now, this is an exclusive to Selfridges at the moment, so it isn’t currently available at Debenhams, but that may possibly change towards Summer. Inside this happy little palette, you will find, as always, a mirror on the inside of the lid, and then a really good-sized blush pan. This is the perfect bronzy peach blush shade, which is going to add a pop of warmth and glow to the skin.


The product is blendable and buildable, so it is really going to suit most, if not all, skin tones, whether you want a light dusting of peach, or you want to go for a full out peach glow, then this is the blush for you. The iridescence within this blush is amazing, and slightly similar to the iridescence and healthy glow from the highlighter in the Sweet Peach Glow palette. It of course smells of juicy peaches and just looks so, so pretty on the skin. In Love!


Last, but certainly never least, we have the Too Faced Sweet Peach Creamy Peach Oil Lip Gloss (£16 each). They come in eight different shades, and I must admit at first when I heard they were an oil gloss, I expected them to be very, very sheer, but I am absolutely pleasantly surprised! Of course they smell like peach, and even have little happy peaches on the top of the lids. The shades I opted for are Peach Fuzz, a light pinky nude, and Papa Don’t Peach, a warmer pink-toned nude, quite similar compared to some of the other shades, but these are the two I personally found most wearable for my skin tone for everyday wear.


The applicator is a long, slanted sponge applicator, so the gloss glides onto the lips effortlessly, without having to look in a mirror. As soon as you apply the gloss onto the lips, you get that juicy peach scent (let’s face it, if you don’t like the scent of peaches, this collection is going to be your worst nightmare, but the scent is pleasant and not overpowering), and the formula feels really nourishing, and glossy, but not sticky in the slightest. To keep the lips healthy, the formula includes peach oil, coconut oil and Vitamin E, all of which are known for their softening and moisturising properties, so these glosses are going to really protect the lips, rather than dry them out.

L-R: Peach Fuzz, Papa Don’t Peach

The Too Faced Sweet Peach Collection is available at Debenhams, but due to me wanting to buy the Blush too, I ordered mine from Selfridges.

Kathryn xxx

New In: Clarins Multi-Active Yeux – Instant Eye Reviver

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on January 23, 2017

Another newbie delight from Clarins is the Multi-Active Yeux – Instant Eye Reviver, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! I hate getting up early when it is cold and dark outside, but this little beauty peps me right up!


The Clarins Multi-Active Yeux – Instant Eye Reviver (£35) is an eye care product inspired by the latest technological advances in plant power, that counteracts the effects of a stressful lifestyle. As I have mentioned before, the eye area is the most delicate on the face, and is 3-5 times finer than anywhere else, which means that it is often the first area to show visible signs of ageing. The Multi-Active Eye is going to help preserve radiant, youthful-looking eyes, smooth fine lines, minimise signs of fatigue and brighten the eye area.


The main ingredient of the formula is teasel extract, which helps to revitalise and protect tired, stressed skin, by encouraging the production of the energising molecule Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) – stick with me – that helps fight free radicals. The fatigue fighting properties of teasel extract also limit the porosity of blood capillaries, which then helps to fight dark circles and puffiness. It also includes Myrothamnus extract, which is a South African plant capable of surviving hydric stress, and reinforces the preventative anti-ageing effect of encapsulated teasel extract by helping to reduce the look of fine lines on the contour area.


The packaging is also pretty special, and has a cryo-metal tip, which releases the creamy gel formula onto the specific area, and then you turn the applicator the other way to let the metal part of the tip smooth the Multi-Active Yeux into the eye area. Because it is made from metal, this also naturally cools and soothes the eye area, which is great for first thing in a morning when your eyes are feeling tired and puffy.


The cream-gel itself has a boost of radiance in it too, which is going to reflect light from those dark undereye circles, enabling them to look brighter and healthier. Once applied to the skin, the formula blends into the skin effortlessly, and instantaneously gives you that cooling effect, and optically blurs the look of fine lines, all whilst creating it’s magic once it has soaked into the skin. The product isn’t sticky and you can’t tell that you have any product there, so you are going to be able to apply your regular makeup as normal over the top of it if you so wish.


This is now the first product I reach for in a morning, but it can also be used at night. The Multi-Active Yeux will be released February 2017, and you will be able to find it online at Clarins.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own


New In: Good Things Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Trio

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on January 22, 2017

I have had a bit of a stressful week, my Dad has been super poorly and I had an appointment at the hospital on Friday for an MRI scan, as I have been having a lot of pain for quite a lot of months now, and so hopefully I will soon have some answers. Therefore, Saturday night I wanted to have a little pamper, and take some time out for myself, as I was having to stay up until midnight anyway as my friend Hannah and I were waiting up for the IT Cosmetics QVC offer which went live at midnight Saturday – the things we do for beauty! This week I was kindly send the brand new Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Skincare collection from Good Things, and thought Saturday evening would be the perfect chance to try them out.


I ran a hot bath, and poured in my favourite bath elixir, and set to work on my face. Taking care of our skin not only makes it look and feel better, but also ensures that our makeup applies and sets better. I started off with the Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Face Wash (£4.99), which, as the word charcoal may suggest, is a dark grey/black in colour, but don’t be alarmed, you won’t look like a chimney sweep once it has all been removed! This collection is aimed at skin which is oily and blemish prone, and skin which needs careful treatment to draw out impurities, to reduce excess oil and keep the skin looking smooth and fresh.


The Face Wash contains pomegranate extract and willow bark to help keep the skin smooth, charcoal powder, which is renowned for drawing out impurities and absorb excess oil, and then caffeine to help reduce skin redness and tighten the pores. To use the Face Wash, you need to ensure you avoid the delicate eye area, and then massage the Wash into damp skin, using smooth, firm circular movements, which helps the cleanser to work at drawing out dirt and impurities, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water.


With this being a charcoal product, I was a little hesitant as to how it would smell, but it doesn’t really have a strong scent to it, and certainly isn’t unpleasant, so if you hate strong smelling products, then this one will be fine for you. The product doesn’t foam up on the skin, but goes slightly creamy, and is really easy to rinse away, leaving the skin feeling much more refreshed and well-cleansed.


Once the Face Wash was removed, I went on to use the Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Face Scrub (£4.99). I adore using face scrubs, as if my skin is feeling slightly flaky or dull, a scrub works well at removing those dead skin cells, leaving my skin feeling squeaky clean. However, I don’t use them every single day, as I do sometimes have quite sensitive skin and so I personally would use a scrub 2 times a week dependant on how my skin is, but if you have regular skin, then you could definitely use this more often.


The Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Face Scrub is going to be great for unblocking pores, and keeping the skin smooth and cleans. The Scrub uses pomegranate and willow bark again, this time to gently exfoliate the skin, charcoal powder to remove impurities from clogged up pores (of which I suffer from SO much!), and then caffeine and kaolin to help reduce skin redness (which I also suffer from), and rebalance the oil levels. My skin is sometimes really sensitive to the touch, so as soon as I put anything on my skin using my hands, it can go terribly red, and especially on my cheeks, so having the caffeine and kaolin really helps to keep redness to a minimum.


The Scrub itself looks a little like a face mask, it is quite creamy and thick, and slate grey in colour, and full of tiny grains of exfoliating pieces. After you have used your regular cleanser or the Face Wash, massage this scrub into damp skin, avoiding that all important eye area. I learned during my time studying BTEC Beauty Science, that when applying products to the skin, always use upward, circular motions, to keep the skin firm, rather than pulling the skin downwards, which may cause the skin to sag. I only use this on my forehead, nose and chin, because that is where I suffer from oiliness and clogged up pores the most, but you can use it all over the face, and then removing with warm water. It gives an instant smoothness to the skin, and helps the skin to look more radiant, and clearer.

Finally, onto my favourite ever skincare product – a face mask! I find them so, so relaxing, and of course they work a treat on our skin! Once your skin has been cleansed and rid of impurities and dead skin cells, it is now time to add the Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Face Mask (£5.99) for an added boost. I try to use a face mask 1-2 times a week, but sometimes I am a little too busy, or simply too lazy, even though it is something I enjoy the most from a skincare regime.


Whether you are wanting to unwind and relax, or treat the skin, a face mask is the perfect aid. This one from Good Things, contains those all important ingredients as with the previous two products, and that pomegranate is going to really help keep the skin hydrated, which is one of the simplest things that the skin needs, but can make such a difference to its feel and appearance by ensuring you keep your skin well hydrated.


To use the Face Mask, ensure your skin is clean and dry, and then smooth a thick layer of product onto your skin and leave for 10 minutes, or a little longer if you have the time. The formula of this mask feels so refreshing and silky smooth when you apply it to the skin, and much like the first two products, it doesn’t have a powerful smell to it, so is perfectly pleasant to use. To get the best results possible, pores work best when they are opened, and to do this, they need heat, so you can use a warm to hot flannel on the face before you apply the mask. Once the mask has set and worked it’s magic, simply remove with a warm damp facecloth. I didn’t get any negative reactions from any of these three products, and as mentioned I do have sensitive skin, so even if you have oily and sensitive skin, this collection should work great for you.

You can find the Good Things Pore-Fectly Clear Charcoal Collection online at Good Things.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own