New Superdrug Store Opening at Flemingate Centre, Beverley

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on October 18, 2016


I haven’t been feeling too well lately, but recently I was invited to a new Superdrug store at the Flemingate Shopping Centre in Beverley, and I thought the fresh air would do me good, so I wrapped myself up warm and headed to Beverley in the pouring rain! The new Superdrug store opened on 14th October at the also newly opened Flemingate Shopping Centre in Beverley, where there are so many fabulous brand new shops and restaurants there.


The new store offers a range of exclusive and own brand products as well as a Beauty Bar where you can have threading and eye treatments such as tinting and threading, as well as eyelash extensions. With the Beauty Bar, there is no need to book ahead, you simply pop to the till to pay and then you can get your brows sorted whilst out shopping! I sat down in the comfortable leather chair and had my eyebrows threaded, which is super quick and in my opinion, less painful than waxing, and also better for the skin. The treatment cost just £6, which is cheaper than in salons!


The store is rather large, and there were so many beautiful looking aisles with pretty much every health and beauty product I could ever think to need, as well as You Tuber collections from people such as Zoella and Tanya Burr, a separate Fragrance counter, and the largest wall of makeup I have ever seen! I could have spent an absolute fortune! Everything is obviously brand-spanking new, and was well set out, with lots of the usual fabulous Superdrug offers.


Whilst I was there I got a few items which I wanted to share with you…


Tommy Hilfiger The Girl £18
I haven’t tried a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance for years, and after noticing they had a new release, I really wanted to try it out. As the Beverley Superdrug store has a fragrance counter, you are able to try different scents, and at just £18 for 30ml, this was a bargain of a purchase. I adore the nautical themed packaging and the fragrance itself is quite woody and musky, but feminine at the same time and I am definitely a fan of it, it’s a perfect everyday fragrance which can be worn throughout the different seasons.


Sweet Snuggles Bubble Bath & Hand Lotion Set £1 each
This Christmas, Superdrug have such a wide range of stocking fillers, mostly under £5 and plenty costing just £1! They are great for stockings, or even as little table gifts on the big day itself. I picked up this cute little Snowman Bubble Bath pouch and the Sweet Snuggles Hand Lotion Set, in which you get a mini nail file and a 30ml Hand Lotion, complete with a pretty penguin on the front! You absolutely cannot go wrong for just £1 and the quality is far better than a lot of products you might find in a Pound Shop.


Oral B 3D White Toothpaste £1.73
I have been using this toothpaste since it was first released, as I have found it has kept my gnashers in brilliant condition and has kept them a ‘normal’ shade of white. The toothpaste is normally quite expensive at £3.49 for a 75ml tube, but Superdrug had it on offer for just £1.73, so I popped one in my basket, as I so often do when it’s on offer.


Tanya Burr Midnight Smoulder Eye Palette £5.99
Tanya Burr’s cosmetic line is exclusively sold at Superdrug, and I had recently seen on Tanya’s Twitter that she had released some new products, so I was excited to try this new Eye Palette in the Midnight Smoulder colour way. The palette has a heart shaped mirror on the inside of the lid, and includes four different eyeshadow shades – Star Gazing, a cream shimmer, Endless Sky, a soft denim blue, also shimmery, Midnight Navy, a shimmering navy blue, and Into The Night, a matte black, perfect for a smoky eye look or lining the eyes.


Eylure Texture Eyelashes No 157 £3.76
I use Eylure eyelashes religiously, and love trying some of the new styles they continuously release, and when I checked out the eyelashes section in store, I noticed the Eylure eyelashes were on offer with a third off, so I managed to pick up the new Texture No 157 eyelashes for just £3.76, instead of £5.65. I can’t wait to give these a go in time for Christmas parties!


Superdrug also have a Health & Beauty Points Card, and I was unaware at the time, but when I checked my receipt I also saved a further 10% by swiping my points card, as well as earning points on my purchases, which made all of these deals even better value!


As mentioned, the new Superdrug Beverley store is situated at the Flemingate Centre, but to discover your nearest Superdrug store, you can head online.

Kathryn xxx

*I was gifted a gift card for visiting the store,  but opinions are my own

Brand Focus: Erno Laszlo Skincare

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on October 18, 2016

Erno Laszlo is a skincare brand which I have recently discovered throughout the blogging world. Dr Erno Laszlo brought his bespoke skincare philosophy to New York City back in 1927 and there he introduced clients such as Greta Garbo, Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe to his signature double cleanse. Moving on to the current day, and Dr Laszlo now has an institute in Soho, New York where his iconic products merge with new technologies attracts a global clientele searching for the infamous Laszlo Glow. Laszlo’s world-class treatments blend cutting-edge ingredients with pure indulgence for the ultimate experience in modern glamour, and has a range of luxury skincare products which you can use in your own home. I have recently been trying out a couple of products from the range, including Hydrogel Masks and a Double Cleanse Set.


Soothe & Calm Sensitive Hydrogel Mask Set £50
If you read my blog regularly, you will know my skin type is sensitive, and Erno Laszlo have a range completely aimed at sensitive skin types, the Soothe & Calm range. This set of four masks has been created to calm, smooth and even out sensitive skin for an unrivaled complexion. These innovative-delivery gel masks bestow potent hydrating, anti-inflammatory actives deep into pores for a finish that positively gleams. 


The masks contain a range of beneficial ingredients such as Rose Oil to refine the texture of the skin, whilst keeping moisture in place, Honeysuckle Extract to even out the skin tone, as well as soothing and calming the skin, and Skullcap Root, from the mint family, to protect delicate skin and promote cell renewal for added vitality.


At this time of year, I try and ensure I use a face mask once a week, to prevent the weather from affecting my skin, drying it out and leaving it further sensitised and these Soothe & Calm masks are in the sheet mask form, which make them really easy to use. After double cleansing the Laszlo way, take the mask out of the sachet, and remove the film it is adhered to, then place over the face, smoothing it into place, sit back and relax for 15 to 20 minutes, whilst the mask works its magic.


I think not a lot beats laying in a bubble bath in a cosy and warm bathroom, with a face mask on, just taking out some me time, with no disruptions, and a whole lotta peace. Once you have left the mask on for 15-20 minutes, simply remove and discard the mask, and then gently work the remaining serum into the skin to give longer lasting hydration and protection. As soon as I have removed the Soothe & Calm mask, my skin feels much more nourished, and when I run my fingers along my cheeks, they even feel much healthier, and even thought they aren’t the cheapest sheet masks on the market, when I see and feel good results, then I don’t mind paying a little extra.


Exfoliate & Detox: Detoxifying Double Cleanse Travel Set £38
So now, we are onto the infamous Laszlo Double Cleanse as I mentioned earlier, and to do so I have been trying out the Detoxifying Double Cleanse Travel Set, which are great for either travelling with, or as an excellent introduction to the Erno Laszlo skincare. This duo comes in a durable travel-friendly case and contains a small bottle of the Detoxifying Cleansing Oil and a decent size of the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, which together provide double the detox every time you cleanse with these deeply cleansing formulas.


Now I aren’t going to lie, these deep, dark black skincare products look a little scary – putting black ‘stuff’ on my face?! But once you get past that, it is easy to see what makes this duo fabulous! The Detoxifying Cleansing Oil is a lightweight oil which deeply cleanses the skin, dissolving surface impurities and makeup and reducing the appearance of large pores, without giving you the horrid tight and dry feeling on the skin.


The Cleansing Oil also works at eliminating toxins and exfoliating the skin’s surface to kick-start cell renewal for a much clearer and balanced complexion. Summer and Winter are the seasons when our skin suffers the most, and this is when we also often prefer to look our best! This Erno Laszlo duo really clears the skin out, and I am a strong believer that if you work hard at keeping your base (skin) looking its best, then makeup will always perform so much better.


So that was Cleanse No 1, and Cleanse No 2 comes from the Sea Mud Deep Cleansing Bar, which boasts the unique therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea Mud, a mineral-rich miracle of nature which is renowned for deeply detoxifying, exfoliating and hydrating the skin. If you suffer from blemished or stressed skin, this circulation-boosting bar will help to ensure your skin is much softer, smoother and radiant. The duo are super easy to use, you simply gently massage the oil in small circular motions around dry skin, massaging well to open up the pores where dirt can get trapped. You then dampen the cleansing bar under warm water and then gently massage the wet bar over the face, using the rounded corners to stimulate circulation, rinsing with warm water and blotting, rather than rubbing the skin dry.


You can find the whole Erno Laszlo collection online here, and it is available to buy at Look Fantastic.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

Vichy Dermablend Collection

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on October 18, 2016

 One of my blogger friends Hannah Heartss was recently telling me about the Vichy Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation, and how highly she rates it, and so when Vichy recently got in touch with me and asked if I fancied trying a few of the Dermablend products, I was pretty excited to give them a whirl.

vichy-dermablend-main vichy-dermablend

Dermablend Corrective Stick £15
When I first ever heard of Vichy and how popular their products were, I expected high price tags, but I think they are super reasonable, even verging on cheap for the quality they provide. The Dermablend Corrective Stick provides very high coverage, and so is perfect for those days where you haven’t had a great nights sleep or Mother Nature is on her way and you have a few spots appearing where you really don’t want them to. This long lasting (14 hour wear) formula is great for hiding spots, acne marks, scars, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and even tattoos, believe it or not!


The Corrective Stick is in lipstick-style packaging, where you simply can twist up the stick when needs be, and then pop the lid on when you aren’t using it. It also has a slanted tip making application super easy and precise. Texture wise it is super creamy and soft, and even though it has a full coverage, it doesn’t feel heavy or thick on the skin, and it is also water and rub-resistant, along with an SPF of 30. Therefore, if you don’t like to wear much make-up on holiday, this is ideal for covering up any flaws without having to plaster on the makeup.

I have been trying out the Dermablend Corrective Stick in the lightest shade, Opal, and it is available in five different shades, but as I have fair skin, and along with the fact that I prefer to wear a lighter shade concealer, Opal is definitely the perfect shade for me. As with many Vichy products, the Corrective Stick is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and can be used for men and women – boys get imperfections too, believe it or not! Haha! I personally suffer from red patches on my cheeks, and the Corrective Stick is certainly one of the highest coverage products out there, and it blends into my natural skin tone perfectly, without leaving product build-up on the skin.


Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation £21.50
Okay, so this is the product my friend Hannah was talking about, and I must admit I can 100% see why she was such a fan of this. The Dermablend 3D Foundation is a corrective foundation that smoothes the skin’s surface to minimise the appearance of 3D imperfections, therefore you wouldn’t necessarily need to use this and the Corrective Stick, but I personally prefer to use both, as the Corrective Stick works great under my eyes. Just like the Corrective Stick, the 3D Correction Foundation comes in five different shades, all of which match the shades of the Corrective Stick, which I think is a fab idea, as it makes it easy to know which shades match which foundation, and so I have the shade Opal in the Foundation too.


I have never been one to layer foundation on my skin, unless I am having a really bad skin day, but I know a lot of people do – apparently some people combine up to 8 different formulas every day – Crazy! – but with the 3D Correction Foundation, you will find you only need one layer, as it is a high coverage, easily blendable foundation, and so this is going to save you time and money, as well as letting your skin breathe a little easier than if it were hidden under 8 layers of foundation.


During the colder months, I often find that my skin changes, however much I take care of it, and so I need a higher coverage foundation as my ‘Summer’ foundations don’t seem to sit on my skin as well. But since using the Dermablend 3D I have found that this works perfectly well at covering my reddened blemish-prone cheeks and lasts really well throughout the day without sliding down my face or simply disappearing like some of my ‘Summer’ foundations do during these colder months.

Dermablend Setting Powder £17
So we have concealed our blemishes, given our skin a lovely natural look and feel, so what’s next? To set foundations and concealers in place, Vichy have released a Dermablend Setting Powder. This specifically formulated powder has been created to prolong the wearability of the Dermablend foundations even further and is it both smudge and water resistant for up to 16 hours. It has a microfine texture that is translucent upon application, therefore it doesn’t alter the shade of your foundation and neither does it alter the texture, but simply provides a matt and natural looking finish to the skin.


The Dermablend Setting Powder is also suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and as it is translucent it can be used by both men and women who want their foundation or concealer held in place for upto 16 hours, without melting or movement on the skin. Because the powder has been super finely milled, you cannot feel it or see it on the skin, it blends into your foundation to give a fabulous matte finish that helps the skin to look healthy.


You can find the Vichy Dermablend collection online here.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

American Halloween Candy at Candy Hero

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on October 18, 2016


 Let’s face it, the Americans know how to do Halloween, so much so that they always bring out spooky-themed candy and chocolate bars! So I recently went online to one of my favourite American candy websites, Candy Hero, and made a little order, although some of it is currently now out of stock, I thought it was a fun little post to do, and there are other Halloween candy still available.


 Peeps Pumpkins £1.20
Peeps are quite big in America, and they do have a normal everyday range, but they also go crazy at Easter, Halloween and Christmas. They make little cardboard boxes filled with sweet marshmallow characters, and normally they make Peeps Chicks, but for Halloween they have released these little orange sugar coated marshmallow pumpkins! You get 8 in a pack, and are great for children or adults who want a little treat. 


Twix Ghosts £2.20
It is such a shame we don’t get this kind of thing over in the UK, because this pair of Twix Ghosts are just regular Twix made into two little ghost shapes. The formula is the same as here in the UK, biscuit topped with caramel and covered in chocolate. Some of you may know that American chocolate isn’t as sweet as English chocolate as they don’t use as much milk, so this is the only difference with the US Twix.


Hersheys Candy Corn White Chocolate Bar £1.20
Candy Corn is a sugar addict’s dream, as it is a slightly chewy orange, yellow and white little piece of candy, which tastes as sugary as sugar can be! Hershey have taken their regular white chocolate bar, and added speckles of chopped Candy Corn pieces for a hint of Autumnal coloured candy.  


Snickers Pumpkins £2.20
Snickers as we know it, but made into slightly scary looking pumpkins! Just like the Twix Ghosts, there is no difference with the ingredients and taste, they have just turned them into Pumpkins! I actually quite prefer them made like this, as I can’t always eat a full-size chocolate bar, but you can have a little Ghost or a Pumpkin and save the other for later.

candy-hero-american-halloween-candy-snickers-pumpkins candy-hero-american-halloween-candy-pumpkin-snickers

Jolly Rancher Caramel Apple Lollipops £3.95
Jolly Rancher is one of my favourites, and we used to have the original hard candy version here in the UK when I was a kid and so I was gutted when they stopped selling them here. For Halloween, they have released this bag of Caramel Apple flavoured lollipops, and you get 18 in a bag, so it doesn’t work out overly expensive and they taste divine!


Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkin £1.20
Reese’s Peanut Butter products are readily available here in the UK, but I thought well seen as it was in the shape of a pumpkin, I would go ahead and get it to add to my spooky collection. If you haven’t heard of Reese’s, they are chocolate cups that are filled with smooth peanut butter and topped with a layer of chocolate and are very popular both here in the UK and across the pond.


Romney’s Winter Candy Bar 95p
Romney’s Brown Kendal Mint Cake has had a winter makeover with an interesting aniseed flavouring. I have never tried a Kendal Mint Cake before, and it is a little unusual and probably something I wouldn’t repurchase, but my Dad loves aniseed and so he will adore this.

candy-hero-american-halloween-candy-romneys-winter-candy candy-hero-american-halloween-candy-romneys-winter-candy-aniseed

You can check out Candy Hero here.

Kathryn xxx