Victoria’s Secret Mini Haul

Last weekend my friend Amie and I headed over to Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield – the rain was pouring down and what better way to spend a rainy day than eight hours shopping indoors?! As I only work three days a week, I don’t earn a fortune, and with saving up for my upcoming Florida holiday and football, it doesn’t leave me a whole lot of money left – so I was intent on not spending much in Meadowhall. Until Amie took me into Victoria’s Secret…

victorias secret haul

As I go to Orlando most years (my November trip will be my 15th), I tend not to buy brands here in the UK as they are often a fraction of the price in Orlando, especially Victoria’s Secret as it is so overpriced in the UK. BUT…I saw mint green, lovely, lovely mint green everywhere! I adore mint green, along with rose gold and coral it is one of my favourite ever colours! So I ended up spending over £100 in about ten minutes – Oops!!!!

PINK Mint Green Zip Neck Hoodie £44.50
I am such a girly dress kinda girl, but when I am at home, relaxing or blogging, I love to be comfy AF – I have too many pairs of joggers and hoodies for a girl who doesn’t often wear them in public, but I guess that’s the shopaholic in me! I love the feeling of comfort hoodies give. This mint green one I thought was super cute, as it has a half zip on the front, and LOVE PINK all around the edge of the hood, which ties up into a pretty white bow.

victorias secret hoody

It is gorgeously soft and not too heavy, making it the perfect hoody to take with me on my holiday, as it will fold up neatly and I can pop it out when it gets chilly on the plane. Also, with it being quite lightweight, it will be great for summer evenings too.

PINK Mint Green iPhone 6 Case £17.50
I obviously didn’t really need another phone case either! Although I was actually wanting the classic Victoria’s Secret candy stripe one, but they didn’t have any in store, but then I laid my eyes on this beauty in the PINK section. It is clear, with mint green edging, and then PINK printed on the back in holographic silver print, edged in mint green.

victorias secret phone case

It isn’t made from the stiff plastic that a lot of phone case are made from, but a slightly bendy rubberised plastic. I love that you can see the rose gold of my iPhone through it too. Pretty!!!!

victorias secret iphone case

PINK Sunkissed Body Mist £3.50
Okay, so this isn’t mint green – believe me I tried to like one of the mint green coloured scents, but I love anything coconut/summery fragranced, and this one was perfect for me. It is only one of the smaller sizes, and it was priced at £7, which I thought slightly excessive for 75ml of Body Mist, but then I was in Victoria’s Secret.

victorias secret body mist

However, when I got to the tills it scanned at £3.50, so I can’t complain! I do also love the colour coral, so it does look pretty on my nightstand. It is also the perfect size to pop in my handbag, as I find the larger bottles and perfume bottles a little heavy to be carting around. The scent reminds me of summer evenings (if I lived somewhere beautiful like Cornwall) and is getting me ready for the joys of Spring!

Victoria’s Secret Make-Up Bag Trio £40
Now, if I didn’t need another hoody or phone case, I DEFINITELY didn’t need another make-up bag, never mind three of them! When I laid eyes on this trio, I knew I had to have them though as they would make my make-up look extra pretty when travelling!

The largest bag is a clear PU material, with black edging and the Victoria’s Secret logo on the top, and it is big enough for me to fit a decent amount of cosmetics inside, but with it being clear, I can locate items straight away! Although, I imagine it is going to get a little dirty, but with it being wipe-clean, it should be fine.

victorias secret make up bags

The medium sized bag is a little flat pouch in mint green with black edging, and I think it is the perfect size for popping in a handbag or even using as a little pouch on holiday, as you can easily fit in a phone and some money etc. Gotta love a multi-use product!

victorias secret make up bag

Lastly, the smallest sized bag is a yellow and mint green ombre’d traditional style make-up bag. I love the fresh, bright colours against the black piping and gold hardware and it’s definitely big enough to keep make-up and other girly essentials neat and tidy in your handbag.

victorias secret bag

I know that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have a UK specific website, but you can find your nearest store here.

Kathryn xxx

My Benefit POREfessional Family

My love for Benefit Cosmetics is no secret, and as a blogger I am often quite active on Twitter, and have gotten to know one of their fab ladies called Nina, who hosts a Benefit Radio Show Beauty and the Beats between 2-4pm on Thursdays. I normally work Thursdays, but recently I had a day off and was therefore able to tune in and listen to Nina – whilst listening I discovered they were running a competition in which you had to call in and answer a Benefit-related question correctly and I was super excited to get through to Nina and answer the questions correctly! I was then able to choose my favourite Benefit product as my prize. As I am oh-so-in-love with the POREfessional Primer, and knowing they have just released two new POREfessional products, I mentioned this to Nina. Recently I received my prize from Nina and I was over the moon to discover that she had sent both of the new releases as well as the new They’re Real Lash Primer! Very, very lucky and grateful girl right here! As I have now built up a little POREfessional family, I thought I would share exactly why I love them so much.

benefit porefessional family

The POREfessional Face Primer
Since first using this primer, way back when it was released, I was immediately hooked and have continued to use it nearly every single day since. As a blogger, I do get the opportunity to try lots of other brands of primers, but I always, always go back to this one. I do suffer from quite large pores, and this product manages to minimise the appearance of said pores, and gives me super smooth skin, ensuring my make-up stays put.

benefit porefessional primer 3

The texture is a silky, lightweight balm, which feels like velvet between your fingers and it is totally translucent, making it wearable alone or under foundation. I have always been taught that if you have the correct base to your makeup, it will always make any brand of make-up look ten times better than without. The primer is oil free, and suitable and complementing to all skin types – in fact it even has a shot of vitamin E within the formula to protect the skin from free radicals.

benefit porefessional primer 6

As I use it the majority of days I wear make-up, I do buy tubes and tubes of it, although you don’t need a lot of the product for a full face, so it does last quite a while, but I recently discovered that as well as the POREfessional 22ml at £24.50, you can get a whopping 44ml Value Size for just £31.50! So, obviously I bought it!

The POREfessional License to Blot
When using the POREfessional Primer, I find that my make-up stays on all day long, but I do tend to naturally suffer from a oily T-Zone around mid-afternoon, therefore I like to keep the POREfessional License to Blot in my handbag for touching up that nasty oil. This is an instant oil-blotting stick with tiny invisible blotting spheres that mattify shine for up to six hours after application – I usually find I don’t need to re-apply at all. It comes in a cute little stick, with the applicator being specially designed in a pointy triangle shape, making it perfect for targeting the sides of my nose, forehead and chin.

benefit license to blot

Again, you only need a small amount of product each time, making it last me a few months at least, as it isn’t something I need to use every single day, but something I like to keep in my handbag for emergencies…or boys at football! Haha! As well as ridding my skin of surface oil, this also helps to minimise those pesky pores.

benefit porefessional license to blot 2

One of the cheapest products in the POREfessional collection, License to Blot costs just £15.50.

The POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks
Before I introduce you to the newbies in the POREfessional gang, there is another product, which was released before the License to Blot, which is the Agent Zero Shine – this is a powder-based product to also help eliminate shine, but unfortunately I haven’t had chance to try this one out yet. Anywho, on to the POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks…

As well as cosmetics, Benefit have a stunning skincare collection, and so I was super excited when I first found out about these face masks. You receive eight of them in a sweet mini briefcase, and they are a dual-sided face mask which cleans out and smooths out the look of pores around the nose, forehead and chin. Each one contains a specially textured fabric woven from cotton fibres to help exfoliate and remove pore impurities.

benefit porefessional instant wipeout masks

I used one at the weekend during one of my pamper sessions, and they looked and felt like they had made such a difference to my pores – my skin had that ‘clean’ feeling, which is hard to describe, but I am pretty sure you all know what I mean, my skin felt much tighter, without feeling unpleasant and my skin looked smoother, which is one of the most important things, as like I mentioned earlier, if your base is clear, your face will cheer.

benefit porefessional instant wipeout masks 1

The POREfessional Instant Wipeout Masks cost £24.50 for the set of eight, using one once every 2 weeks, they’re going to last a whopping four months!

The POREfessional Matte Rescue
Like the Wipeout Masks, the Matte Rescue is probably more of a pre-makeup product than an actual make-up product – It’s all about prepping the skin as I keep banging on about – although, do trust me on this one. It is a lightweight, water-based gel which you apply a thin layer of all over the face (once you’ve cleansed) to instantly minimise the appearance of pores and to leave the skin with a matte finish.

benefit porefessional matte rescue 1

The gel is mint green in colour (this probably excites me the most, as I am pretty obsessed with anything and everything mint green, which you will find out about in my next post), and instantly cools and refreshes the skin upon application. It is also perfect for those of us who love taking selfies (possibly 98% of the population – even my Nanna recently posted a selfie on to Facebook!) as it is blended with diamond powder which is known for its soft-focus blurring effects.

benefit porefessional matte rescue

Matte Rescue costs £21.50 for 50ml and my skin has honestly never felt and looked so amazing! Those pesky pores just got well and truly shot down by Benefit!

They’re Real Tinted Primer
I know this isn’t technically part of the POREfessional family, but it is a primer so it kinda works okay within this post. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last year or two, Benefit’s They’re Real mascara has been a massive game changer in the world of full, luscious lashes, and they recently released coloured versions, which I am yet to try, but their most recent release is the They’re Real Tinted Primer.

benefit theyre real tinted primer

What is it? It is a brown-tinted primer, which can be worn on the lashes as it is, or before applying mascara. As the colour is so natural looking, it is fabulous worn on its own – the They’re Real collection is renowned for defining, boosting length, adding lift and separating the lashes, which still applies within this primer.

benefit theyre real tinted primer 1

Obviously, if you are wanting a more dramatic look, it is soft enough to be layered underneath the They’re Real mascara to really make those eyes pop. The brush is also super flexible and soft, with some little spike on the end, which can be used to your advantage – simply point the spiky end and brush upwards through the lashes for even more separation and length.

benefit theyre real tinted primer 2

The They’re Real Tinted Primer costs £18.50 and you can find it along with all of my POREfessional family online at Benefit here.

Kathryn xxx

The Libbie Club

The Libbie Club is designed for bloggers to try out new products each month, and I was recently lucky enough to receive their February box. Here’s what was inside…

the libbie club february 2016

Elemental Herbology Cell Food Radiance and Vitality Serum
Elemental Herbology is a fairly new-to-me skincare brand and after loving their face masks, I was super excited to try their luxurious Cell Food Radiance and Vitality Serum. This serum feels rather natural and light upon application and is perfect for practically all skin types, including mine – sensitive. At this time of year, our skin can look and feel dull and lacklustre, and the Cell Food Serum is perfect for adding a boost of radiance and vitality.

elemental herbology cell food 3

I have only been using this serum for a round two weeks, but it has fast become my bathroom shelf staple – it evens out the texture of my skin, soothes my redness, which is something I have suffered from for a long time, and gives my skin a much-needed glow. I also tend to suffer from quite large pores, and I found the Cell Food excellent at tightening pores, as well as giving my skin some much-needed hydration.

elemental herbology cell food 2

At the moment, my skin is quite dry and sensitive, and as fabulous as this product would be for moisturisation, I do feel I would need to use a moisturiser alongside it, but come Spring and Summer, I am sure this would do the job just fine.

The serum itself appears to be quite a thick, white gel-like consistency, but once applied via the pipette it feels very light on the skin, which I especially loved, as I hate feeling like I have too much product on my skin. I adore the packaging of the bottle – it is a bell-shaped silver bottle, with a pipette applicator – just one to two drops massaged into the skin is more than enough, therefore this 30ml bottle should last a fair while.

elemental herbology cell food

Price-wise, the Cell Food costs £45, which I would rate as a fair mid-ranged priced skincare product, and as you only need the smallest amount to achieve gorgeous results, I would say it’s a bit of a bargain.

Salon Science Celluluxe Shampoo and Conditioner
Along with my skin, my hair also suffers during the colder months, and therefore the Salon Science Celluluxe Shampoo and Conditioner are both perfect products to ensure my hair is much healthier. The Swiss Apple collection works on building up fine hair (which is something I suffer from – I was once told I had fine hair but lots of it!) whilst restoring the hair shaft. I have recently noticed that my hair has been breaking off more often than usual, leaving shorter hairs sticking up all over the place.

salon science celluluxe

The Celluluxe Shampoo and Conditioner are both amazing for these kinds of problems – the shampoo gives my hair a thorough cleaning and the conditioner makes it feel baby soft. I have washed my hair using these products around 4-5 times now, and already my hair feels a lot more resilient and I haven’t noticed as many breakages fall away whilst brushing it. As I haven’t changed anything else in my haircare routine, I know this must be down to the Celluluxe products. The Swiss Apple scent is gorgeous – I love anything apple scented anyway – but it doesn’t smell fake at all, just very fresh after washing.

salon science celluluxe 1

Both the Shampoo and Conditioner are also known for adding volume to the hair, and with my fine hair, I found this really helped to thicken my strands. I do have rather long hair, which is colour-treated, but I feel confident after just a few washes, that this can continue to protect and repair my hair, building up volume and preventing further breakages and loss.

Scentered Stress Less Therapy Balm
I struggle on a daily basis with anxiety, lack of sleep and feeling stressed far too easily, and so anything that can help reduce these feelings I am always willing to try. Scentered make scented therapy balms in a variety of different outcomes, all of which contain moringa and shea butter to nourish the skin as well as providing a long lasting heavenly scent. All of the balms are 100% natural and include ingredients such as beeswax and sunflower seed oil. The balms come in little tubes that are perfect for keeping with you at all times.

scentered stress less therapy balm 1

The Stress Less Therapy Balm contains chamomile, neroli and mandarin to help you relax, unwind and reset and smells beautiful. As I mentioned, the balm comes in a convenient stick form, which is handy for keeping in a handbag, by your bedside or at your desk, and the scent is immediately relaxing and soothing. You simply apply the balms to your pulse points – on your wrists, just behind the ears and just behind the neck. After about five to ten minutes the balms aren’t noticeable at all on the skin by way of texture, but the scent lingers for a good couple of hours, which I really loved about it. I tend to use the Balm just after my bath, just before bedtime, and the scent definitely helps me relax a little, and I have found that I do tend to drift off to sleep easier. I am definitely interested in taking a look at the other Therapy Balms in this collection, and I feel they would make a very thoughtful gift to a friend or family member who is suffering from this kind of problem.

scentered stress less therapy balm

The Libbie Club are offering some amazing discounts and freebies this month along with these products. If purchasing the Elemental Herbology Cell Food at £45, you receive a free Vital Cleanse and Vital Glow – worth a combined £20. You will receive a free Hair Masl worth £21 when ordering the Salon Science Shampoo and Conditioner for £30 and lastly, you can receive 20% off the Scentered Stress Less Therapy Balm, making it just £11.60 instead of £14.50.

You can find out more about The Libbie Club and their amazing deals here.

Kathryn xxx

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