NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette

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on February 26, 2017

Last year, everyone, rightly so, went crazy for the NYX lip products, and a lot of their other amazing cosmetics products got overshadowed, so I thought I would try out one of their blush palettes to see if their other items compare to the lip products.

The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette is a sleek and simple looking palette, which comes complete with eight, good-sized pans of blushes of all kinds of shades, textures and finishes, and with so much variety, this is one palette you need in your life, whether you are a beginner, or a pro when it comes to makeup.

So, what’s inside the palette? There are five matte and three shimmery shades, all beautiful and very different in their own entirety. Often you see blush palettes which have quite similar shades, but the beauty of this one, is that each and every one is so different.

The shades included are, starting from the left, top row first;

* A shimmery, iridescent light peach
* A shimmering, warm iridescent gold
* A shimmery warm nude, with tiny pink and gold flecks of glitter
* A matte warm orange

Bottom row, left to right;

* A matte apricot
* A matte light burgundy red
* A matte dusky pink
* A matte bright, Barbie-style pink

So, as you can see by the colours, this is definitely going to help you create so many different looks, depending on your mood, the time of year, the occasion and more. Each shade is highly pigmented, but you can start off light and then build up the blusher, if a shade appears too ‘out there’ for you, and you can create some pretty natural, or striking looks.

For my swatches, I did use my fingers to apply the blushes, and the first thing I noticed was just how velvety and silky soft they felt and when I applied the blush onto my cheeks using a brush, the product felt so lightweight on my skin. I found the matte blushers had amazing longevity, and as did the shimmers, but I guess because the matte ones are bolder in depth, they seemed to stay in place a lot more.

Having such a varied blush palette is so great for trying out new shades which you might not normally consider, and of course you can mix and match to your heart’s content to create your very own unique blush shade! The NYX Sweet Cheeks Blush Palette costs £17, which works out at just over £2 a blush! You can find it online at ASOS.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Face Mask

Posted in skincare
on February 25, 2017

A few years ago I once tried out the GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment Face Mask, and absolutely loved it, and since then GlamGlow’s collection has just grown and grown, due to them providing products that absolutely work! I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Supermud again, and as I wasn’t blogging back in the day, I thought I would share this little skincare wonder with you all.

Even though I have tried the Supermud before, it was like trying a whole new product, because our skin changes all the time, dependant on so many different factors, and so I was excited to see how it would affect my skin as it is now, possibly four years later. All Glamglow products come beautifully packaged, and at £39 for the Supermud, you may expect so they should, although even though this is a higher end skincare product, although not that higher end priced compared to some brands, it is definitely worth its weight in gold, or thick, gloopy mud.

The mask contains a whole host of amazing ingredients and continuous time-release technology, and its Acnecidic 6 is a blend of six acids – Glycolic, to help restore photo damaged skin and improve the skins texture, Salicylic, to help de-clog and minimise pores and new skin rejuvenation, Lactic, to help pigmentation, moisture, stimulation and skin collagen, Mandelic, to help fine lines, wrinkles, ageing skin and skins elasticity, Pyruvic, to help the effect of scaring and promote clearer skin, and Azelaic, to help fight follicle bacteria and breakouts. Phew, that’s a long list and a lot of ‘promises’, never mind the list of flowers and herbs along with their individual benefits – so this has definitely got to be a super Supermud!

The packaging is clean and sleek, and as you remove the lid, you are welcomed with ‘Hello Sexy’ – who doesn’t like that? Under that flap you receive an information card, and then underneath that is the Queen of all face masks, welcome to Supermud. The slightly clinical looking, yet glamorous pot contains 34g of face mask delight, which may not seem a lot, but you do not need to use a lot of the product per use.

I cleansed my face as normal, and then applied a thin layer of the dark grey mask to the whole of my face, avoiding the eye area, and then hopped into the bath whilst it worked its magic for around twenty minutes. Instantly you notice a coolness on the face, followed by a slight tingling sensation, which isn’t unpleasant, but is noticeable. It is quite a quick drying mud, and you will notice that it is quite textured, which I believe to be some of those wonderful ingredients.

Scent-wise, the Supermud smells very fresh and invigorating, and you can definitely get a hint of the peppermint and eucalyptus which it has been formulated with. After twenty minutes is up, the mask feels very tight, and turns quite powdery on the skin, but don’t be alarmed, as this is all normal. For Supermud anyhow.

I noticed that there were little black dots all around my nose, which at first you’re like, ooh gross, but this means that the mask is actually working, and doing its job of removing out all the junk from your pores from which I seem to always have a lot of, much to my dismay. It can be slightly stubborn to remove the mask, but if you use warm water and a face cloth, it does come off quite easily, rather than cold water.

With face masks, we don’t often expect to see instant results, but with GlamGlow’s Supermud, you absolutely DO see and feel a difference instantaneously. You will notice that your skin looks brighter and if you suffer from redness like I do, Supermud manages to calm all that down, as well as leaving your skin feeling so, so clean, refreshed and smooth. I don’t often suffer with acne, but I do have slight scarring on small areas of my face, and Supermud even managed to reduce that too. IN JUST ONE USE!

You can use Supermud once a week, or less depending on your skin, but it is without doubt worth every single penny of that £39, and I get much better results using this than I do having a facial at a beauty salon. You can find the Supermud Clearing Treatment online at GlamGlow.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own


ARTDECO Hypnotic Blossom Collection

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on February 25, 2017

One of my favourite cosmetics brands, ARTDECO, have released their stunning new Hypnotic Blossom Collection, and once again, they have not disappointed!

The Hypnotic Blossom collection was inspired by the start of Spring with delicate, sweet-scented hydrangea and dahlias, and features colours of the season such as bold coral, bright pink and seductive red, combined with natural shades of apricot, beige, sky blue and rose for a romantic Spring look.

The collection includes a Colour & Care Mascara, the Mineral Eye Styler in Mineral Ivory and Dark Grey, an Angled Eyeshadow Brush, a Blush in Apricot Azalea, two new additions to their Perfect Colour Lipstick – Coral Reef and Nostalgia Rose, two new shades of their Perfect Mat Lipstick – Poppy Red and Hot Pink, six single eyeshadows – Matt Roselle, Matt Vintage Hydrangea, Matt Eucalyptus Leaf, a coral, a cream, and a beige, which will fit in their beautiful new Beauty Box, four new nail polish shades – Rose Bloom, Baby, Begonia Bloom, and Mousse Grey, and even a notebook and make up bag!

Although, the most noticeable release is that of their Mat Lip Powders (£14.70 each), which come in a range of six beautiful colours – Hypnotic Red, Mango Mania, Spring Day, Lovely Blossom, Vibrant Pink and Hibiscus Bloom. Here, I have both the Hypnotic Red and Hibiscus Bloom Mat Lip Powders.

Even though I get to try out a LOT of cosmetics as a beauty blogger, I definitely don’t think I have come across a Lip Powder before! The ARTDECO Mat Lip Powder is a smooth lip powder stick which gives a matte finish, and has been formulated with coloured powder pigments to provide a long lasting and waterproof colour. To use, you simply unscrew the lid, which releases an innovative, soft sponge applicator which picks up the colour from the cap which is where the powder pigments are hidden, and apply to the lips.

The applicator is slightly tapered to give a precise and natural finish when applying the lip powder, and as it has a creamy formula, it does not dry out the lips, which is possibly something you would think with a powder product. As mentioned, I have Hypnotic Red, which is a soft postbox red, which reminds me a little of Spring poppies, and Hibiscus Bloom, a slightly cherry merlot shade, both of which are very wearable on the lips. I also love how because they are a powder formula, there isn’t too much product on the applicator at any time, so they are so easy to work with, and there was no product fall out despite them being powder products.

Top to Bottom: Mineral Eye Styler in Dark Grey, Mat Lip Powder in Hibiscus Bloom, Mat Lip Powder in Hypnotic Red

Another product I received from the Hypnotic Blossom collection was the ARTDECO Mineral Eye Styler in Dark Grey (£9), which I was so glad about, as I have tried ARTDECO’s eyeliners before and they are super soft, so a grey colour is much less harsh than a black eyeliner for Spring.

The Mineral Eye Stylers are very long-lasting and they don’t budge once applied, but do give you time to blend out, if you are wanting a smoky eye. The tip of the eyeliner is slanted so it enable you to be precise when applying the liner, as well as being able to get super close to the lash line, and the formula is so creamy and soft that it slides onto the eyelid, so that you don’t have to tug or pull on the delicate eye area.

Dark Grey is a beautiful soft charcoal shade which can be worn as a precise line or to help create a beautiful soft and smoky eye look, which will be much prettier for Spring, and I think this colour will look so pretty with soft pinks and corals. You don’t need to sharpen the pencil either, as a it is a crayon which you can twist up using the top of the pencil.

The ARTDECO Hypnotic Blossom Collection launches this month, and if you are in the UK, you can find it online at Debenhams.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

ALDI Ambiano Electric Coffee Capsule Machine

Posted in drinks
on February 24, 2017

After needing to take out small loans to visit coffee chains nowadays, I decided it was about time I got a Coffee Machine for myself to use at home, and when I was recently very kindly sent the Ambiano Electric Coffee Capsule Machine from ALDI, I was over the moon!

The Ambiano Coffee Capsule Machine costs just £49.99, which is five cups of coffee and a side of cake if I was to go to one of the chain coffee shops, so it is unbelievable value, and comes four different colours – red, grey, cream and black. The Coffee Machine is glossy and sleek and is pretty slim and small in size so you should have no problem slotting it onto your kitchen side.

I am not technical in the least and therefore I was so glad the coffee machine is easy to use – it has a section on the back for you to fill with water, which removes easily and three different buttons on the top of the machine – a power button, along with a small cup coffee button and a larger cup coffee button, so you can let the machine know what size drink you are wanting!

The Coffee Machine takes the Nespresso capsules, which you can buy in the majority of supermarkets, which come in a wide range of flavours, and you simply pull up the top of the coffee machine and insert a capsule – it is even capsule shaped so you are sure you are putting the capsule in the right way! You then close the lid and press either the small or large cup button and hey presto, you have a latte, cappuccino or whichever drink takes your fancy!

I love how easy it is to keep the Coffee Machine clean, as it is simple to remove the nozzle where the coffee comes out, as well as being able to instantly remove the little grill at the bottom in case of spillages. As you can see in my photos, the grill tray is a suitable size for even large, oddly shaped elephant mugs, and I am super happy with it, as it is so easy to use and of course, with ALDI, excellent value!

The ALDI Ambiano Electric Capsule Coffee Machine will be available online at ALDI from 2nd March and instores from 9th March.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own