New In: Urban Decay – Summer 2016

I adore it when make-up brands bring out new seasonal collections, and with the new releases from Urban Decay, I couldn’t wait to try them out. At the weekend, my Dad and I took a trip to Debenhams as the one nearest to where I live has an Urban Decay counter, so I spoke with the beauty consultant there and she tried out a few of the newbies on me, and I thought I’d share with you what I purchased.


Naked Skin One & Done Hybrid Complexion Perfector £25
This beauty is the best of both worlds when it comes to the perfect face base – it is a hybrid complexion cream combined with the benefits of a sheer foundation and the coverage of a tinted moisturiser. It is extremely lightweight on the skin and lasts the whole day through, along with the added bonus of it having SPF 20 – fabulous for summer!


It comes in a range of colours, and as I am quite pale, I found that the shade Light was the best match for my skin tone. As it is a lightweight formulation, it doesn’t provide full coverage, and I do have to pop a bit of concealer underneath where I suffer from redness on my cheek areas, but overall I am certainly impressed with this product and will definitely be grabbing it once the weather warms up.

Beached Bronzer £20
Firstly, let me just throw some love-heart eye emojis at the packaging – a rose gold compact complete with palm trees on the front – I just loves it! The bronzer is available in two shades – Sun-kissed for lighter skin, like mine and then Bronzed for darker skin colours. This bronzer is finely milled and super soft upon application and I liked that it gave me a glow without looking orange or like I had too much bronzer on!


It is a matte bronzer, and so it doesn’t have any shimmer within it, but that also makes it perfect for contouring, as you can always pop a bit of highlighter across your cheekbones should you want to go a little fancier.


Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Highlighter £19
Talking of highlighters, there are now three brand new highlighter shades in the 8 Hour Powder collection, and I really, really wanted the pretty pastel Aura shade, but they were out of stock and so I opted for the summery Fireball edition. It looks a little like a bronzer shade, but it has iridescent pink sparkle running through it, and so you can kind of bronze and glow at the same time.


It was impossible to pick up the pink shimmer on camera, but it is definitely there – as soon as you pop it onto the skin, this lightweight powder highlighter beams a beautiful pink. Even though it is a powder highlighter, it never leaves a powdery finish, and you can go as glowy as you wish as the product is fabulously buildable.


Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blush £19
The Afterglow 8 Hour Powder Blushes are also brand new this season, and there are 12 fabulous shades, to suit all colours and preferences. I opted for the colour Obsessed, which is a very girly, petal pink. I originally wanted to try the shade Quickie, which was brighter than Obsessed, but these powders are unbelievably pigmented, and go onto the skin much darker than they appear in the compacts.


Obviously, you can wear a little, or build up the blush to create a bolder look, but I settled on Obsessed as it made my skin look amazing and really suited my colouring. The beauty consultant had applied this on me mid-morning, and by evening the blush was still on, still looking perfect, so it is definitely a long-wear product, which again will be great for summer, when the heat can sometimes make your makeup disperse.


24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil £15.50
The infamous 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil has a couple of new shades to add to its already amazing collection, and I fell in love with the shade Heartless – which is a beautiful shimmery pastel pink. It is kind of like a highlighter but in pencil form, and works really along your eyebrow arch, in the inner corners of your eyes, on your waterline, and of course as a regular eyeliner.


Much like the Blush, the Heartless shade also has a slight brighter pink-toned iridescence running through it, which catches the light perfectly, and just like all of the other Eye Pencil shades, it is well pigmented and you can go as bold as you wish to create a princess-pretty eye look.


Heavy Metal Glitter Liner £14
Now, the Heavy Metal Glitter Liners aren’t new for this season, but I mentioned to the beauty consultant how much I love anything that sparkles and so she offered to try out one of these incredible liners on me. I opted for the shade Distortion, which is full to the brim of green, pink and yellow flecks of glitter, which look different depending on the lighting you are under.


You can apply it as a regular eyeliner of course, but the beauty consultant also mentioned it can be worn under your bottom lash line for extra sparkle, or to really turn it up a notch, she mentioned covering your entire lid in the liner, letting it dry naturally or with a hairdryer, and then adding another layer – not something I would perhaps try when I go to football, but I think that would be really fun for when you’re on holiday! I love this product so much that I have ordered another shade – Junkshow, which is full of magenta pinks, greens, blues and more, so I shall be sure to let you know what I think of that one too.

You can find Urban Decay online here, or instore and online at Debenhams here.

Kathryn xxx

Brand Focus: Spectrum Collections

On last year’s Christmas list, I asked for a set of the fabulous make-up brushes from Spectrum Collections, and luckily Santa delivered and I was given the Siren Sculpt brush set – they have an amazing oil-slick look to the brushes, and are now sold out, which happens a lot with Spectrum Collections Brush Sets as they are just so darn amazing! However, when Spectrum Collections recently asked if I would like to review some of their gorgeous brushes here on The Kats Paws, I obviously jumped at the chance – gracefully of course!

I was lucky enough to receive the set of Mermaid Dreams brushes (£59.99), which couldn’t have been more perfect as I have been lusting after these since I first laid eyes on them last year – but by the time Santa got around to ordering them, they were sold out, however they are now back in stock! Hurrah! This collection contains ten wonderful brushes in an exclusive colour way – mint green (OMG), lilac and a pink/purple tip, with a touch of rose gold – YES – Rose Gold! Seriously, all of my favourite colours all put together in an amazing make-up brush set!


Now, we know these make-up brushes look like the stuff dreams are made of, but are they actually any good? Well, I have been using my Spectrum Collections Siren brushes since Christmas now, and despite the multitude of brushes I already have, I am always reaching for the Siren ones. I love the way they pick up just the right amount of product, are not too heavy in your hand and feel like fluffy white clouds when they are brushed against the skin.

Whether you are starting out with make-up, a pro make-up artist, or anywhere in-between, this set is the perfect selection of must-have brushes. The set consists of the following…

B01 – Flat Top Buffer
 – Uses: Blend and buff cream and liquid foundations, or stippling powder onto shiny areas of the face.

A01 – Large Domed Powder
 – Uses: Applying translucent powder or bronzer.
A05 – Precision Blush
 (My all-time fave!) – Uses: Applying blusher, or adding highlighter to cheekbones.
B03 – Buffing Concealer – Uses: A baby buffing blush to apply cream concealers.

A06 – Large Fluffy Shader
 – Uses: For application of powder or cream eyeshadows, perfect for blending.
B06 – Tall Tapered Blender
 – Uses: Blend out colour or build up shade in the contours of the eye.
Perfect for creating a multitude of eye makeup looks.

B04 – Small Angled Blender – Uses: The soft angle is perfect for adding shade to the outer corners of the eyes.

A17 – Angled Brow
 – Uses: Apply gel or powder eyebrow products, for filling, shaping and defining. Can also be used with gel or cream products to line and define the upper and lower lash lines.
A15 – Lip Liner
 – Uses: The firm, flat bristles are fab for defining and filling the lips.
A19 – Fineliner – Uses: Apply pin point concealer, fill brow gaps with precision, complete a fine eye look or a sharp lipstick line.

With regards to cleaning the brushes, I obviously have cleaned my Siren brushes before, and all I used was a little Brush Cleansing Liquid and gently massaged it into the brushes, rinsed them and left them to dry. Once my brushes were completely dry, they were in the same condition they were when I received them for Christmas, which I was so relieved by, as sometimes with brushes you can pay a lot of money for them, and then realise they do not clean well – I have even had a MAC makeup brush ruined after cleaning it before.

So, if you are after a little Mermaid magic, head over to Spectrum Collections online here.
Kathryn xxx – Daisy Dixon Olivia Watch

I believe accessories can really transform an outfit, as well as taking it from day to night, or Winter to Summer, and one of my favourite accessories are watches. I have a multitude of styles, sizes, colours and brands and when recently asked if I would be interested in choosing a watch from their many, many brands I finally decided on the Daisy Dixon Olivia Watch.

watchshop daisy box

So, why did I choose this particular watch? I have seen a lot of the Daisy Dixon designs on Twitter and Instagram, and loved the fact that they looked fun, and on trend but still classic and wearable. The Olivia watch (£55) is rose gold, which by now you may know is my favourite metal shade, and so that was a definite plus for me. The face of the watch is white, making it easy to match with outfits and other jewellery, and there is a ring of square crystals around the edge of the face, adding a little sparkle along the way.

watchshop daisy watch

The watch has quite a larger face for a ladies’ watch, which I thought may feel quite heavy when wearing it, but it is actually surprisingly really light and the mesh strap makes it super comfortable. To fasten the watch, there is a little clasp, which is sturdy enough to keep the watch safe on your wrist when wearing it, but easy enough to fasten yourself, which I loved.

watchshop daisy dixon rose gold watch xwatchshop daisy dixon rose gold

When I received the watch, it was fabulously packaged in a Daisy Dixon box, and was sat on a little white cushion, along with a guarantee and instruction booklet and a card informing you on how to register your watch for a 2 Year Warranty. So whether you are gifting this watch to someone very lucky, or treating yourself, you can have that extra piece of mind.

watchshop daisy dixon watch

Head over to to find an amazing array of wonderful watch brands and of course my gorgeous Daisy Dixon Olivia Watch, here.

Kathryn xxx

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