MeMeBox Special #26

As you may have guessed by now I absolutely adore MeMeBoxes and the most recent one I received is the MeMeBox Special #26 Hand & Nail Care. My nails have been rather dreadful lately due to have gel polish on them and also with the change in temperature and weather, therefore I have been desperate to provide them with a bit of extra loving care and what’s better to start with than a MeMeBox full of fabulous new-to-me products?!


Included in this box are six brands and I haven’t tried any of them before and of course they have the added Korean cute factor to them. Here is a little bit about each product;

Pure Skin Hand Care Pack ($4)


Inside this pack are a pair of gloves which you pop on your hands for 20-30 minutes to really nourish and treat the hands. The grape extracts, witch hazel, grapefruit extracts, collagen, baobab tree extracts and olive leaf extracts included in the formula deeply moisturise the skin as well as removing any excess skin impurities.

Sur 3D Nail Art Kit ($29)


This little kit contains a 3D&Magnet nail polish in a stunning seasonal shade of Emerald along with a silver nail art pen. It comes with instructions and there are endless design options for you to create. I cannot wait to give this a go when December is on its way!

Rockachic Hydrogel Moisturising Nail Patch ($8)


These are little nail patches which you place over each fingernail for 20 minutes. They are enriched with collagen, milk, pearl powder, gold and paraffin to deliver intense moisture and nutrition deep into the nails.

With Shyan Dr Care Set ($13)


This cute set comprises of a nail treatment and a paper nail file which both work together to help repair broken, split nails. You can use the treatment every two days and it can also be used as a base coat.

Barbinie Shea Butter Hand Cream ($8)


This is such a pretty tube of hand cream! I am loving pastel colours at the moment and baby pink and lilac are amongst my favourites. You get a randomly selected fragrance from a selection of White Lily, Rose Water and Violet Musk.

Shara Shara Soft Hand Gommage ($6)


I must be honest and say that I wasn’t sure what on earth a gommage was. According to the instructions, it is a gentle moisturising peeling gel for dry, callused hands and so will be perfect for the upcoming Autumnal and Winter months.

With Shyan Baby Hand Set ($9)


Another fabulous treatment and nail wall file from With Shan, this treatment is fabulous for your cuticles. You receive either Vanilla or Lemon oil, and simply massage into the cuticles. I have very jagged cuticles and they grow pretty quickly and so to ensure a smart even nail polish application I shall definitely be giving this a go to banish those pesky cuticles.

Overall I really loved this box as it kind of covers all bases, but I think the worth price is not as high as any of my previous MeMeBoxes but still enjoyable all the same.

MeMeBoxes sell out super fast and so to make sure you get yours head over to

I really want to try the Pinkaholic Box, the Holika Holika Box and the Banila Co Box. I have just ordered the three Princess boxes so keep an eye out for that review!


Kathryn xxx

Freya Designs


Freya Design make beautiful wooden boxes for men, women, girls and boys in a variety of fabulous sizes, shapes and patterns. The founder of Freya Design is Marie Ekerholm, from Sweden and Marie combines Nordic simplicity and vibrant colours that blend in with the natural materials used.


Freya Design use high quality solid wood, which is a renewable resource and so super eco-friendly! This quality of wood is due to last for a very long time and the wood is sourced from countries where there are strict regulations regarding sustainability. The quality of the wood really shines through when you receive your box, and it has a hand-made feel without cheapening the product. The box is painted with non-toxic paints which is then safe to have around children and the inside of the box has been left unpainted which gives a lovely natural look and smell.


I decided to try out the Princess and the Pea Keepsake Box (£39). As soon as you feel the weight of the box you know you have a quality, long-lasting product. The pattern on the box has been really well designed and is so pretty, whatever your age. With Christmas under 100 days away, these would make such gorgeous gifts, and the range now includes Keepsake Boxes for both boys and girls, Jewellery Boxes, Money Boxes, Sewing Boxes, Trinket Boxes, Storage Boxes, First Holy Communion Boxes, Baby Boxes, Wedding Boxes, Tailor-Made Boxes, Door Signs, Gents Gifts and Remembrance Gifts. You can personalise a wide number of the product range to make your gift extra special and the tailor made option really allows your imagination to run wild and provide someone with a gift that will last a lifetime.



You can check out Freya Designs at


Kathryn xx

Guest Post Featuring Clare from SparkleBlossomBeauty

Hi All! I’m Clare from SparkleBlossomBeauty taking over today to give the lovely Kathryn a break as she is moving which I hate! but It means getting a lovely shiny new home which I love!!

I’m so pleased to be guest posting on here as its such a wonderful blog massive thanks to Kathryn for having me.

So today’s post is going to be a treat yourself pamper post.  With the soccer season having returned I have been abandoned and so decided to spend my extra alone time really relaxing and what says relaxation and pamper more than these beautiful treats!


I started off my evening with exercise I’m doing the 30 day shred at the minute its crazy tough! So after that I really deserved my relaxation. I started off with a bath with Sanctuary spa Sleep range Calming Luxury Bath Float. This is one of my favourite ranges in existence, from the first whiff its pure relaxation bottled and Its lovely and creamy so feels great on your skin.

I also treated myself to a hair mask Kerastase Elixir Ultime. I have had this for a few months and love it I’m just at the end of this one which makes me sad as its such a treat! If you have anywhere special to go it really gives your hair a boost plus it smells amazing. 

Next for my pampering evening is a face masque I’ve used Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque. This is a great masque for when your skin has been a bit stressed or like mine a little dehydrated of late after a bit too much time in the sun over the last few months!

While I have my face masque on I usually use the waiting time to paint my nails. Today I have chosen Essie Nail Polish in shade Fiji. I am a massive fan of Essie nail polishes and I don’t have nearly enough of them. Fiji is a really light pink almost white polish really that is perfect on short nails in summer.

My feet have been battered around lately and I’ve been on them a lot so they also deserve TLC. Ive used Burts Bees Coconut foot cream. I love this definitely my go to foot cream Its like an oily gel and It hydrates instantly and just takes away that tired weary feeling that you have from being on your feet too much.

Finally I have finished off my pamper evening with Holos Anti Ageing Facial Oil. I recently received this oil as a Pr sample and have been using it every night. It is the perfect way to finish off my evening. I find it really helps me to relax and fall asleep easier, It has a really lovely rose scent and as its an oil for my special treat evening I gave myself a little facial massage with it!

My whole evening was a beautiful treat for myself the only thing that was missing was chocolate but that would render my exercise pointless! What is your favourite thing to do to relax or as a treat?

You can find me on

Twitter @clareken86

Instagram sparkleblossombeauty

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo

First things first (I’m the realest haha), I’m sorry for being the worlds worst blogger, but Kat’s been keeping you up to date with the latest products she’s tried! I’ve now finished my diploma through work and can get back to doing what I love in my spare time – BLOGGING!

I’m afraid I’m starting off on a negative note though. I want to throw it out there that I love love love Herbal Essences. Whenever I try other shampoos I always end up going straight back to it because nothing comes close. I’ve used it for years, my friend Sadie once said if there was a smell that reminded her of university, it would be my Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends shampoo and conditioner. She also said it would be garlic, but that’s a whole other story involving her mistaking my instructions of using two cloves, and using two BULBS. The house stank for a week.

So when I was in Boots the other day and spotted the Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo in Ignite My Colour on an introductory offer of £1.99, I balanced the 17 other products in my hands (I purposely didn’t pick up a basket to deter me from spending a fortune) and slipped it under my arm.



I love Ignite My Colour and think it really does work on coloured hair. I currently have ombrè hair, darker at the roots and gradually fading to blonde tips, and it keeps the colours crisp and attempts (as much as my straightening addiction will allow) to keep it in good condition.

It smells just like the shampoos and conditioners which I love. I hate dry shampoos that smell chemically and I’m not a huge fan of the original Batiste, even though their newer scents are amazing.

However, the dry shampoo REALLY let me down. It didn’t make my hair feel clean or fresh in the slightest. In fact, I think it made it feel even worse. My hair felt sticky and chemically like I’d put an entire bottle of hairspray on my roots.

I’m going to give it another go, I’ve not given up all hope at the moment, purely because I love Herbal Essences as a brand and can’t quite come to terms with the let down of the product.

I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing when it goes to full price though – I’ve still yet to find a dry shampoo brand that tops Batiste!

Sorry Herbal Essences! Love, Emily x

Clarins Make Up In Five Minutes

Last week I found out that I have a new job working for the NHS in Stamford, near to where I moved to in Bourne and therefore I want a quick and easy makeup routine that will be perfect for early mornings. I had read a few posts on Clarins 5, 10 and 15 minute makeovers and wanted to give it a try.


I started with the Be Long Mascara in Shade 01 Intense Black. The tube is a gorgeous matte gold and the brush itself is a small wand with tiny plastic spikes (surely not the correct terminology but you get the idea), which I found really good at picking out my shorter lashes as well as my longer ones. This mascara didn’t smudge or budge all day.


Next I used the BB Skin Perfecting Cream in shade 00 Fair as I am quite pale and any sign of a suntan I once had has disappeared. The BB Cream comes in a tube with a twist-off cap which is really easy to control how much product you would like. It did a great job of covering the redness I suffer from in my cheeks and on my chin and it felt lovely and creamy upon application.


I then added a swipe of the Multi-Blush in shade 01 Peach. This is a creamy blusher that can be applied with fingers or a brush and is great for a natural colour or for building up colour on the cheeks. You even get a little mirror inside the compact which is great for touching-up your blush on the go.


Lastly for my natural day look I popped on a slick of the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in shade 01 Rose Shimmer. I love this product especially and it comes in a squeezy tube but has a sponge applicator which makes it really easy to apply and gives a lovely smooth and glossy finish.


I think this look is natural and pretty for an everyday look and it took no time at all to apply. I did add a slight bit of eyebrow pencil to my look simply because my eyebrows are a nightmare at the moment.

Have you tried the Clarins 5, 10 or 15 minute makeover? Check out


Kathryn xx


MeMeBox Global #13

A little late, but here is what is in the MeMeBox Global #13 – as you all know or should know by now, MeMeBox is my favourite beauty subscription box. You don’t have to buy every single box, you simply pick the box or boxes (often my option!) that you like the look of and order them. To say that the boxes arrive from Korea, the delivery is really quick and can often be in just a few days, which is great as then I don’t have to wait too long for it to arrive.



So in the MeMeBox Global #13 is…


23years old CX Detoxifying Air Therapy – $50


Possibly the scariest looking product I have ever received in a beauty box. Made from carbonated water, this Carboxy pack creates sparkling bubbles on your face, minutely massaging the skin while you’re wearing the mask pack. It comes in a syringe and helps to brighten and firm up the skin. As weird as this looks and maybe sounds, I cannot wait to give this a go.

Donga Tempo Eco Natural Super x3 – Full-size product is 16 at $11


Another kind of bizarre product to have in a beauty box, although very useful, are these tampons. Donga was the first ever Korean brand to produce tampons back in the 1970s and these tampons are made from 100% purely organic cotton making them comfortable and gentle.

CNP Cosmetics Derma-Scalp Shampoo Miniature – Full-size is $27


This is a great shampoo for giving your scalp and hair a really thorough deep cleanse. It helps to unclog the pores, remove excess impurities and cools and refreshes the skin. It is suitable for sensitive and troublesome scalps. This will be fab to use after summer is over to really treat the scalp after all that sunshine.

CNP Cosmetics Tone-Up Protection Sun Miniature – Full-size is $34


An SPF 42 sun block for protecting your skin under the scorching sun. It contains powdery components for maintaining your skin silky soft while the deep sea water included works to prevent skin dehydration. This will be great to try out whilst we have that last bit of summer sunshine.

Yufit Eon Wheat-Germ Cream – $48


Over 75% of this cream consists of organic wheat bud extracts which work to hydrate, firm, brighten and fight signs of ageing all at once. The gentle and light texture is perfect for all skin types and also helps to tighten pores which is definitely something I am having trouble with at the moment. 

Soy Bio Plus Fermented Lumpoule x2 – Full-size is 14 lampoules at $174)


I really hope I don’t love this product too much as at $174 it is rather pricey! This product is a facial ampoule made from real Korean fermented soy bean lump. It works to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles as well as brightening your complexion. Love being able to try out luxury products in these boxes.

Nuganic Customized Sun Base Color Control Cream – $54

cccc cream

Most CC creams I have seen recently have a hint of colour to them, but this CC cream comes out white, which I thought would make my skin look as pale as a ghost’s. After smoothing out the cream on my hand (it is meant for your face but I was too eager to try it out) it hid my imperfections really well and gave my skin a glow without being shimmery.

So again I am still totally and utterly in love with MeMeBox, and love trying products I would normally NEVER EVER be able to buy and cannot wait for my next box to arrive.

Order your favourite box now at but be quick as they sell out quicker than the latest Topshop must-have!


Kathryn xx



boomf Magical Mallows

Finding a gift for someone that they don’t already have is such a nightmare these days! boomf have come up with the genius idea of marshmallows with your photos printed on them! Everyone loves a treat to eat and I think personalised items go down so well as gifts.


You simply go on their website and upload 9 pictures or less if you would like multiples. I chose The Kats Paws logo, a picture of myself (I’m so vain), a picture of me and James and a gorgeous picture of my cutie Goddaughter Willow. I then awaited my delivery.


When the marshmallows arrived they were in a square white box and inside was a copy of the photographs I had chosen, which I am going to frame as it makes a fab picture! The marshmallows are wrapped in cellophane to keep their freshness and each one is a square plain white mallow with one of your chosen pictures on. I couldn’t wait to try one out and the taste certainly didn’t disappoint. 


I thought the photograph quality wouldn’t be that great with them being printed onto squishy squashy marshmallows but I was really impressed as the photographs I had used were taken from my iPhone and so they weren’t perfect to start with.

close up

You can choose your own mallows at for just £15 including delivery – who would you put on your boomf marshmallows?


Kathryn xx