Amara Living: UGG Women’s Scufette II Snake Slippers

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on March 26, 2017

Amara Living is an online store that has a vast array of some of the world’s most beautiful luxury homeware and lifestyle brands. I spend hours looking through so many gorgeous products to put onto my wish list, and today I am going to introduce to you the UGG Women’s Scufette II Snake Slippers, which you can purchase online at Amara Living.

I have had numerous pairs of UGG boots, and not because they have worn out, but just because they are some of the warmest and most comfortable footwear around. They actually last for so long, and when I saw my Auntie’s had a pair each, and how heavenly they said the slippers were to wear, I knew I needed some.

My feet get so cold, both in Winter and in Summer, and so slippers are a must-have for me, and nothing keeps them warmer than these exquisite UGG slippers. Like, seriously, have you ever seen a prettier pair of slippers?! Not only do they look lovely, with their quartz pink colouring, but placing your feet into all of that sheepskin lining, makes you feel like you’re stepping into a whole bunch of clouds.

Sheepskin is renowned for keeping the skin warm, and I certainly do not have cold feet now! The slippers are moulded into a mule-type shoe, and the main part of the slipper is expertly crafted with a soft pink snakeskin effect leather upper, with the UGG logo sewn onto the front of them.

Because they are so sturdy and well-made, they are never going to fail you, and even the sole is made from a tough moulded rubber, so even if you wear your slippers out into the garden, the sole isn’t going to instantly wear. There is just so much fluffiness that your feet feel so well cared for, and because of that sturdy sole, they’re really good for your feet.

Size-wise, I am a normal size 6, but the way UGGs run, a 39 (6) is a 6.5 on the label, but I find that these fit me perfectly. They are a little snug as soon as you put them on to your feet, but that is the case with all UGG footwear, and its not uncomfortable in the least. Once the sheepskin has adhered to your feet, it becomes moulded to fit your feet perfectly so that the snugness becomes a little looser, but no less warm or cosy.

Whether you are wanting to treat yourself, or someone else, I would definitely recommend this gorgeous luxurious gift of cosy, snug UGG slippers. The UGG Women’s Scufette II Snake Slippers cost £85 from Amara Living, where you can also find other colours and styles, along with slippers for the man in your life too.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

New: Topshop Beauty: The Nudes Collection

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on March 26, 2017

For Spring/Summer 2017, Topshop Beauty are championing a natural beauty look with the launch of The Nudes Collection. It includes blendable matte and shimmer smoke sticks to create a subtle, yet defined smoky eye, and new lip colours are added with six neutral shades – deep browns, classic nudes and pale pinks.

I have quite the collection of Topshop lipsticks as their formula is one of my favourites, and at just £8 each, they’re at least half the price of higher-end lipsticks, so you can collect even more! I have three of the new shades here out of the six available, which includes Bevy, a rich, warm milk chocolate shade, Coven, an everyday natural nude, and Crowd, a slightly lighter, milk chocolate.

These soft, balmy lipsticks smooth and enhance the natural lip colour, and with six shades to choose from, you can find one (or more) to compliment your skin tone. Atypical with Topshop Lipsticks, the formula is super easy to apply and glides onto the lips effortlessly, adding a good solid colour, with a subtle dewy finish. I find that the formula lasts plenty once applied, and doesn’t dry out the lips, instead making them look healthier.

Because these Lipsticks are so lightweight and are complementary of each other, you can even have a little fun and get layering to create your own unique lip colour, or create a two-tone effect. My favourite at the moment is definitely Crowd, it is perfect for giving me the perfect ‘your lips but better’ finish.

Top to Bottom: Crowd, Coven, Bevy

The Topshop Beauty Smoke Sticks (£6.50 each) come in a variety of finishes, and here I have one of the regular, shimmery Smoke Sticks, and two of the Matte Smoke Sticks. Enhance the eyes with this highly pigmented soft shadow crayon, which has been designed to smudge, smoke and define the eyes. You can use them as bolder, thicker crayons, or sharpen into a precise point and glide across the lash line as a liner, or use as a regular eyeshadow crayon.

The Smoke Sticks are available in six nude shades, which you can layer and smudge away to your heart’s content. One of my favourite of the six is Glory, a warm pale gold shade, as it makes a great highlighter, eyeshadow and brightens the eyes by using in the inside corners of your eyes, near your tear ducts for a flash of highlight.

The Matte Smoke Sticks, (obviously) have a more matte finish to them, and as well as eyeliners and eyeshadow crayons, I think these would also work well with the brows as the formula is so soft and creamy, that it makes application super easy. Here I have Underdog, a very light brown, and Sphere, a more brunette shade of brown. The opportunities are endless!

Top to Bottom: Glory, Underdog and Sphere

The Topshop Beauty Nudes Collection is available in store and online at Topshop.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

New: The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Collection

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on March 25, 2017

The Body Shop have a stunning new collection – their Almond Milk & Honey range, with products for the face, body and hands, there is a product to suit everyone. Each product from the line is enriched with organic almond milk from Spain and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia and it smells delicious!

The Almond Milk & Honey Soothing & Caring Cleansing Bar (£4) helps even sensitive skin achieve a beautifully clean feel to it, and it works in harmony with your skin’s natural pH and moisture level to ease uncomfortable tight, itchy dryness. I personally suffer from sensitive skin, and this feels so soothing on my skin as soon as I use it, and as my skin is often quite dry, this also helps to add moisture into my skin to give it the burst of goodness it needs.

Because I use a lot of hand sanitising gel, my hands get super dry all year round, and so the Almond Milk & Honey Calming & Protecting Hand Cream (£4) has been nestled by my bedside table ever since I first tried it out. Again, it is suitable for even sensitive skin, and protects and soothes dry hands with its calming and caring ingredients. It comes in a sweet little tube and the formula sinks into the skin instantaneously, without a sticky or greasy residue.

My dry, sensitive skin doesn’t just occur on my face, I also get it all over my body, particularly on my legs and arms, yet the Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream (from £2), is gentle and soap-free, making it perfect for my itchy skin. It is specially formulated to respect the skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH and doesn’t strip the skin of moisture. It is super creamy and soothing on the skin, and leaves it smelling beautiful. I also love getting the 60ml bottles of Shower Gels from The Body Shop as they are great for travelling with.

If your skin is extra dry, then be sure to try out the Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter (from £6). The Body Shop’s Body Butters are a beauty staple for so many people, and that’s because they give results time after time. They are definitely more of a butter than a cream, and even though they have quite a thicker, more solid denseness to them, they sink into the skin straightaway, so no waiting around before dressing, and provide the skin with instant, intense moisture, which lasts up to 48 hours.

I think this is definitely one of my favourite collections from The Body Shop, as the dry, sensitive skin formula is perfect for me, and I adore the clean, white packaging. The Almond Milk & Honey collection is available in store and online at The Body Shop.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

New: Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Haircare Collection

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on March 25, 2017

Charles Worthington have recently released a brand new haircare trio for girls and gals who have to/like to wash their hair on a daily basis, say hello to the Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle collection…

The Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Micellar Shampoo has been formulated to give lighter-feeling, weightless hair every single day, and contains a gentle micellar cleansing system to remove impurities and also helps to protect coloured hair. As it is such a mild and gentle cleanser, this range can be used on a daily basis, and doesn’t strip the hair, yet leaves it feeling soft, lightweight and much healthier on a day to day basis.

The Everyday Gentle Micellar Shampoo also contains the FragranceLock technology which has been developed to infuse scent into every single strand of hair to keep the hair fragranced throughout the day, giving you that freshly washed and clean scent. The formula is transparent and contains no sulphates, silicone or parabens, just alllllll the goodness for your hair.

I personally always use both Shampoo and Conditioner for every hair wash, as it is important to condition the hair as well as cleanse it. The Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Weightless Conditioner helps you to achieve weightless roots and silky soft ends, whilst also protecting colour, and reducing hair breakage by a whopping 82%! Some conditioners I find to be quite heavy on my hair, but this one is super lightweight, and there was no residue left over once my hair was rinsed and blowdried.

As with the Shampoo, the Conditioner is also enriched with FragranceLock technology to keep that delicious, fresh scent within the hair day and night. It is not necessary, but if I have an extra five or ten minutes in the bath or shower, I do like to leave me conditioner on to soak into my hair a little more, relishing that goodness, and I have tried doing so with this conditioner, and again there was no residue afterwards and it rinsed out perfectly.

If your hair needs a little extra treat, then you can achieve this by including the Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Protective Detangling Mist into your routine along with the Shampoo and Conditioner. This light and gentle 230 degrees thermal protecting priming treatment helps to reduce strand breakage by up to 82% and can be used to prime wet hair or dry hair for tangle-free tresses.

I have very fine hair and so including a treatment product into my haircare regime is a must to help protect against heat and breakages, and I found that this worked really well even for my fine hair, and again there was no residue left over to make my hair sticky or greasy. It is so simple to use and doesn’t need rinsing out – simply spritz lightly onto damp or dry hair and brush through! Easy!

The Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Haircare products costs £5.99 each and are available instore and online at Boots.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own