Decorating the Christmas Tree with Baileys

Woo-hoo it’s December, which means CHRISTMAS time, which also means decorating the Christmas tree! I always put my tree up on the first of December, but with it being a Monday I begged James to let me put it up on Sunday evening.


I got all the lovely new decorations out, popped on some Christmassy tunes and got to work. Now decorating a tree is not easy work, we have an artificial tree and so first of all it needs to be put together, then there are the lights to add on, the tinsel and then all of the decorations (of which we have a LOT of!), and so after about an hour I decided it was time for a break.


This time of year I love having a glass of Baileys, to me it is a festive beverage, although I have drunk it at other times of year, and the smell and taste really gets me in that Christmas mood. I grabbed my bottle of Baileys Chocolat Luxe, and poured myself a drink. And Oh my gosh it smelt heavenly. I am sure you will have all heard of the regular Baileys, an Irish cream liquor, but the chocolate version really is something else.


It fuses real Belgian chocolate with Irish whiskey and cream, combining luxury ingredients including Madagascan vanilla and over 30g of real Belgian chocolate per bottle – when my time of the month rolls around, I am now dumping the bar of chocolate and getting this little beauty out!


I think the Baileys Chocolat Luxe is a fab drink to have on the table if you are having friends and family round this Christmas time, as well as it being a great gift idea for the alcohol-lover friend or family member. The taste is so luxurious and creamy, and definitely tastes special and is a perfect treat to warm those insides whilst it is super cold outside. Baileys have also brought out a special Gold edition bottle in time for Christmas, which is available at all major stores for £16.99.


So, eventually, after heartbreakingly parting from the Baileys Chocolat Luxe, I managed to finish the tree. For those who might have missed it, we recently got a little kitten called Millie, and although the tree is still standing, she is working her way through pawing off each decoration and we have only had one broken decoration so far – TOUCHING WOOD A LOT HERE! Pass me the Baileys, it is going to be a long December.


You can read more about Baileys at


Kathryn xx

Lord & Berry Trio

Also in my ASOS goodie bag were three products by Lord & Berry. I haven’t previously used Lord & Berry but have seen them on one of my favourite bloggers’ Vlogs on YouTube, Gabriella Lindley ( and have wanted to try the range ever since.

I was sent the Shining Lipstick in the colour Cherry, INKglam Eyeliner and the Smudgeproof Waterproof Eyeliner in In the Black and here are my thoughts on them…

Lord & Berry Shining Lipstick in Cherry £10

First up, the packaging for Lord & Berry products is so simple but classic and I love it! The lipstick itself is in the form of a lip crayon, which everyone seems to be going mad for at the moment! The formula is so amazing – it is super creamy and leaves a fab shine to the lips.


The depth of the colour is also great and leaves a fab consistency, with the Cherry colour being a bright red, but I can see a slight pink to it also. I found that it lasted such a long time, even after eating and drinking and therefore is a great Christmas party staple, which will have your lips looking luscious and puckerable. Where’s that mistletoe at?

Lord & Berry INKglam Shiny Extra Longwear Waterproof Eyeliner £10


Well that is such a long title for such a small product! This is the shade Black and actually does last a super duper long time, and I also found this to be smudgeproof – it rained when I wore it, and I didn’t look like a panda yay! It is a liquid formula and comes with a slanted tipped applicator, which makes it super easy to achieve that cat-eye flick that every girl and her kitten is rocking at the moment. Love this!

Smudgeproof Waterproof Eyeliner £8.50

One of the things I most love about being a Blogger, is that you do get to try out new products that you might not necessarily come across, or be able to afford and boy am I glad I got to try out Lord & Berry. Actual new favourite Kohl-type liner right here right now! It is in a simple pencil form, but the kohl is super smooooooth and goes on super easily. I have worn kohl liners since I was about 18, always in the inner eyeline as they really define my eyes – I have quite small eyes and all the definition gained is much needed.


With this pencil, and the Shining Lipstick pencil, you will need a pencil sharpener as they are not twist up products, but this is fine with me, as I often have problems with twist-up products disconnecting with their base, leaving a mess. I would love to try this eyeliner in other shades as it really is so easy to apply.

Check out the full Lord & Berry collection at ASOS at

Have you tried any of the Lord & Berry range before? I would love to hear your recommendations!


Kathryn xx

Jacobs Festive Snacks

I love a snack, I would much rather sit and eat party food, picnic food and nibbles than a full on three course meal. I love variety and you definitely get that with savoury snacking. Jacobs recently sent me a few products from their festive snack range and I have had to hide them in the house prior to writing this post so that James or myself didn’t get up and start nibbling on them in the night. That does happen – one of the first few times I had stayed over at James’s house we both ended up bumping into each other in the kitchen having a midnight snack – the rest as they say is history.


So, here we have drums of Twiglets, Treeselets (Cheeselets) and Cheesonal Mini Cheddars, YUM. The Twiglets have a fab picture of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer on the front and inside have a huge pile of those savoury snacks you either love or hate – personally I love!


The Treeselets are what are normally called Cheeselets, lovely little savoury cheese biscuits, which I usually find a little more distinct in flavour than Mini Cheddars, equally lovely though. In fact, I don’t think there is a snack I don’t like to be honest. These Treeselets are, as the name implies, Cheeselets in the shape of Christmas trees! Soooo cute and soooo tasty.


Cheesonal Mini Cheddars are the regular cheese flavoured Mini Cheddars, in the shape of Christmas trees and Snowmen awwww! Is it silly of me to say that all of these snacks taste better just because they are in cute shapes and tins? Well in the case I am super silly! Each of these snacks are perfect for keeping on the side for when you fancy a nibble, or for when you have guests round – who can say no to a Snowman shaped Mini Cheddar! Definitely not me!


I have found these on offer at Tesco on a Buy one Get one Free deal, but I am sure they are available in all of the other supermarkets too.

To see more Jacobs snacks, head on across to

All together now, Oh I wish it could be Christmas every day….. Because then we could eat more Christmas Jacobs snacks along the wayyyyyy. Woo!


Kathryn xx

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