Dr Organic: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Bath & Massage Body Oil

Not so long ago I tried out another or Dr Organic’s products the Manuka Honey Face Scrub http://thekatspaws.com/2014/07/03/dr-organic-manuka-honey-face-scrub/ and couldn’t wait to try another item from the collection. I decided to go for a bath and a massage oil because I love baths and massages basically!

The Bath & Massage Body Oil is a hydrating anti-ageing, regenerating oil that restores and balances the skin and senses. The super rich hydrating Organic Argan Oil has an exotic powerhouse of bio-active components including skin regenerating essential fatty acids. This stunning oil contains a sensual and spicy blend of natural and organic essential oils and extracts.

 photo (6)

To use, you simply pour some of the oil into your palms and rub them both together to generate heat before applying the oil to the skin and then massaging in. I personally added a small amount to my bath water as I found this left my skin gorgeously soft and smooth after my bath. Plus the essential oils really helped me to relax whilst in the bath. It can also be used as a massage medium oil for massaging a partner or friend and really nourishes the skin and leaves it glowing with natural vitality.

The Dr Organic: Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Bath & Massage Body Oil costs £9.99 and is available from www.hollandandbarrett.com


Kathryn xx

Trilogy Blemish Control Gel

Hi Pretties!

Due to some medication I have recently been on, my skin has been plagued with blemishes and so I wanted to try a more natural product than the regular teenage spot treatments. Trilogy Blemish Control Gel is perfect for those of us who are a little older but still suffer from blemishes and breakouts.


Trilogy Blemish Gel contains natural ingredients as well as containing the active acne-clearing ingredient salicylic acid. This is a key ingredient in clearing out those blocked pores and decongesting pimples. Other beneficial ingredients include;

* Rosehip to repair skin and reduce scarring

* Lemongrass and mandarin which are natural antibacterials

* Ginger to reduce inflammation and redness

The combination of these ingredients ensures that your skin is left healthy even when zapping your blemishes. The gel comes in a white tube which is easy to use and the gel itself is quite a thick gel and a little certainly goes a long way. I found that the gel dried quite quickly and I was able to apply my regular foundation over the top.


I found that the Trilogy Blemish Control Gel worked really well for me, and noticed that it does dry my blemishes up quicker than if I simply left them alone. I did experience a slight tightness on my skin when the gel was applied but it didn’t dry my skin out at all.

Trilogy Blemish Control Gel is available at www.trilogyproducts.com for £12.50


Kathryn xx

Kneals Luxury Chocolates

Whilst browsing for some chocolates online I recently came across Kneals. For those of you who have not yet come across Kneals, here is a little bit about them…


“Kneals is a Birmingham chocolate and confectionery business set up in September 2011, in partnership with my wife Gaëlle. We have always been passionate about food and wine and we often dreamt about creating our own food-related business. The previous year as I was working for a local bookbinder, my hours and my pay were cut by 25%. I felt disheartened at first but this ‘misfortune’ also allowed me to have time on my hands; that is when I decided to try something new. A few experiments (messy but fun!) confirmed my passion for chocolate and Kneals was born. The same year, over Christmas I tested my creations on family and friends with great results so it was with confidence that I enrolled in a 2 day course at the Chocolate Academy in Banbury. This was an eye-opener for me and I soon realised that the chocolates I had created up to that point, although good, were not to the standard I really wanted to achieve. After another two courses and a lot of experimenting, I created my luxury collection of 12 unique chocolates with its distinctive box incorporating our logo. In additon, we sell our products at independent retailers, cater for wedding and corporate favours or requests for special events and of course, we are aiming at developing our internet services. In November 2013, I was made redundant from my bookbinding job, but sad though it was, I realised it was the push from fate that I needed to take Kneals to another level. I am now able to offer chocolate parties, truffle-making workshops and as an artisan, I have so much fun coming up with innovative ideas and designs!”

Neil Hughes


I must admit that I love hearing the background of smaller companies and how they developed their product. Neil and Gaëlle have clearly worked hard to achieve such a level of perfection. Their gorgeous range includes chocolate bars, luxury box selections, truffles and chocolate gifts including mini handbags (super cute!). For those of you who live in Birmingham you can even book a Kneals chocolate party in your very own home! Mmmm I think every girl loves chocolate!


I tried out the 12 Luxury Handmade Chocolates (£9.50) and received a luxurious looking box with a lovely bow tied at the side of the box. I could see the majority of the chocolates included through the clear window of the box – stunning golds, reds and chocolate brown colours appeared. Gold chocolate you ask? Well, yes! Some of my chocolates were sprinkled with gold dust which made them feel extra special and this really would be an amazing gift for someone special. This particular set includes the following flavours;

* Rum & Raisin

* Vanilla

* Chilli

* Lemon

* Double Choc

* Orange Crunch

* Amaretto

* Ginger

* Lavender

* Mocha

* Rose

* Soft Caramel

At just under 80pence per chocolate the quality and taste is outstanding, it is really hard to pick a favourite chocolate but at a push I would have to go for the Soft Caramel as it was dreamily smooth and so tasty.


I definitely recommend trying Kneals Chocolates out, if not as a gift for someone then certainly a gift for yourself!

Kneals website is www.knealschocolates.com and they are also on Twitter @knealschocolate


Kathryn xx

Soap & Glory FabuLipSticks

Every girl I know, as well as a few boys are in love with the Soap & Glory range, including myself and when they released a cosmetics range I couldn’t wait to try it out. In this post I would like to tell you all about their Super-Colour FabuLipSticks.

 main sg

main close

I have the FabuLipSticks in Matte Blush Pink and in Naked Beige. The Powdercoat Matte Blush Pink FabuLipStick is a matte (obviously) lipstick (obviously) in a gorgeous dusky pink colour. Even though it has a matte finish, the lipstick is really creamy and easily slides on to the lips. The Naked Beige FabuLipStick is a neutral everyday colour and leaves a gorgeous shine to the lips.


pink pout


Soap & Glory FabuLipStick in Matte Blush Pink

Each of the FabuLipsticks are collagen boosting with plumping pre-peptides and hyaluronic acid which helps to create the perfect soft, smooth, dewy, plump pout. It certainly doesn’t give you a trout pout that’s for sure. They feel almost like lip butters they are that soft but they have great pigmentation in them and they last for ages before you have to reapply again.

I think the packaging and attention to detail has really been thought through well, it has the infamous Soap & Glory logo on the front as well as embossed onto the actual lipstick which I really liked. The colour-coded sticker on the bottom of each lipstick also shows you which colour you have which is good when you are rifling through your make up bag.


nude lips

Soap & Glory FabuLipStick in Naked Beige (Sorry about the brace!)

I love wearing these lipsticks as they leave my lips feeling really soft afterwards which is different to some brands I have tried which have really dried out my lips. As with all Soap & Glory products I have ever tried, these beautiful lipsticks have not let me down and I cannot wait to add to my collection.

Both lipsticks cost £9 each from www.boots.com where you can currently buy one Soap & Glory make up item and receive another for just half price.

Have you tried any of the other Soap & Glory cosmetics?


Kathryn xx


Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream

This moisturising cream, which I have recently been trying out, has a gently creamy texture that provides ultimate skin comfort and immediate soothing benefits. With its original balance restored, the skin regains a softer, smoother, more supple feel and a radiant appearance and is perfect for those with sensitive skin, just like me.


I found that this cream didn’t dry my skin out and provided a really good moisture boost that was much needed. After my morning application I noticed that the cream provided me with enough hydration to ensure I wouldn’t need to reapply until the evening. Even though the formula is rich it still feels quite light to touch and sinks into the skin really easily and smoothly and there was no grease or oil left after application.


Another thing I was really pleased with was that my skin didn’t seem to break out whilst trying out this cream, which is something that happens every month just before my period. I read some reviews on the cream that said the scent was too strong, but I really didn’t find this at all and thought it quite nice, light and refreshing.

I would definitely recommend the Eau Thermale Avene Hydrance Optimale Hydrating Cream for those of you with dry, sensitive skin and I can’t wait to show you my other products from the Eau Thermale Avene range.

The Avene website is www.avene.co.uk and you can pick up this gorgeous cream amongst many other fab skincare.


Kathryn xx

Peppersmith Fresh Mints

I have never really been a minty kind of girl, always preferring chewing gum, but since I had my brace fitted, chewing gum is a no-no and mints are my go-to choice for keeping my breath smelling fresh. Peppersmith makes both chewing gum and mints that come in pretty little recyclable cardboard boxes.


The three flavours I tried from the Peppersmith range include Eucalyptus and Fine English Peppermint, Fine English Peppermint (original) and Sicilian Lemon and Peppermint. All of the mints are sugar free and naturally sweetened as well as containing xylitol which can help fight tooth decay and so there is really no reason not to try these out.


The Eucalyptus flavour was like a breath of cool fresh air in your mouth, the Sicilian Lemon was fruity and fresh without being bitter and the Original Peppermint were minty without giving you that burning sensation that sometimes strong mints can give. I really liked these mints as they were different to ones that I have tried previously and are not full of sugar like some mints can be. I now always have a little packet of these in my handbag and at my desk to ensure my breath is fresh throughout the day, and also because I love the taste!

Visit www.peppersmith.co.uk to discover more about the history of these fab mints and their other ranges. The Mints cost £8.10 per set of 6.


Kathryn xx

The Body Shop Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream

BB creams have been a really popular addition to the world of beauty, and The Body Shop recently brought out their very own version, infused with tea tree oil. For those who haven’t yet come across BB creams, they are more beneficial for your skin than most foundations and still give a light coverage.


The BB cream from The Body Shop is fab for those of you who have blemished spot-prone skin and comes in three shades – I chose Shade 01 as this was the lightest and even though I am prone to redness on my cheeks I didn’t want a colour that would be too dark. I think that tea tree oil smells so fresh and invigorating and you can smell the oil in this cream too which I really liked as it didn’t have that fake foundation smell which I am really not too keen on. The texture of the BB cream is as the name suggests, creamy but not at all heavy like a regular foundation and a small amount goes a long way, which is good as when I saw the tube it comes in I thought it looked quite small but you really do not need to use much at all to cover your whole face.


I am not sure if you can tell, as the light was bad but I have the BB cream on the right side of my hand.

I thought it gave a really fresh clean look to my skin, without making it shiny and the tea tree oil leaves a cool soothing feeling on the skin too which I really loved about this product. I think this product will be great for using when I am due on my period as that is when I am more prone to break-outs and blemishes.

You can purchase this gorgeous BB Cream from www.thebodyshop.co.uk for £8 per 40ml tube.

Have you tried any BB creams? What are your thoughts?


Kathryn xx