Brand Focus: The Health Factory – Noble Naturals: Nano Silver

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on September 29, 2016

As some of you may know, if you are a regular The Kats Paws reader, is that I love products which can be multi-use, as they not only save you time and money, but are easier to have to hand, or to travel with, saving you space in a handbag or suitcase. Let me introduce to you, Noble Naturals’ Nano Silver.


The Nano Silver is a brand new product – what is it? Well it is actually a uniquely formed mineral water which has been infused with different metallic particles, which kills bacteria and fungus in mere minutes. It is 100% safe and 100% natural and therefore suitable for all the family to use, no matter what age you are. It can cure things such as Bee Stings and Bug Bites, Nappy Rash, Burns, Sores & Cuts, Tooth Ache & Eye Infections, Burns, Skin Conditions and much more.


It is available in either a handy 15ml spritz applicator bottle to enable you to pop it in a handbag, or keep nearby, or also in a larger 100ml bottle which features a dropper to ensure you use the correct amount. The Nano Silver is also super easy to use, for tooth ache and infections by simply rinsing or gargling 30ml in the mouth for 30 seconds For stings, rashes, burns and skin treatment, simply spritz or apply a small amount of the solution onto the affected area throughout the day until the problem has healed. Prices start from £10.95.

Recently been on holiday, or have a hangover from hell? Nano Silver can help! It acts as a detox for the body, ridding it of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. So, how exactly does it work? This is the science part – Nano Silver is a solution which consists of very small silver particles suspended in purified water, and as it is positively charged it is attracted to disease causing bacteria and viruses as they are negatively charged. Nano Silver has the unique properties which allow it to destroy these harmful organisms in the body, without killing the body’s natural flora – the good bacteria/fungi – or causing other side effects.


The company which produces Nano Silver, is The Health Factory, whose Nano Minerals are characterised by their unique shape, size and quality which have taken years of research to develop. Pioneer Steven de Koenigswarter has spent over 15 years of his life dedicated to perfecting and producing the highest quality of silver, now known as Nano Silver and launching his company The Health Factory. His research began when he suffered from an ongoing serious eye infection and for years he received treatment from specialists on Harley Street but the only solution they could offer him was regular steroid injections directly into the eye. However, after being told about colloidal silver’s ability to combat infections, he found a yellowish silver preparation in his local village and tried drops of it in his eye and drank it. One week later his chronic eye infection was gone forever, which was a complete revelation and something he wanted to share with the world. He has since spent his life dedicated to researching, developing and perfecting the highest quality, safe silver solution, including focusing on the history of ancient secrets connected to minerals used through the ages to heal illness and improve life.

My Dad suffers from very dry, itchy skin which barely any creams or balms seem to cure, and therefore I cannot wait for him to Nano Silver, because if it manages to cure his longstanding skin complaint, then he will be a much happier man – we all know how it feels to have something that never seems to go away, it can be annoying, frustrating and sometimes limiting to activities and our mood.


The Health Factory’s product which I am looking forward to trying is their L’Ords des Pharaons Face & Body Mist. This is a 15ml purified and revitalised water containing nano clusters of pure gold, platinum and pure zinc, and contains no allergens or chemicals. The particles are small enough to pass through cell membranes for optimum absorption and efficacy, and applied on skin before makeup or creams, L’Ords des Pharaons’ pure ingredients are absorbed deep into the skin’s layers, therefore providing deep and long-lasting revitalisation. The Face & Body Mist priced at £40; is known to combat the visible signs of ageing at cellular level and helps to rejuvenate the skin, defying the effects of time.


This kind of skincare and skin treatments are very new to me, even as a blogger, and with science behind them, it really is a very exciting time to try this kind of brand, and I for one am looking forward to testing out these products and will be sure to let you know how I get on.

You can find out more about the Health Factory and Noble Naturals online here.

Kathryn xxx

Zoella Beauty: Christmas 2016

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on September 28, 2016

You Tuber Zoella has quite a few different collections out in time for Christmas, the first being her Zoella Lifestyle collection, the second being the Zoella Beauty Christmas range, and then shortly there will be a few additions to the core Zoella Beauty range, so there is going to be a whole lotta Zoella around people’s Christmas trees this year! The Zoella Beauty Christmas collection for 2016 is based on the Bake My Day fragrance – a gingerbread and vanilla cream scent, and I have managed to get hold of most of it – the only items missing are the Zoella Pamper Hamper (£45 – I am hoping Santa brings me this one as it looks gorgeous), the Best Chums Cosmetics Bags (£12) and the Bake My Day Fragrance and Body Cream Set (£11). The rest I shall tell you about now…

Spa In A Jar (£10)
This is a really sweet set which is packaged within a keepsake copper coloured Zoella jar, and within the set you get a cream face cloth with Zoella embroidered on to it, 40ml of the Ginger Cream Body Lotion, and 40ml of the Shower Glaze Body Wash.


I adore the packaging for the whole of this collection, which is very traditional, with lots of dark reds, coppers and creams, with the addition of miniature gingerbreadmen!


Secret Scenta Mini Mist Set (£15)
This is one of my favourites in the Christmas collection, as you get four miniature bottles (15ml each) of each of the four fragrances Zoella has released, and unlike most miniatures, they all have a spray applicator and lid, so they are just the cutest darn things I have seen! The four fragrances included are;


Blissful MistfulZoella’s first fragrance from the core line – a beautiful, soft, feminine fragrance with notes of Strawberry, Grapefruit, Violet, Jasmine and Gardenia.

Let’s Spritz – The second fragrance release, which is from the Tutti Frutti collection – a fresh and fruity scent with delicate notes of Raspberry and Cassis.

Sweet Inspirations – The third fragrance from the limited edition Sweet Inspirations release – a delicious gourmand fragrance with notes of Sweet Almond, Creamy Vanilla and Honey.

Bake My Day – The Christmas collection fragrance – Warming and indulgent, with notes of Ginger, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Chocolate.


Let’s Go Places (£25)
This miniature suitcase is adorned with Victoria’s Secret-inspired pink and cream candy stripes, and has a re-usable copper luggage tag attached to it. Inside the suitcase, you get 100ml of the Shower Glaze Body Wash, 100ml of the Ginger Cream Body Cream, 90ml of the Hungry Hands Hand Cream and a bath lily.


Not the cheapest product in the collection, but I think this would make a lovely gift as it includes 3 full-sized products.


Lip Balm Duo (£6)
This sweet set contains two heart shaped tins, containing two different scented lip balms – one in soft gingerbread and a pretty shimmery vanilla scented balm.


These would be cute to share with a best friend, or just to keep your lips soft during the cold wintery months ahead.


Just Crackers (£10)
Last Christmas saw a surge in beauty crackers, and the Just Crackers set is Zoella’s take on those. You get four beautifully decorated crackers, with a miniature product in each one. The products included are 40ml of the Hungry Hands Hand Cream, 40ml of the Shower Glaze Shower Gel, 40ml of the Ginger Cream Body Cream and a lip balm tin.


I am not sure if my Dad would be so happy to receive a Zoella lip balm from his cracker on Christmas Day, but I think it would be a lovely idea to gather 3 of your friends and have a pre-Christmas meal complete with Zoella Beauty!


We 3 Beauties Cosmetic Bag Trio (£18)
Because I am a blogger, and because I tend to buy nearly all of Zoe’s new releases, I now have quite the collection of cosmetic bags! However, this trio is one of my favourites so I couldn’t say no.


In this trio of bags, you receive a large clear and coral flat zip-up bag, a medium rose gold/pink glitter flat bag, and a smaller cream and gold canvas flat bag, with Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti on the front of it.


I am going to Orlando in November, so I think I am going to take the glitter bag with me to use as an evening bag, as it is big enough to keep my essentials in, without being too big, and the glitter is also concealed, so it won’t catch on your clothing.


Again, you could even share these with friends, but I would rather keep them for myself cos they’re just so darn pretty!


Deck The Baubles (£5)
Just like the beauty crackers, there was also a lot of beauty tree decorations around last Christmas, and Zoella’s Christmas collection of course has one of these too. This sweet Christmas bauble is filled with delicious spicy gingerbread and warm vanilla Bubble Bath, complete with sparkle!


I think this would make a lovely little stocking filler gift, and the quality throughout the whole Zoella Christmas range is really impressive.

zoella-beauty-christmas-deck-the-baubles-review zoella-beauty-christmas-deck-the-baubles-bubble-bath

Gingerbread Bath Fizz Gift Set (£8)
Throughout Zoella’s different collections, she has always brought out some kind of bath fizzers, or fizz bars, and this time she has made three cute gingerbread men, which can be easily broken into two, to give you six baths of heavenly gingerbread and vanilla cream scent. I adore anything bath related, and so I cannot wait to use these!


I have used Zoella’s other Fizz products and I found that they didn’t irritate my skin in the least, and I have quite sensitive skin, so there is no need to worry if you are buying the set for other people as a gift.


Hungry Hands (£5)
One of my favourite products from the original core line was the Hand Cream, which was so prettily decorated, and I find it thick, luxurious and softening without being greasy so I have gone through a couple of tubes this year.


Therefore I am thrilled to be able to use this festive-scented version throughout the next few months, and of course it is decorated just as beautifully as the original.


You can find Zoella Beauty’s Christmas collection instore and online at Superdrug here.

Kathryn xxx

Skincare Series: SkinChemists Advanced Caviar

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on September 27, 2016

I have really been enjoying trying out different skincare ranges recently, as there is a whole lotta choice out there, different skin types, different ingredients, and of course different price points. I do find that with skincare you pay for what you get, and SkinChemists have a range of luxury skincare products, two of which I recently got to try out.


SkinChemists’ Founder and Managing Director, Richard Walker works on the ethos of what his Father taught him – “My father was a Chemist and member of the Pharmacology Society of Great Britain graduating in 1958. In the 1990s while I was working with him making a new formulation, we were talking about what makes a great formulation. He said to me, “Richard, when we’re making a skin treatment, you need to make it with passion, to make it with love, and make it knowing that your treatment is going to help many, many people.”


SkinChemists has come a long way in the 20 years since, however those fundamentals remain true to every thing they do today. Worldwide distribution and hundreds of thousands of people discovering what scientific skincare made with passion, feeling and love, can do everyday. Revolutionary and unconventional ideas are leading the company’s research centres in the UK and Florida, creating globally celebrated formulations that go beyond ordinary skincare to combat and control skin ageing at its source. Above all, SkinChemists create personalised skin treatments that enable you to love and be proud of your own skin and giving you confidence.


The SkinChemists Advanced Caviar Micellar Water (£99.90 for 100ml) is a gentle cleansing and toning water in one, that aims to gently lift away and dissolve makeup and impurities without the need to rub or rinse the skin. The Micellar Water is made with Witch Hazel, which is an effective natural cleansing agent that avoids stripping the skin of natural oils, and it has anti-bacterial properties and helps to condition the skin leaving it soft and smooth.


The Micellar Water is high in tannins, and works as an astringent to firm and tighten the skin, whilst reducing the appearance of proes for a smoother, younger-looking complexion. Ingredients also include Caviar Extract, a highly nutritious marine complex, EUK-134 Antioxidant which mimics the activity of two natural skin enzymes, whilst protecting skin tissue against toxic compounds. The formulation also prevents against UVA and UVB damage on the skin, and so it is much more than ‘just a cleanser’.


The Caviar range focuses on the use of caviar as a hydrating component which firms the skin and aims to bring back a youthful complexion. The packaging of SkinChemists products is classy and flawless, very clean looking and the Micellar Water comes packaged in a large glass bottle with a pipette top, allowing you to use the correct amount of product rather than wasting any, and gives a more scientific feel to the product. There is a slightly sweet scent to the Micellar Water and I found that it removed my makeup flawlessly and gave my skin a real clean feeling. To be able to remove my makeup as well as providing my skin with hydration, is fundamental and time saving for me, and is so easy to use, by simply popping a little onto either a cotton pad or your fingers and then applying it to the face and neck, and you don’t have to remove it either, again speeding up my skincare routine, which is ideal for those times I am in a rush or sometimes, simply being lazy and can’t be bothered.


Once applied to the skin, it soaks into the skin almost instantaneously, initially leaving a slightly tacky feel to it, but soon dries, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. Obviously, the price of this is quite high, but you only need a small amount, and so the product will last you a long time, and as aforementioned, it is a multi-use product, so it is only like spending money on multiple products, except the results are amazing.


The Caviar Duo Moisturuser (£179.95 for 50ml) can obviously be used along with the Micellar Water, to complete your skincare routine. It is a rich and indulgent cream which is enhanced with Wild Caviar extract, a highly nutritious marine complex, to pamper the skin with a sumptuous care only pure luxury can offer.  The Duo Moisturiser features an advanced dual technology formula which works to smooth and hydrate the skin whilst encouraging regeneration overnight to leave you with a transformed and brightened complexion.


Like the Micellar Water, the main active ingredient of Wild Caviar is a highly nutritious Marine Complex, which repairs damaged cells at the same time as protecting skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays. The formula also includes Neroli Oil which aims to improve the tone of the skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes and redness, whilst Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil improves elasticity, enhancing the texture of the skin and minimising the appearance of lines. The Duo Moisturiser is suitable for everyday use, and you can use it morning and evening, to give the skin a radiant and healthier looking complexion.


SkinChemists products are undeniably luxurious and add a touch of glamour to your everyday beauty routine. Whilst using these gorgeous products, they leave the skin feeling well looked after and nourished, and you can rest assured that the products are made using the finest and most effective ingredients that means looking after the skin is more like beauty therapy than a beauty chore. 


You can find SkinChemists online here.

Kathryn xxx

*This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own

Benefit They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit

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on September 27, 2016

When Benefit produce a new product, it is often a pretty big deal – they work hard on the formulas to create something that actually does what it says it does, and they work hard on the packaging, which is always fabulous, and revolutionary. Their latest offering to the beauty world is their They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit (£24.50), which comprises of four lip products, that are not just your average lip sticks!


The They’re Real range originally started with the They’re Real Mascara, which then came out in Brown and Blue Shades, and Eyeliner, which was then brought out in multiple shades, followed by a Lash Primer, which everyone went crazy for, the original mascara is one of the best selling mascaras globally, so this shows Benefit know their stuff. The next product in the They’re Real collection is focusing on lips, helping you to create a fuller looking pout.


The They’re Real Big Sexy Lip Kit is presented in a cool looking tin, and inside they’re are four smaller versions of what looks like the Eyeliner and Mascara packaging, but is in fact lip products! Packaging goals already. The lip products have been made to include a slightly different shade of lip liner included within the packaging, so that when you apply the lipstick, the lipliner is being applied at the same time – genius! Each one includes a custom designed teardrop tip which grabs and defines the lip line, whilst filling in the lips with a complementing colour for visibly fuller looking lips.


Despite Benefit’s award-winning history, I was a little dubious whether it would work, and if it did, would it be easy to apply? Well after trialling them out, I found them super easy to apply, as well as the colour staying on my lips for hours on end, which is not something I often find with lipsticks personally. The four shades included are Flame Game, an orangey red, Pink Thrills, a brighter pink/mauve, Revved-Up Red, your classic pillar box red and Lusty Rose, a dusty rose pink and as you can see they blend beautifully.

Flame Game

Pink Thrills

Revved Up Red

Lusty Rose

Left to Right: Flame Game, Pink Thrills, Revved Up Red, Lusty Rose

I found that you get plenty of product, and excluding the tin, each lip stick works out at just over £6 each, which is amazing value for such amazing Benefit quality. The product is in a twist-up tube, and you simply position the pointed tip along your upper lip line and glide on to the lips. You then pivot the tube to fill in the lower lip and press the lips together gently to softly blend. And yes, it really is that easy!


Now I am not sure if this is a Limited Edition kit, or whether it will be around permanently, as I couldn’t find out that information online anywhere but you can find it online here in the mean time. 

Kathryn xxx